Upcoming 2024 HEROFEST LARP Events

Event 1 : Chaos & Consequences
May 9-12
Kibblestone Scout Campsite

Over the last year the nations successfully prevented the rising tide of uncontrolled magic from destabilising and wreaking havoc across Orin Rakatha. However, that does not mean all is well in the Festival Lands.

After the rise of the being calling itself a traveller and his four heralds, the Festival demiplane has been swarmed by demonic forces – which is now filtering down to Orin Rakatha itself. The Nation’s representatives have been forced into retreat and now gather somewhere defensible and hidden.  What can be done to prevent complete subjection? Is there hope to be found in the mysterious Ritual of Artak?

And what happened to the miners of the Order of the Crystal, the crafters and even the healers of the Conclave. How have these events affected them, and what aid can they still offer?


Event 2 : Sink or Swim
July 11-14
Church Stretton Camp (Oaklands)

Still recovering from recent events, the nations remain in hiding. Do they have what it takes to survive in such hostile times?

And one of the problems with hiding in the shadows is just what else might be lurking in them with you. Chanting from the depths of the woods, strange lights from the lake at night. Who knows what other secrets this damp, backwater land might hold?

Event 3 : Rise or Fall
September 19 - 22
Kibblestone Scout Campsite

After a year spent always on the back foot the time has come to strike back, as the Nations gather their strongest and make risky plans.

What will the people of Orin Rakatha do in this dark time? Can they band together to take back what they feel is theirs by right? Can they rise to this challenge? Or will they fall in subjugation.

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