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Characters are able to gain the skill – Forage. This will allow them to gain additional commodities for their Factions.

The amount of each type of commodity that is able to be found will vary dependant on the location of the event within the land of the event, and also vary dependant on how many people are searching for a particular type of commodity.

How Forage Works

Please note - Updated rules will be coming soon, these are not current rules

Each player with the Forage skill has the chance to gain 2 additional commodities during the event

They will need to locate the 8 Forage Pouches , which will be located around the site, and punch their Forage card. Each one of these will represent a different type of commodity.

They may either punch 2 holes within one time slot – Friday, Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon, or they may Punch 2 holes in different time slots – but only 2 punches per card.

They will have to collect their finds form the Tavern, and they must collect them within the time slot they have punched.

Only upon attempting to collect their commodities will players find out whether the location they have been Foraging in has any commodities left within it – they may find that all of the Commodities had been gathered before they searched the location.

Foraging will not be possible on Saturday evening (After Dinner)

Forage Card Example