Church Stretton Camp and Fish

The site is set on 40 acres of fields, 10 minutes’ drive from the popular and heathery hills of the Carding Mill Valley



Church Stretton,

Harton, Shropshire



This site has woods, a large field and a number of lakes (fishery lakes and one which we are allowed to swim in!). There are basic facilities including toilets and showers, and players will have a choice of camping locations for IC and OOC.


Travel: The nearest station is Church Stretton (4 mi).

When can we arrive: On Thursday 11th July, players may arrive for OOC setup from 2pm.

Parking: Please go to the main reception entrance initially, where you will be directed to one of the parking areas.

Where do I go on arrival: Please start by visiting the admin desk which will be near the site reception.

Where can I camp: Out of Character camping is near the top of the field, near site reception. In character faction camps will be within the woods. There will be various clearings for faction camps.  

Fires: The site allows firepits but in order to ensure only clean wood is used (avoiding nails, etc), they would like people to not bring their own wood and only use wood purchased on site (packs of wood with kindling are £7.50).

For all other questions, please contact us with any queries about the site.

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