HEROFEST LARP Magic Spells & Power Invocations

Herofest-LARP is primarily about everyone having fun and we want to ensure that this is possible for everyone.

Spell Casting

Natural creatures (and other monsters) require no material component or spell cards to cast spells.

Players must have the relevant Caster skill and the appropriate spell or invocation card – there is no component cost if you have the relevant Caster skill. For the purchasing of scrolls, which allow you to use spells without Caster skills, see here.

Invocation and Spellcasting requires concentration it cannot be done whilst at anything more than walking pace, unless otherwise noted, and requires the caster to have ‘reasonable’ eye contact with the target.

The Invocation or Spell card must be ripped up upon casting unless otherwise noted.

All spells / invocations requires 5 lines of vocals, of about 6 words each line to cast. These may be of your own choosing. They must be spoken out loud in a clear voice, not whispered or mumbled.


Magic, is split into the 8 Elements of Magic


Power is split into the 4 Spheres of Power