The Morgothians

Nation Location

Dark Vale in Orin Rakatha. Their home plane is Thranduil.

Nation Leadership

The Witch King of Angmar

In-Game Faction Leader

Lord Snak

The Morgothian Heraldry: A flaming eye on a black background


The Morgothians, also known as The Circle Aflame, are composed of two contingents following a split within The Nine, powerful undead from Thranduil. They follow either The Witch King of Angmar or Khamul. Since first travelling to Orin Rakatha from their home plane, the Morgothians have had a chequered history. At times, the faction was great in numbers and spread evil deeds through their chaotic, warlike behaviour and use of deathly Power drawn from their dark masters. Around a decade ago, their faction was decimated and their leader killed (with their enemies, the elves, leading the treachery!). Having found haven with a close and similarly minded faction for some years, the remaining Morgothians continued to hatch their plans, and are now building their ranks as a reborn faction. They continue to utilise the power of Morgoth to gain strength and fortune in the lands of Orin Rakatha.


The Morgothians can be identified by the flaming eye symbol usually worn on their tabards. Whilst any character class is welcome, their main strengths are in combat and wielding dark/death power. Besides prowess in combat, they also value subterfuge and more subtle ways of gaining power.


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