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The Traders LARP/Lrp Faction


Tower Location: 

Members of the Traders LARPing faction travel the Planes and do not hold a Tower upon Orin Rakatha.

Tower Colours: 

Because members of the Traders LARPing Faction are not normally resident upon Orin Rakatha they do not wear Tower colours. The traders LARP faction are responsible for all the catering and the bar at every event.

Faction Representative:

The Master Brewer.


An association of Traders that are here to cater to the needs of everybody else.  This faction includes real LARP Traders who will offer their wares for sale (real money required!). The traders will be selling and serving food indoors with real crockery and cutlery and somewhere to sit. The building that holds the bar and the catering area will be in character at all times and coming to eat and or drink will not interfere with your LARPing activities.

LARPing Notes:

The Traders consist of a number of individual Merchants who have banded together to minimise their costs and to provide protection when traveling the dangerous planes.  They are from a variety of races and backgrounds.  They do not normally reside upon Orin Rakatha and have been invited to the Inter Planar Fayre in order to provide a selection of goods not normally available. 

The Master Brewer controls the Spring of Healing and access to it.  It is therefore prudent for all Factions to remain on side with the Traders Faction, lest they lose access to this vital resource.

The Traders are of a generally polite disposition unless provoked by rude customers or are attacked whilst they are trying to conduct business; if roused they can be fearsome to behold.  The Traders are extremely reliable and provide a beneficial service to all.  Their continued support at all events is essential, so it is best not to antagonise them.

The traders also have knowledge of alchemy and can sometimes supply ingredients and recipes for potions.

In or out of character?

We will have the trade stand in character for all of every LARPing event. Although the traders will be in character you will of course need real money to purchase their LARP wares. Our plan is that the traders will be able to take part in the event whilst still being able to sell their goods. There will be a chance before and after the event to purchase items out of character if you would rather not have your shopping interfere with your LARPing.

Diplomatic status with the other factions

Traders are always friendly to all other factions. This of course may change on the event and your actions as the players will affect diplomatic relations on future live role playing events.

How to Join the Traders LARP Faction

If you would like to join the Traders faction either as an individual or as a group send an email to Herofest Live action role playing paul@herofest.co.uk and the faction representative will contact you with more information about your faction and your missions for the event. The traders do have their own set of guards and missions. Even if you do not intend to sell at Herofest LARP events you can still join the traders faction.

The Traders is the LARP faction for me. Where do I sign up?

Fill out the bookings form found and tick the box marked Traders.
The booking form can be found here –

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