The Keepers of Secret Knowledge

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Captain Ivy

Keepers of Secret Knowledge


The Keepers once claimed to be the ancient law-keepers of the land as members of the Shadowsfall on Orin Rakatha, and were often found carrying out these duties. They held the first ever Nations on Orin Rakatha and have been around since they were created. They were first brought to Orin Rakatha to fight for the Mystics in their war with the Mistweavers. Unlike the other Shadowsfall, the Keepers were never assassins for hire. They are extremely lawful and never betray a deal once an accord has been struck. This is always sealed with a pact in blood. 

The Keepers were the first travellers to arrive upon Orin Rakatha. Prior to their arrival, Orin Rakatha was a land of Mistweavers and Mystics. The Keepers were recruited by the Mystics to aid them in their struggle against the Mistweavers. By the Mystics power and the Keepers efforts, the Orin Rakatha that we know today was forged. The Mystics made the Keepers the custodians of the laws of Orin Rakatha. The Great Archive of the Keepers (if it exists!), is rumoured to contain records of all significant events that have happened upon Orin Rakatha since their arrival. The Keepers pride themselves on their neutrality.

This Nation of The Keepers of Secret Knowledge tend not to become embroiled in the politics of Orin Rakatha and prefer to be seen as neutral travelers. However once the Keepers get wind of any ancient knowledge then only the brave or the foolish will attempt to stand in their path.

Now the Keepers have lost their position as the Voice of the Mystics to the Valley, many changes happened that have upset their history on Orin Rakatha. The previous rulers of the Keeprs, the Admiralty were overthrown and replaced with a Council of Captains. Since losing the support of the Mystics, the Shadowsfall began to fracture, with brother turning on brother. As a result, the Keepers separated from their ancient bretheren, and struck out on their own as the new nation of the Keepers of Secret Knowledge. New adventure and more change await the Keepers nation, but how and in what way, none can tell. 


The Keepers, as they are affectionately known, are archetypal fantasy pirates with tricorns, flintlocks, and rum. What makes the Keepers different is that they are extremely law abiding, and are often seen upholding laws and contracts that they have forged as a matter of honour. Although they have lost their sacred duty from the Mystics, they still consider their primary task to keep the secrets of Orin Rakatha, and as such continue to observe events, and try to remove dangerous magical artefacts and knowledge from the world. Many other nations consider this to be nothing more than greed and piracy, which the crews of the Keepers fleet hotly deny. “Not Pirates! Merely free traders of fortune!” is a cry often heard in any tavern the Keepers visit.¬†

Often seen as drunkards and useless, it comes as a surprise when a Keepers crew are the ones walking away with the prize. 


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