First and foremost Herofest is a weekend of LARPing fun designed specifically to escape the everyday rigours of modern life. It is aimed primarily at role playing and team spirit and we have deliberately kept the combat system basic and easy to use for everyone. It is a family friendly LARP System, so much so that we run special sections for our under 16’s.

Herofest is a Live Action Role-Playing, Live Role Playing ( LARP/LRP) game set in the fantasy world of Orin Rakatha.

It uses a simple rules system that can be explained in just a few minutes.  We have included all the fun and social benefits of a Festival weekend, the advantages of a well written fully populated campaign world, and a friendly club atmosphere.

The priority for Herofest LARP events is to give everybody the opportunity to fully participate in a LARP event and interact with others as part of a team. Herofest events are ideal for both veteran live action role players and for those that are new to the concept. They also provide friends or family of current role-players the chance to see what LARP is all about and become as little or greatly involved as they wish. If you would rather not be a member of a Nation and prefer to have your own individual aims you can play as a Dispossessed for a year and a day. For details of Dispossessed see The Laws of Orin Rakatha.

Everything has been simplified to allow people to turn up and commence play with minimal preparation.  The rules, campaign summary and details of the Factions are all on this website.

Each LARP/LRP event is designed as a stand-alone adventure that has its own aims and objectives, but is also an integral part of an ongoing campaign, where characters actions, and those of their factions, will have an impact on future events.  Therefore it does not matter whether you have been to a Herofest LARP event before everybody is just as important, no one player has an advantage over another and everybody will be able to contribute to the event.

Herofest LARP uses a live combat system. This means that all participants agree to being hit by and hitting others with live role-playing weapons that have passed a safety check by Herofest Referees.

There is a minimum age of 16 for anyone wishing to fully participate in a Herofest LARP event.

Under 18s can attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian. This does mean that the parent / guardian will have to be involved in the event as well.

We run a number of games and mini scenarios for the under 16s, please see our Squires section for more details.

Herofest Rules

The rules for Herofest LARP are simple.  Each section is clearly labelled, please read.  If you have any questions, be sure to contact us. If you have any suggestions for how we could improve the system we always welcome your comments. We have been running live action role playing and LARPing events for over 25 years now and the main reason we are still going is because we listen to our customers feedback and act on it. Click on any of the links below to go directly to that section.