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Combining all of the fun of a Festival weekend and the rich detail of an established LARP/LRP campaign world. The events cater equally for veteran LARP role players and those with little or no role-playing experience. read on »

Herofest 2019

At previous events, it has been possible for people to turn up to site on the Wednesday before the event. We are informing everyone that for 2019 and onwards this will not be possible, the site gates should be open from 10am on the Thursday of the event.

Also, whilst fires on site are still permitted, the bringing in of timber from off site is no longer allowed to protect the woodland from the spread of a number of tree diseases, so all fires on site will now have to use approved timber, for which there will be a charge. If you wish to have a fire in your camps, and thus have timber supplied, please contact paul@herofest.co.uk


Herofest is a low hit and low fantasy LARP system, which is easy to master, no prior experience is required. read on »

Herofest LARP Live Action roleplaying Festivals


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