The Halls of Asgard

Nation Location

Bremmin Plains

Nation Leadership

Unknown – Rumours Abound

In-Game Faction Leader

Jarl Roland

Halls of Asguard


The Halls of Asgard are a mercenary warrior group originally from a realm known as the Northlands. They occupy an area of high mountains called The Teeth of the World and the great forests known as The Blackwood.

Finding themselves upon Orin Rakatha several of the Asgard joined the mercenaries. Taking over from Orlo of the Mercenaries the Halls of Asgard will take all newcomers to Orin Rakatha under their guidance and help them find their place in the world.

The warriors of the Halls of Asgard are structured according to the ancient clan lines fighting amongst themselves to determine the strongest. They have a full lord known as Wolfgar and the Council of Chieftains as his second in command.

Many believe the constant internal fighting would leave the Asgard ripe for conquest. They would be wrong, the Asgard are a proud people, and aggression from an outside source will provoke an instant and deadly response uniting them all under the banner of the current Wolfgar until the trouble is ended.


The Halls of Asgard are a norse styled warrior Faction.


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