Orin Rakatha

Where our game and stories are set, and mysteries are yet to be uncovered. How did Orin Rakatha come to be?

In ages long past there existed a race of powerful beings who travelled between the different planes of the cosmos. They were known as the Mystics, each one embodying or personifying different areas of strength or focus (such as Good, War, Knowledge or Fire). These beings had gained such skill in their chosen fields they had become effectively immortal.

However the eons of life and constant war across the planes took its toll and eventually their leaders came together and devised a plan to create a home that would be safe from war so that they could rest. This plan was enacted and using their combined powers a new plane was created, which they named Orin Rakatha.

A masked woman watching the sparks of a fire rise
Woman in Fantasy Druid dress with a mask

Each one of the Leaders of the Mystics bought their own people to inhabit this land, and they decreed that dangerous mists would role across it, seeking out large groups and twisting them into monstrosities that would inhabit this mist and hunt down large groups themselves. Thus they sought to prevent war by making armies nearly impossible upon the land.

Over time the mystics became tired and began to drift into longer and longer sleep. The maintenance of the land was taken over the Shadowsmeet (beings created to serve the mystics on Orin Rakatha). As the centuries past these servants of the Mystics slowly began to lose their connection with their masters, until finally they became known as the Shadowsfall.

Whilst the land was originally kept relatively hidden other peoples began to find it and more come to live in this place which became known as a haven from the planar wars that raged around them. This inevitably led to conflict upon Orin Rakatha. However the protection of the Mists resulted in an unusual type of combat since only small groups could go out without risking attracting the “Hordeling” creatures of the Mists.

In recent times the world has become a tumultuous place, with the awakening of the sleeping Mystics and resultant Cataclysm leaving a fresh, yet dangerous new world for the people who would call it home.


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