The WyldWood Rangers

Nation Location

Pendragon Woods

Nation Leadership

Fully Democratic – No individual leaders are chosen

In-Game Faction Leader


Upward pointing Arrow with a crescent moon acting as a bow crossing it


Recently arrived in Orin Rakatha, it is said that the Wyldwood Rangers were renowned warriors on their home plane, specialising in archery, combat tactics and woodsmanship and often employed as deadly mercenaries. How or why they left their homeland is known only to the Rangers.


Upon their arrival, they quickly established themselves as the finest archers in Orin Rakatha and began gathering allies and recruiting new faction members from among the residents of the plane. Additionally, there are rumours that they, by completing a series of great feats, have earned the patronage of a mysterious being endowed with great power, resident of the deepest forests of Orin Rakatha.


Martially minded, the Rangers make up for their general lack of arcane knowledge through great prowess with bow and blade and through their respect for the power of nature, by way of which they have been seen to imbue the magics of Orin Rakatha into their arrows. Strictly democratic, they are slow to form collective trust and have been known to hold grudges, but when they do form alliances their camp and lands can become a true haven of feasting and merriment.


Campfires, feasting and drinking, archery competitions, protecting their woodland home and pleasing the enigmatic and often strangely beautiful beings therein; such is the life of a Wyldwood Ranger! Primarily comprised of human archers, swordsmen and priests, the ever-growing ranks of the Rangers now includes recruits of several races and specialisms, all working for the good of the Rangers’ camp and lands.


Every Ranger has a voice in decisions, and any contribution to the life and culture of the Wyldwood camp is recognised and celebrated, be it through acts of valour, works of craftsmanship or enchantment, or contribution to the wit and japery that makes the camp a place of true companionship and revelry. Just try to avoid ending up as target practice!


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