At Herofest LARP we welcome children under the age of 16 to come and take part in the various LARPing activities along with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Herofest LARP is family-friendly and we welcome children under the age of 16 (known as Squires) to come and take part in the various LARPing activities along with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Squires can play Herofest for free, and we just ask that a (free) ticket for each squire be purchased when their accompanying adult(s) buy theirs.


Squire Rules

Squires are involved in the main event but for safety and practicality, there are a few differences.

They are a member of the faction that their parents or guardians belong to, and their age determines how they interact with the game.

Children under 8 are very welcome to attend and have a costume and character, but they will not be able to partake in combat in the interests of safety.

Children aged 8-13 are welcome to fight with other squires, or with monsters for the squires (this will be away from main camp), and have a 9pm curfew from the Tavern.

Children aged 14-15 can fight and interact with adults and general monsters but they must be closely supervised by an adult in combat to ensure that they are playing safely.

We do our best to put on a few extra bits and pieces for the Squires to keep them occupied and train them up – usually in the form of some willing and experienced volunteer monsters who can help the children learn the rules of the game and burn off some energy. However, please be aware that we don’t always have a separate plot throughout every event so some of the time they will be spending time with the adults in the main IC camp.

Squires aged 8-15 have the same character rules and skills as older players. The booking system does not capture character information for squires tickets but feel free to message us with any details for each squire or we can do at check-in on site. These squires can advance in the same way as adults – see main rules for details.

Parent/ Guardian & General Rules

Parents/Guardians of Squires are essentially full players, and as such need to abide by the general rules, wear a suitable costume, and remain In Character when interacting with other players.  

Any adult who is bringing children other than their own should follow these rules as if the child in question was their own.
Squires need to be supervised at all times, whether in camp or when out on a dedicated Squire encounter. During Squire encounters, parents can either be part of the Monster Crew for the squires, or generally supervise. 

After 10.00pm at night all squires are restricted to their own LARP camps.  

Squires will need to provide and bring their own costume and weapons with them.  

All Squires must follow the instructions of the parents and staff at all times, failure to do so may result in exclusion from further events.  

Parents are responsible for all equipment that the Squires use during the various LARPing activities and should ensure they regularly check to ensure their weapons are safe.


We understand that children can get pretty exuberant in the excitement of the game, but we do expect their parents/guardians to understand the rules, and ensure that they are playing within these, so as not to affect the enjoyment of others. In particular, children must be careful to “pull their blows” as demonstrated at the new-player briefing.
If a player has an issue or problem with another character’s fighting style then they should make one of the Herofest Referees aware.

Weapons must be LARP Safe and must be used in a sensible way

Fighting Rules (both Squires and Adults)

Squires must follow the LARP combat rules, anyone found to be cheating will no longer be allowed to fight.

We do not thrust with LARP weapons – they are not designed to prod.

We do not strike at the head – nobody likes to be hit on the head.

Arrows must not be knocked out of the air with a weapon – this will cause the safe part to no longer be traveling first, they may be blocked with a shield. See here for more information on LARP Archery and Arrows.

When disabled by combat you fall to the ground in a safe place – not in the middle of the combat and when down, tuck your hands out of the way.

No Squire should have a weapon that is taller than the Squire.