HEROFEST LARP Faction Skills

Herofest-LARP is primarily about everyone having fun and we want to ensure that this is possible for everyone.

These skills are some of the most powerful upon the Herofest LARP world of Orin Rakatha, and they help give each Faction its own flavour and colour, and unique skills only available to members of that Faction. A Faction skill affects only benefits members of that Faction, but some skills may be usable on anyone.

A faction can have as many faction skills as it chooses but the ritual circle will only have enough energy to power 2 at any event. Once chosen and empowered these skills cannot be changed for that event.


It is our hope that Factions can come up with interested and unique Faction Skills that suit the feel of the Faction, rather than every Faction having the same ones

  1. Cure – with 5 lines of vocals will instantly replicate the Bind Wounds effect. Pre-requisite First Aid
  2. Lifeblood – Any Faction Member will be immune to Death Magic and when Death Magic is cast at them they must shout something like ‘ My Lifeblood is stronger than Death ‘
  3. Shroud – Any weapon applied magic/power damage that hits is treated as a normal blow
  4. Death Magic – With no component cost, each Faction Member may cast 1 of either Cause Mortal, Fear or Paralysis per encounter
  5. Repel Life Magic – Can force anyone who casts life magic  to move to 20 feet away from them, with a suitable in character incantation
  6. Neutrality to Undead and Fleshrot – Undead will not attack unless hostile actions are taken towards them (or the Undead are very intelligent)
  7. Necromancy – Able to summon Undead
  8. Barter – Once per event, may exchange commodities with the bar, on a one for one basis with the bar
  9. Slayer – Faction members to be able to affect creatures they would not normally be able to slay or damage, for example if the slayer ritual was set for Trolls, then they can kill trolls without acid, if they choose Undead then they may affect undead that require special weapons (e.g. Silver) or Undead that would not normally be effected (i.e. incorporeal wraiths)
  10. Parley – May not be attacked when they invoke the Right of Parley. Parley should be denoted by the hoisting of a symbol or flag, and you  may not move, or attack, until they declare Parley over, by lowering their flag / symbol
  11. Black Powder – Will allow each Faction Member to cause a ranged hit to the chest of the target (physical damage)
  12. Magically Inclined – You may cast 1 of each Elemental Magic spell
  13. Life Magic – With no component cost, each Faction Member may cast Cure Mortal, Remove Fear or Remove Paralysis
  14. The Khafi – Drinking the Khafi makes a person take longer to die
  15. Berserker – Can resist Fear and Paralysis
  16. Gift of the Kami – makes Faction members immune to Warp and Fumble.
  17. Transfusion – Any Caster can choose which spells fill their slots, but only from their own Aspect
  18. Fearless – Are immune to fear effects
  19. Cold Iron Hands – The Factions cold iron grip prevents their weapons from being fumbled or disarmed, and once per day each Faction member can use Disarm on an opponent
  20. Charge of Faith – Each Faction member may resist the first harmful spell cast on them each day – with an in character shout
  21. Mimic – Allows them to perform a ritual and change their Faction skill to any other Faction skill they have found out about in character