HEROFEST LARP Character Rules

This section details how to create a LARP character for the Herofest LARP/LRP world. Experienced role-players will already know much of this, please bear with us

The LARP/LRP character is the focus of Herofest and generally has a personality that is separate from your own (although this is not essential).  This personality can either be developed before play or during events, allowing the Herofest world to shape your character.

To start the ball rolling, the first thing you should consider is what name you are going to give your character. Do not worry too much about this if it is your first ever LARP event, you can always change it once you have seen how our weekends work and have a better idea about how to play your character.


Every live role playing character should have a personal background or history. This is not essential for your first LARP event or even your second or future events. As you come to more of our live role playing weekends you will begin to develop your character and a history and background will emerge. It is easier to not have a background and create it as you go along than to try and start with one that doesn’t quite fit and then have to change it if you decide you aren’t happy with how it is progressing.

When you are happy with how you want the characters past to be revealed the starting point for this process is often to invent a background for the character, which can be anything from a few lines of personal history or a detailed brief.  The types of things normally included in a background are your relationship to other group members of the LARP faction you are in and any allies, as well as what your character’s aims and objectives are (although clearly these may change). 

Each of our Factions will already have a suitable general background for any characters joining that Faction to utilise.


The next step of character generation is to choose the live role playing race that you wish your character to be part of.  There are three generic races within the Herofest world, which your character should form a part of; Human, Goblinoid and Elvish.  The Goblinoid and Elvish races are divided into sub races as appropriate to ensure that every conceivable race is accounted for and contained within the three main races. – the following are some examples of the races and sub races to give players an idea if they have not already decided a race themselves.


No explanation should be required to play a human. If in doubt we will of course explain!


Goblins, Orcs, Half-Orcs, Bugbears, Trolls, Dwarves, Duergar, Ogres.


Elves, Half-Elves, Sprites, Pixies, Lizardmen.

It is possible for a large range LARPing race or sub-race to be played; give us your ideas and we will fit them into one of the three main races detailed above or maybe you will be completely unique. Please note however, it’s not possible to play any form of non-living creature. However, ultimately it is about the live role-playing rather than being slotted into a specific type cast. There are no in game advantages or disadvantages to playing any races within Herofest LARP; it is there to purely to enhance the live role-playing aspect of your character.

The non-human races or sub-races have certain LARP physical representations (requirements, which players should observe for authenticity).  This includes the application of make-up to change skin colour (e.g. Brown for Orcs or Scales for Lizardmen) or applying certain prosthetics (e.g. pointed ears for Elves or piggy noses, tusks for Orcs).  What method you use to act as a phys-rep for your character is up to you, but you should produce something to clearly identify what race your character is – if in doubt, play a human!  Advice on suitable phys rep requirements for your race may be obtained from Herofest LARP .


The costume is another identifying feature of your character, which helps you to stand out and should be appropriate for the character that you are playing.  Obtaining a good LARPing costume may appear daunting for newcomers but need not be.  A basic under costume (brown or black trousers and a shirt (with no buttons), with sturdy footwear, a plain belt and gloves) is a good start and can be further supplemented by other attire.  Herofest can hire some items of simple costume (Tabards and Hoods) to go over a basic costume.  Avoid items of clothing that are glaringly unsuitable such as white trainers, jeans and labeled t-shirts.  Costume such as phys rep horns and claws should not have any hard or sharp edges that could cause injury during LARP combat.   Seek advice from any of your LARPing friends who are already live role-players. 


The addition of suitable props for your character will also help set the scene, but are not essential.  Props are used to act as a visual aid to role-playing and are substituted for real objects that are either dangerous or expensive to use (i.e. swords, money, fake jewellery, tankards or fantasy LARP objects like wands or banners, that have no real world equivalent).


New characters upon Orin Rakatha are encouraged to join the Mercenaries for their first event. They then have a year and a day (3 events) where they can remain with the Mercenaries or choose a Nation to join. Being part of a Nation brings many benefits to the character, most especially the protection from the Mists of Orin Rakatha, which cleans the lands of those without these protections. Once a Nomad has spent more than a year and a day on Orin Rakatha, without joining a Nation, they will no longer be protected from the Mists! It should also be noted that the creatures that come along with the Mists, called Hordelings, are attracted to large groups of people, so Nations do not leave their Lands in large groups. Instead they send out small groups to carry out activities instead, and these groups are called Factions, and these are the groups you see at Herofest LARP.

Please note that we do manage our Faction numbers, so we can run a balanced and fun event for all, so prior to joining a Faction, you will need to check with us at Herofest LARP, to see if their are spaces available within the Faction of your choice. There may be a possibility that unfortunately the Faction you wished to join is full, and you will need to choose another Faction to join.

LARP/LRP Character Class

The final thing to decide is your character class.  There are a number of different LARPing classes available that define what your character can do on an event

Each player picks a Character Class for their first event or the first event with a new character, and their character gets the skills associated with that class

Take a look at the Classes and Skills page for more details.