The Forgotten

Nation Location

Plane of the Sleepless Dead

Nation Leadership

Unknown – Rumours Abound

In-Game Faction Leader

Raphael Sanguinous

The Forgotten


The Forgotten originated from a land known as Shegjie. The northern provinces of this land was occupied by people known as the Albians (western medieval), whereas further to the south a people of an Oriental culture dwelled. The southern people were led by an Empress, who was deposed by a coup as a child but later managed to re-take the imperial throne, however shortly after this power struggle a mysterious portal opened (a portal to Orin Rikatha) in the land and the mists began to make their way across Shegjie. It was decided that the Empress would lead a delegation of loyal retainers across the portal to discover the source of these mists and what lied in the lands beyond. After a time the delegation returned back to Shegjie to find that the problems of the mists had escalated and were more wide spread and thus decided that they had left a sufficient impression on Orin Rikatha to return there to take refuge until a time that they had discovered how to remove the mists from their land.

After spending a deal of time in Orin Rikatha the Empress’ delegation found that the portal collapsed, becoming unstable, and they were unable to return to their homeland. Thus they set about re-establishing stability to the portal, but due to conflict between the members of the delegation the Empress perished and the delegation fell apart. The remnants of which were reduced to a mismatched assortment of nobles, craftsmen and warriors striving to make a way in Orin Rikatha from the ruins that were once an imperial delegation , recruiting new members from mercenary factions and those sympathetic with their position to bolster their numbers in this new land. Amongst the remnants, many of the party are several members of the order of St Giles, the patron saint of lepers and outcasts from the northern provinces of Shegjie, these are tattooed clad beings of part monstrous descent, many being half vampire, who use their supernatural abilities to wage war against the beasts that affected them; standing in the shadows, against the shadows.


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