Herofest Booking terms and Conditions

The personal data collected with your consent and processed as part of
the ticket will be used to provide the services the ticket covers and
communication about that event.

Name and email may also be used for
direct and indirect marketing purposes, with additional consent gathered
during purchase. You can opt-out at time of purchase, on any
communication that is sent or by emailing larp@live-roleplaying.co.uk

There may be photography and video recording taking place. Please consult staff if you wish to be excluded from specific/close-up recording.  

LARP is a full-contact activity and there are inherent risks as with any contact sport. You agree that you participate entirely at your own risk. 

On site there are natural risks such as uneven ground, trip hazards and above-ground obstacles. Some sites also have streams and lakes. Players must consider their own safety and that of other players in all activities. 

Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult, responsible for them throughout the event.  

Weapons must be ‘larp-safe’, and the organisers reserve the right to prohibit use of any weapon deemed not safe for use. In combat, blows must be ‘pulled’ to avoid hitting with too much force. Bows must meet poundage limits and use safe arrows with fixed heads. 

The organisers reserved the right to remove players who are demonstrating an unacceptable level of intoxication. 

You must not discriminate against or harass another player on the basis of an out-of-character attribute such as race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion, gender, sexuality or age. You will be removed from the site if your behaviour is deemed to be so. 

Terms are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. 


All Herofest events are run in woodland areas – it is important to be aware that the ground conditions at the majority of LARP sites are difficult in places and if you have problems walking on uneven ground please let us know beforehand as we can offer help and advice.


Please note as payments are primarily spent on site costs in advance, we are unable to refund payments unless we cancel the event ourselves. Please contact Herofest if you need to move a payment to a later event, this may be possible for a small fee.