What to bring to Herofest LARP

Why have a list of things to bring to LARP?

Many people, both those first starting at LARP and experienced people like to have a list of things to bring to each event. Below is the compilation of answers when the Herofest players have been asked “What should I bring?” on the Facebook Group.

Always remember, before anything else however:

Have directions to the event!

Personal Kit

  1. Tent, camping equipment.
  2. Mallet and rock pegs for hard ground.
  3. Sleeping kit such as sleeping bag and roll mat. 
  4. An air bed is always useful, but if you bring one remember the pump and batteries for it!
  5. Spare dry clothes and spare socks.
  6. Gloves.
  7. Wash kit, towel, wet wipes.
  8. Warm clothes/hat/hot water bottle for colder nights.
  9. A camping chair or similar.
  10. Torch and spare batteries.
  11. Bin bags for recycling and non-burnable rubbish.
  12. A cardboard box or similar for burnable rubbish.
  13. Sun tan lotion and insect repellent.
  14. Toilet roll.

Character Kit

  1. Character costume, and spare costume (in case of rain).
  2. Character name, skills and background if you have one.
  3. Belt (at least one).
  4. Boots, spare boots, and good socks.
  5. Weapons (including a spare).
  6. Candles/lantern or similar in-game lights for night time.
  7. In character bag, pouches.
  8. In character drinking vessel such as a tankard or can holder.
  9. Some in character bandages (even if not a healer, handy to have on you).
  10. Face paints and accessories for character.
  11. If you are a non-combatant, bring a large, white sash to wear throughout the event.

Cooking gear (if self catering)

  1. Cooker, pans, cutlery, crockery.
  2. Washing up liquid, tea towels
  3. Water bottle. (a bottle of frozen water is also handy to keep cooler longer).


  1. Lighter/matches
  2. Pencil & paper.
  3. Firepit wood and kindling/firelighters (Firepits are provided by Huntley Wood)
  4. Cash for bar and stalls.