Event 1
May 12 - 15

The Grand Conjunction is upon us once again. Every 7 years the three main Spheres align and it is the actions of the population that will influence which Sphere will dominate for the next 7 years. Will the Evil sphere once again become dominant or will the Neutral or Good Sphere replace it. Should the Evil Sphere become dominant for a third successive time then the world of Orin Rakatha will forever be the playground of it’s evil aligned inhabitants. It is also a time of great change. The Mystics have chosen the time of the Grand Conjunction to influence Orin Rakatha and it’s people but what have they in mind? They made this world and they can do with it as they wish but what does that mean for the people of Orin Rakatha. Only time will tell!

Event 2
July 7 - 10

And so the Mystics have decreed.

All nations have but a short time to gather their belongings before they are declared homeless. Where on Orin Rakatha will they now choose to live, if they choose to remain here at all.

Will they choose a land rich in a particular resource, or a land with a node that closely aligns to their own.

Will they choose a land next to those they consider allies or those they consider enemies. They have but a relatively short time to decide.

With the change in format for the summer Fayre which factions will provide entertainment for their neighbours and earn the Favour of the Mystics and who will win those events.

What of the Celtois ? They are here to ensure the Evil sphere takes dominance  and are starting to appear en mass, but where will they strike. It is clear they are attempting to destroy those nodes aligned for good, but which one will be first.

The dark sorceress Skathatch, leader of the Celtois on Orin Rakatha, has yet to make her appearance but it is known she carries with her an artifact of great evil. What form does this take ? If it is allowed to exist it would greatly aid in the domination of the Evil Sphere

Time will answer these questions, as time always does, but what impact will those who call Orin Rakaktha home have on the months to come ?

Event 3
September 8 - 11

Huntley Wood Camp

So the node of Battle is safe, its destruction at the hands of Skathatch prevented by the nation’s unity.

As the battle-weary adventurers begin packing for the long walk back to their peoples, word filters through that Skathatch is still encamped close by and even now is reinforcing the Celtois numbers.

Of course! The node of Knowledge, also aligned to the Good Sphere, can also be found in this area.

She must be preparing for an attack on this node.

The node of Knowledge must be found, must be defended (or Skathatch aided depending on your nation’s preference).

Can she be beaten once again and this time removed from Orin Rakatha, or will she succeed in her quest and steer Orin Rakatha even closer to the Evil sphere?


What of the Shatttered? Were they responsible for bringing the Greater Hepath onto Orin Rakatha or was it a coincidence they were in the area at the time? They made mention of The Ritual of Artak but what is it? And why are they so sure that “the end is near”?


Finally, who are these people who wander in a dream-like trance, who fall asleep where they stand? Is this linked to either of the other occurrences or is this something else the nations will need to investigate?

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