Upcoming 2024 HEROFEST LARP Events

Event 1
The Time of Reckoning
May 9-12

The nations successfully prevented the rising tide of uncontrolled magic from destabilising and wreaking havoc across Orin Rakatha. Will the wizards be able to return to a period of ‘Business As Usual’, and what exactly will that mean in practice?

What happened to the miners of the Order of the Crystal? Why did they not return with resources for the factions at the last gathering?

The Crafters and Healers will no doubt continue their investigations into new creations and ways to ply their expertise. 

The greatest concern to all is the announcement from the mysterious traveller that he has now gained his Heralds and is, not altogether surprisingly, not as ‘friendly’ as he seemed. He claims to now be the owner of the entire plane the Festival Lands resides on. The next steps are unclear, but the nations are sure to have much to consider and act upon.

Event 2
July 11-14

The mid-summer gathering is often an interesting affair, with a variety of activities enjoyed, or endured, by the factions whilst the weather is good.

We had better not say more at this time, we’ve already tempted fate by mentioning the weather. The memory of last time is not a pleasant one for most, with the Hag and her Bog Witch putting a real dampener on the plane towards the conclusion of the gathering. 

Will we again see the berserk Asgardians seeking battle, the poor diseased souls seeking help, marauding Elementals, the Hepaths seeking to interfere with rituals, the Celtois who have found a homeland — Or will there be challenges yet unknown in the coming months…   

Event 3
September 19 - 22

For the final gathering of the year, there is likely much work to be done to ensure the ongoing safety of the peoples of Orin Rakatha and the nation representatives in the Festival Lands.

The actions and outcomes from the preceding gathering will directly impact future events, including this one. Only time will tell which direction the people and their actions will lead…

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