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Cabal of the Dragon


The Cabal of the Dragon are a brotherhood of Warriors, Ritualists, and Diplomats brought under one banner by the Great Star Dragon known as Indaroth. The Great Dragon sends visions of its five remnant dragons to lead extraordinary individuals to our prismatic sanctuary to unite as one.

Once initiated our brethren pledge themselves to one of the remnant dragons. Granting them affinity with the chosens aspect and strengthening their bond with Indaroth.

  • The five remnant dragons are:
  • Zealious (The Leviathan) Domain of Tides and Intellect
  • Giathrax (The Behemoth) Domain of Forests and Wisdom
  • Ishkahelso (The Sky Serpent) Domain of Storms and Will
  • Tsumaki (The Salamander) Domain of Infernos and Strength
  • Onakai (The Wraith) Domain of Silence and Death

The Cabal welcomes all of the Dragons chosen few be they Human or Ghoul,Warrior or Scribe. It will take all kinds to succeed in our quest, and spread to word of the Great Star Dragon.


Arriving upon Orin Rakatha as hired swords for the Wizards Concillium, we found a troubled yet bountiful realm in the midst of battle with General Khangs rebellion. Utilising our tactical prowess alongside the many nations on Orin Rakatha we successfully broke Khang’s ranks defusing his rebellion, and forging a long standing bond with this land. Under the instruction of Indaroth the Great Star Dragon we would return many times to Orin Rakatha aiding in their efforts against  the Void. But know we return in the hopes of preventing a domestic threat.

Over the millennia the remnant Dragons had regained almost all of the power once bestowed upon them. This was due in part to the influx of new followers amassed by the current pillars of the Cabal.

However on the eve of regaining full corporeal forms the Void struck assaulting the nodes of power, the five Remnant Dragons sacrificed all but a modicum of their power in a last attempt to protect our realms from destruction.

Now alone we lay down our lives to protect your realms just as the dragon’s did for us. All the while we search the great expanses of Orin Rakatha for the long forgotten dragon eggs to return our saviors and restore balance once more.

HOW TO JOIN THE Cabal of the Dragon FACTION

Check out the bookings page to find out how to book your first Herofest event, and select “The Cabal of the Dragon” as your faction.