Herofest-LARP is primarily about everyone having fun and we want to ensure that this is possible for everyone.

The Herofest LARP combat system is a simple locational hit system.  All characters when LARPing have the same number of locations; 5 Рbody, both arms and both legs.  The head is normally not a viable location for LARP combat and has no effect on the character when struck; this is to discourage head hits.  The only time when the head is a viable location is when a character uses a shield in combat; for these purposes the head will have one hit.  Therefore, you should only use a shield if you are prepared to be hit on the head, if you would prefer not to be hit on the head, then do not use a shield.  Shield users are advised to wear an in character LARP helmet.  However, players should still try and avoid head hits where there is a viable alternative target. 

Each time that you are struck you lose your one hit and that location stops working; multiple hits on a location do no further damage.  You should role-play the fact that the struck location no longer works (i.e. do not use the struck limb, or hop on the non damaged leg or leave the damaged arm dangling by your side).  If both legs are struck you are unable to do anything other than seek healing of some kind.  This also applies if your body or head (Shield users) is struck.  Details on how to recover the use of your limbs and how they can be made better are covered in the LARP Healing Section.

When fighting in live role playing, there should be at least a full second between each blow/strike with the weapon, regardless of how many LARP weapons you are using.¬† There should be no ‚Äúdrum rolling‚ÄĚ or swift strikes with weapons and each blow should be aimed at a different location.¬† The Herofest LARP system encourages good role-playing whilst fighting and effective parrying and striking.¬† There will always be the opportunity to practice weapon fighting and different styles upon each Herofest event ‚Äď this is completed both in and out of character.¬†

Everyone attending a Herofest LARP event should know how to fight in a safe manner, and we will demonstrate this at our New Player briefing, usually about 4pm on the Friday of the event.  In combat you must pull all your blows (pull back as you contact) so that they land with negligible force.  Thrusting with weapons is not permitted.

Fighting should only be conducted within the in-character areas and is not to take place around any of the Traders’ stalls, bar, toilets/showers or in characters’ tents.¬† Any character that has fallen over in combat should be given the chance to crawl out of the way of the melee (if they wish).

Our fighting system is a trust based system; We trust all of our players to own up to the hits they have received, and role play their effects suitably.

LARP/LRP Fighting

If a character has an issue or problem with another characters fighting style then they should make one of the Herofest LARP Referees aware and they will deal with the problem.  The Herofest LARP Referees are there to ensure that all combat is as safe as possible and will, if necessary, arrange for extra training in fighting styles.  If your character is approached by a Herofest LARP Referee to discuss your fighting style, please adhere to their instructions.  Those demonstrating continued unsafe fighting will be asked to leave the field of play.

Types of LARP/LRP Weapon

There are different types of weapons available for use when LARPing within the Herofest system as described in the Skills paragraph of the Character Section.  If you do not possess the skill to use a certain type of weapon, then you should not carry or use one.  Daggers may be used in combat however these count as a single handed weapon and should have a minimum length of 12″ / 300mm from tip to pommel. Herofest are able to offer LARP/LRP weapons if required (for a small hire fee, please request in advance).  All weapons do the same damage to a struck character ‚Äď one hit, consequently there is no need to make a damage call whilst striking somebody with a weapon.

LARP/LRP Weapon Safety

Safety is the single most important aspect of LARP combat.  Every weapon, shield or projectile (bolt or arrow no throwing weapons!) that you bring onto the site must be checked by a Herofest LARP Referee.  Any item that is judged to be unsafe cannot be used and you must leave the item in your vehicle for the duration of the event.  In general, items will be checked for serviceability, the integrity of its core, to ensure that there are no hard or unsafe edges and that they are of the correct length and have sufficient foam/protection so as not to cause injury to other players.

Any non latex or real items that are normally held in a characters hand during combat, such as wands, lanterns, bags or banners should be dropped or discarded when LARP fighting occurs; preferably to the side of any fighting area, out of the way and not used to parry with.

For Bows, Crossbows, and all projectile weapons, please check out the Archery and Bow rules!

Banned Items

The following items are not considered LARP/LRP safe and cannot be used whilst LARPing at Herofest events.

Real weapons, including camping knives and re-enactment weapons.

Javelins and wrist-mounted hand crossbows.

Flexible weapons such as flails and whips.

No fireworks or pyrotechnics of any sort may be brought onto the site without the prior permission of Herofest. This includes smoke producing items.

Any Thrusting weapons

Thrown weapons

Banned Activities

There are certain styles of fighting that are not permitted at Herofest LARPing events. These techniques include shield bashing/charging or striking someone with the pommel/hilt of a weapon. Grappling and other types of physical contact are also not permitted.

It should also be noted that the striking of flying arrows with weapons is dangerous, and it can cause them to spin in the air, and someone could get struck with the nock.
Please do not do it.