At Herofest LARP we welcome children under the age of 16 to come and take part in the various LARPing activities along with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

The Squires do not have a Nation of their own; all Nations send their upcoming faction members to train with the Squires

Whilst the Squires are involved in the same plot for each event as the adults, they are given their own missions to complete, in their own event style, away from the main event encounters – ably assisted by the parents of the Squires.

We do this so that the Squires don’t end up fighting the main event players; we wouldn’t like someone to get hurt if a break out of over exuberance occurs, and with potentially such a difference in size between the two.

The Squires do utilise the same rules as the adults, but we do give them extra bits and pieces to make their event enjoyable and to introduce them into the various aspects of the Herofest LARP rules system.


Squires Character Rules

If a character has an issue or problem with another characters fighting style then they should make one of the Herofest LARP Referees

For the Squires we use the Herofest rule system in a slightly different way to adults.

All squires are equal, there is no points system and no specific advancement for the squires.

The number of spells that Mages, Priests and Healers get depends on how many are given out, found, or traded for during the game.

Weapons must be LARP Safe and must be used in a sensible way – No Squire should have a weapon that is taller than the Squire is.

Squires should, where possible, converse with adults in character. We understand this is a learning process and we do not expect them to be perfect. Many adults have still not mastered this skill!

The Squires can choose any of the following paths and can change path between sections (Friday/Sat or Morning/Afternoon) if they want to but we will need to know in advance!

Fighters – shields or two handed weapons including bows

Scouts – single handed weapon/s no shield, can once per day attempt to track (to look for recent activity on the paths and if there is anything to be found then clues as to what creature will be given)

Mage – no metal, no shield, can cast Elemental Magic – introduction of a new spell – for the mages only – Identify – the mages may once per day use the Wet Stone – this takes 5 min’s.

Priests – may have metal and a shield, but will have a limited range of spells

Healer – apart from discern and bandaging, they will be the only ones able to cast Cure Mortal, and only a healer will be able to resolve some of the other special damage types we will introduce. (Bone break and poison). The Healers may each use the Chalice once per day, which will Mass Cure Mortal.

Fighting Rules (both Squires and Adults)

Squires must follow the LARP combat rules, anyone found to be cheating will no longer be allowed to fight.

We do not thrust with LARP weapons – they are not designed to prod.

We do not strike at the head – nobody likes to be hit on the head

Arrows must not be knocked out of the air with a weapon – this will cause the safe part to no longer be traveling first, they may be blocked with a shield.

When disabled by combat you fall to the ground in a safe place – not in the middle of the combat and when down, tuck your hands out of the way, I have large feet.

No Squire should have a weapon that is taller than the Squire.

Adults and the children.

While we need some adults walking with the children, these are firstly the plot drivers or Guides, followed by those who are there for health and safety reasons. There is very little room for other adults to tail around after the Squires for the weekend, all other parents / guardians will be part of the monster crew, delivering the story to the Squires. These adults will be determined by the referee’s.

While walking with the Squires you are still part of the world, so you will need costume, a name and reason to be with the Squires – which will need to be agreed with the referee’s in advance. You will also be subject to spell, weapons blows & effects.

It is also worth remembering that the rest of the event (adults) continues around us and even when visiting the bar we take a role of say a wood cutter or similar labourer and a west county accent works well. I never exactly know what the rest of the players are up to but I don’t want to stop them from having fun


While you can bring a child of any age to experience Herofest, they will need to be a minimum of 8 years old to join the Squires. All other guardianship rules will apply if the child is under 8 years old.

A parent/guardian on the event is required to stay with the squires whenever they leave the area around the camps.

After 9.30pm at night squires are no longer allowed in the main building.

Squires should not join in combat with the adult players.

After 10pm at night all squires are restricted to their own LARP camps.

Squires will need to provide and bring their own costume and weapons with them.

All squires must follow the instructions of the parents and staff at all times, failure to do so will result in exclusion from further events.

Parents are responsible for all equipment that the squires use during the various LARPing activities and should ensure they regularly check to ensure their weapons are safe.

Squires who own their own weapons are asked not to attack each other or other players in the safe area although sparring is completely acceptable if both sides consent..

Any parent who is bringing children other than their own should follow these rules as if the child in question was their own.

Parents / Guardians are required to help out by monstering the Squires event.

A maximum of 2 Squires per adult – if you wish to bring more Squires that’s fine, but please get another adult to come along and help out, as we feel it’s unfair on our dedicated Squires