Herofest LARP FAQs

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Herofest LARP

While the answers to most queries can be found on our website or in the discussions on our Facebook page, we have gathered some key Frequently Asked Questions here for reference.

These FAQs contain info for the site we are currently using, Huntley Wood in Cheadle, Staffordshire.

The booking form with payment and contact details can be found on the Booking page

We have used a site in South Wales in the past but current events are at Huntley Wood, Cheadle, near Stoke ST10 2NS. This purpose-built site has been used for various LARP systems for a number of years. Detailed directions can be found on the Huntley Wood website here: https://huntleywood.uk/visitor-information/map-directions

We usually get access to the site from Thursday afternoon. Our main event live roleplaying actvities run from Friday afternoon to end of play Saturday night. We aim to leave the site around lunchtime on the Sunday.

Browse through our website for info about the Herofest system, and feel free to ask any questions via our social media, however this is a very welcoming and simple system to join. Don’t worry too much about fine details, it is often best to have an open mind and learn how things work for you on your first event. To support this, new players should start in the Mercenaries faction, which will support your introduction, teach the basic skills and guide you around the existing factions which you may wish to join (or be wary of!) on later events.

Costume can be as simple or imaginative as you like, but any modern clothes as a base layer should be plain, avoiding logos.

Any weapons and accesories should be LARP-safe, which can be found online or at LARP kit fairs. Please contact us if you would like to hire a weapon (for £10, to cover required maintenance).

There is a guide on what to bring to an event here

The is one main building called the Waystation which provides a central in-character gathering place, the In Character support team, and the bar. Nearby are good quality toilet & shower blocks, including disabled facilities. There are outside sinks for dishwashing. There are also some water points around the camping fields. We hire outside caterers, situated and catering tickets for the weekend can be purchased on the Bookings page.

The large car park is close to the camping field and both are a very short walk to the  main in-character area.

Please see below for a map of the main areas and routes around the central area of the site.

We would like everyone to check in at the Waystation on arrival, to ensure we know who is on site and provide any initial info. We are keeping the central field as an in-character environment to provide a good level of immersion for players. In-character tents/awnings are welcome there. Out-of-character tents can be set up in the field next to the car park entrance, out of sight of the main game activity but still near the in-character area. You are welcome to drive around the main roads on site to set up, but please ensure all cars are left in the main car park by 4pm, before ‘time in’ on Friday afternoon (again to not spoil immersion for players around the various site paths).

No vehicles or heavy trolleys/trailers should ever enter the grassed area, they should be unloaded from the roads/car parks (which are very close to camping and character areas).

Note: For events this year we will not be using the Wyldwood area. All camping and Catering will be in the central Greenvale area.

At Huntley Wood, a number of large fire bowls are provided free of charge. You are welcome to bring you own wood. Wood may be purchased from the site with pre-arrangement (latest price £75 for a wheelie-bin full), please contact us via the General Enquiry form on the website. Trees onsite should not be cut for wood. Any cooking should be done off the floor. In dry weather, slabs should be placed under firepits. No ashes or unused wood should be deposited in the woods on site, an ash bin is provided. The fire pits are a great feature at Herofest, but please ensure they are always monitored and used responsibly.

Huntley Wood is a large site with a variety of terrain, open fields to wooded paths, mostly flat in the centre with some hilly areas around the outside. There are various features to be found around the site. Players will be based around the central areas, all a short walk between any of the facilities.

Note, as this is an old quarry, the ground is very hard beneath the top layer of grass in most areas, so stronger/rock pegs and mallets can be useful.

Rubbish/Recycling bins are provided and players are requested to ensure their areas of the site are left clean and tidy before they leave. Faction leaders should ensure their group’s area is looked after.

Local to the site there are pubs, cafes and shops a short distance away. Blythe Bridge station is under 10 mins drive away.

Overview of central areas for players at Huntley Wood

Herofest Huntley Wood Site Guide 2023