HEROFEST LARP Game Mechanics

Due to the nature of Herofest LARP it is designed that you will always be in character.  The only occasions that Time Out or Man Down (explained below) will be called is for safety reasons.


Time Out...

Stop role-playing when you hear this call. This call is used when the Referee needs to suspend role-playing for a period of time (normally for safety reasons). You should remain in your current position but may talk out of character with people nearby. You may resume role-playing when Time In is called by a Herofest LARP Referee or Faction Representative.

Man Down...

Stop role-playing immediately when you hear this call. This call can be used by anyone and is used to indicate that a real injury has occurred (although this is a rare occurrence). You may resume role-playing when Time In has been called by a Herofest Referee or Faction Representative.

Time Freeze...

Stop role-playing immediately when you hear this call. Stop moving and stand still with your eyes closed. You may be asked to hum whilst doing this. You may resume role-playing when Time In has been called by a Herofest Referee or Faction Representative.

Time In...

Resume role-playing when you hear this call. This call is used by a Herofest Referee or Faction Representative to start or restart the game after it has been stopped for any reason.

LARP/LRP Referees

At each Herofest LARP event all members of the game team and your faction Reps will act as Referees throughout the event. The Referees are there to ensure that the rules are being followed and to act as arbitrator, if required. Any questions prior can be sent to the game team using the contact us form.


We use a dedicated NPC team for all of our LARP events.  However, what makes each Herofest event special is the interaction between characters and different Factions.  Our NPC’s are there to help events run smoothly, but we rely on character interaction for our events to truly flourish.  Herofest is a professional live role-playing company dedicated to producing high quality LARPing events. The majority of the LRP Referees and NPC’s on each event are unpaid volunteers, who have freely given up their time to help to make the event more enjoyable for you.  We would therefore ask that you be civil to them at all times.  Any complaints should be directed to your Faction Representative who will deal with the matter appropriately. If you would like to join our team please contact any of the staff or email Herofest LARP directly.


Whilst Faith and Spiritual ability does exist within the Herofest LARP world,it is considered the same as magic and should be treated as above. Characters may call themselves Acolytes/Priests/High Priests if they wish (for role-playing reasons), but they will be unable to cast any spells or invocations.  Any spiritual ability they may have will be effectively “neutralized” whilst in the Herofest world.  Faith within the Herofest world is role played by each individual when LARPing. Specific deities that characters may wish to use for role-playing reasons and to enhance their character may be adapted to fit into the Herofest world. 


Our aim is to produce a well run and enjoyable LARP event that adopts the highest possible standards and we welcome feedback from our player base (both positive and negative).  If you have any feedback or encounter any problems during one of our LARP events, then please direct your comments to the referees during the event or use our contact us form to reach out to the organisers.


There will be times when players may want to stop their LARPing for a time to go unwind and discuss non LARP events etc; this usually happens when players have not seen each other in real life for some time. We understand this and all we ask is that you head of to your tent or any secluded spot in order not to distract others or interfere with game play. This should be easy as the site is over 100 acres in size. If others approach you in character please return to the LARP world until they have moved on.


We actively encourage all players to come to the event on Thursday to set up and have a chance to socialise. Traveling anywhere in the Uk on a Friday often causes problems and this can be avoided by arriving the day before. On the Friday each LARP faction will set up their camps and gather their faction members as they arrive. The LARPing officially starts on Friday evening. Any or all of the LARP Factions may decide to go into character earlier themselves to start their own faction missions plot etc. Some players who arrive later will need to carry their kit to the campsite to unload so please help these LARPers unload. We will conclude the LARP activities for the main event after midnight on the Saturday night, however all or some of the LARP factions members can choose to stay in character as they may have in faction plot promotions etc they still wish to complete. Sunday morning we pack up, conclude any non LARP business, have an event de-brief and make sure everyone knows when the next event is to be held.


We have a car parking team on site, so if you are asked to reposition your vehicle, please do. Also, we would ask that you leave a note in your window, with your name, and Faction written on it, so that we can locate you if it is necessary to move your vehicle.