A starting character begins by choosing 1 of 3 Primary Classes.


Warriors are characters with martials and physical skills. The ability to use weapons, armour, or build physical strength to knock people down are your focus.


Casters pride themselves on magics or powers that are otherworldly. Throw firebolts, heal mortal wounds, or warding yourself from damage are all available to you as a caster character.


Experts are not combat focused, and instead pay attention to crafts such as Alchemy, Enchanting, or Rituals. 

Within each class is a number of subclasses that determine 1 of your 2 starting skills. The other can be chosen from with your class, or from one of the universal skills. The exception to this is the Ranger subclass, which has both skills chosen from the start.

Each skill from within your class or from the Universal list costs 1 point. A skill from any other class costs 2 points.

You start with 2 points to spend and earn 1 point more per event you attend.
You can have a maximum total of 6 points.


Warrior Sub-Classes

Archer Militiaman Ranger Soldier
Bow use +1 2 Handed +1 Dual Wield & 1 Handed Shield Use +1

Caster Sub-Classes

Mage Acolyte
Caster level 1 Magic +1 Caster level 1 Power +1

Expert Sub-Classes

Healer Ritualist Scribe Alchemist Enchanter
First Aid +1 Devotee +1 Scribe 1 +1 Alchemist 1 +1 Enchanter 1 +1

Skill Descriptions

Trained Skills

Any skills marked with an asterix (*) require in character training to use. These skills may be taken before training has been received but cannot be used until the training has been completed. On average these will consist of a half hour training session or class with the relevant trainer and some possible I.C. cost.

Warrior skills Trainer – Captain of the Mercenaries

Caster Skills Trainer – Wizards Research Centre

Expert Skills Trainer – Crafters Guild (With exception of High Incantor with the Ritual Master)

Universal Skills

1 Handed Weapon Use First Aid Forage

Skills taken from this list cost only 1 point regardless of class.

Warrior Class Skills

2 handed weapon use Bow use Iron Grip
Dual Weilding Armour Use * Sure Footed
Shield Use Strength * Keen Sighted

Caster Skills

Caster level 1 Magic Caster level 2 Magic * Wizard (Resist Magic)
Caster level 1 Power Caster level 2 Power * High Priest (Resist Power)
2 Handed Staff Use

Expert Skills

Treat Poison Treat Disease
Devotee Incantor High Incantor *
Scribe 1 Scribe 2 Scribe 3 *
Alchemist 1 Alchemist 2 Alchemist 3 *
Enchanter 1 Enchanter 2 Enchanter 3 *