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Explore a whole new world, and be introduced to something magical. Find out about one of the UK's fastest growing hobbies at Herofest LARP
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A Treasured Friend

The primary game for hundreds of seasoned, and novice LARPers for over a decade.

Depth and History

Built on a world with more than 30 years of history and lore, there is more than meets the eye with every engagement.

Made with Love

We always listen to our players to build the best community and game for new and experienced players.

Welcome to Herofest LARP

Born from the long-running Heroquest LARP, Herofest is a great system to introduce new people interested in the hobby, or for experienced players looking for a more relaxed and social game, or to explore a world of deep lore and history.

Active Players
Games Run

Find new friends and suspend your disbelief

There is nothing like LARP to find new people from all walks of life to call friends. The adventures you share will create stories you will tell for years to come.

Join our Facebook group to discover more about the game and meet our players, or our Discord server to join in the action between events.

Fight for glory and write your own sagas

Experience the adrenaline and savour the victory from battles fought against skilled opponents and horrific monsters. 

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This years events will be held in Stone, Staffordshire and Church Stretton, Shropshire. Note, we have had to move from Huntley Wood Campsite for 2024, please see our Sites page for details of the new sites. The Kibblestone site in Stone is a little South-West of our previous Huntley Wood site, and the Church Streton Camp and Fish site is in Shropshire.