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Nation Leadership

Unknown – Rumours Abound

In-Game Faction Leader

Roland Sigurdsson

Heraldry of the Seawolves, A Wolf head with the red rune on its neck on a sea blue background


The Saewulfs started as the” White Fang” crew, the largest Drakenship in what was the Greywolves, a mercenary free-company fleet of Norse warriors. Originally from the realm known as the Northlands, now called Asgard.
They travel the seas and oceans searching for new lands to explore to find adventure and glory. As the ships and their crew operate outside Asgardian laws and governance, Asgardians refer to the Saewulfs as “Freemen”.
Most of the Saewulfs are Asgardian born and come from all over its nation’s populous. However, as the sea treats all souls equally, they do not require their crews to be of Asgardian descent or even from Orin Rakatha, so you often can see crews recruiting from the new lands they are exploring. The fleet only returns to Asgard to allow its citizens to join their number and repair their ship using the skills mastered by the Asgardian shipwrights. The nation all swear an Oath to honour the Saewulfs’ code and abide by the principle “the strongest rules” that embody the ancestral Norse way.

A seasoned Sea Jarl leads the crew sent to the festival lands and similar situations, having earned the position having won many battles using both their brain and brawn. Observing the core Saewulfs abiding tenements, the Sea Jarl uses this opportunity to inspire their crew to find their destiny as they venture into the unknown.


The Saewulfs are a norse fantasy styled warrior faction.


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