The Summer Stars

Nation Location

The Greenheart

Nation Leadership

Unknown – Rumours Abound

In-Game Faction Leader

Naimh Moonshadow

Summer Stars


No one knows how long the Elves have been on Orin Rakatha, as they tend to keep themselves to themselves, but they are known to commune with many elves on many different planes, including the Deepwood Elves of Murandere, and the various Elven groups upon Thranduil. They are known to value personal liberty very highly, and are also known to be less regimented and informal than many of the more military based groups upon Orin Rakatha.


Very little is known about the Elves of the Summer Stars, by the other Nations upon Orin Rakatha. The Elves keep themselves to themselves, or have done until now.

The rumour that circulated said that the Elves are a multi planer group, with strong links to the Elves of both Murandere, Thranduil and the Lios Silvar of Tanolia.

It is also said that they call themselves the Elen Silvani, or Elves of the Stars.

Some storytellers have commented that it is traditional for the Elves to offer a greeting to all that they meet – “Sil Illumé, and they find it courteous for a similar reply from those that they greet.

They are also commonly though of as a relaxed and gentle people, not confined by the rigid structures of the martial orders, but that they are bound to each other more by blood than by structure.


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