Kibblestone Scout Camp

Kibblestone is a 98-acre Scout campsite located in the Midlands


Kibblestone International Scout Campsite,
Kibblestone Rd,
ST15 8UJ


We are using the ‘larp side’ of the campsite, just over the road from the car park on the main reception side. This site has two large buildings containing kitchens, toilets & showers, meeting halls and lots of bunk beds. There small fields at the centre for camping and gathering, surrounded by wooded hillsides for adventuring. The overall site is great for the event and latest plot scenario but is smaller than our previous sites, so groups will be closer and we expect to make more use of the buildings for in-character activities and player sleeping accomodation.


Travel: The nearest train station is Stone (1.8 mi). If following satnav, some roads in the local area are single-track so if that may be a problem for larger vehicles, coming via Stone town avoids them. The main entrance to the site is clearly marked.

When can we arrive: On Thursday 9th May the site may be accessed by players from 1pm. See note below re parking to ensure we avoid traffic jams on the larp side for people unloading.

Parking: The car park is on the main side, near the site reception, with plenty of space. Vehicle access is allowed into the LARP side for unloading from 1pm Thursday until 4pm Friday at the latest (This is a seperate entrance down the road, and is single-track so please takle care if using). Due to very limited space, vehicles should be moved to the main car park asap once unloaded.

Where do I go on arrival: From the main car park, the site is across the road. There is a path directly opposite the main site gates into the site. Ideally, please start by visiting the admin desk in the top building (upstairs tavern) to check in. If dropping off equipment in camping areas first, please check in asap.

Where can I camp: As the camping space is limited, all players are very welcome/encouraged to sleep in the various bunk rooms (for free, bring own bedding). Out-of-Character camping is all in a specific field before reaching the IC areas. In-Character faction camps will be around the centre, with a few in the woods. To help us what fits best in this new site, IC faction camps should be limited to 2 tents/structures please. We are keen to use the bunks as as alternative to tents, please drop us a line if you would like a bunk (just to help our planning, there are plenty available). The bunks have a matress only, please bring your own bedding.

Fires: The site allows firepits and your own wood should be brought. Fallen loose wood may be used but please do not damage any trees. Please ensure firepits are off the ground. The site has a few firepits to hire for £5.

Please see the site map for the Kibblestone LARP site on our FAQs page. Coming soon to a page near here! 🙂

For all other questions, please contact us with any queries about the site.

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