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The Long Road - by Kori

Halls of Asgard, The Long Road.

With the Halls of Asgard, along with the other factions, having lost our towers. The Asgard were thus force had to transport everything that was force out from their tower, the people, the equipment, the sick, the old & young, precious items and food to the only remaining sanctuary, that of the Village.

Village life has being challenging, the cramped conditions and unusual mix of Factions. This in turn has led to many neighbourly disputes and Kleinwort Ironfist and his corporals including Grovel are holding daily courts to manage disputes and arguments, not that the Asgard are bothered by such minor things. Though I would note the Dragon clan members have been very busy under the cover of the night.

Rumours have reached our ears that the Shadowsfall and the Keepers have set up their base on Starfall Lake. Our warriors report that both Shadowsfall factions are continue to support the various factions by acting as road guards and using river barges to deliver larger items from their former towers.

The lost and presumed death of our Wolfgar has reopened old clan wounds and the minor dispute between Eagle Clan and Dragon Clan over who is stealing who’s cow, now seems to escalate and is driving both Jarl’s forward in a race to gain the vacant throne of the Asgard. However not all is not ill within the village community as a renewed vigour has come over to the Artisans and Craftspeople of the lands and they have created several items of great wonder, indeed some are new Items of Renown.

These new Items of Renown includes:

But no mortal seem able to use any of these item to their full potential.

To further improve morale Kleinwort has elected to hold a Spring Moot and surprisingly Kleinwort has agreed that both Shadowsfall factions could enter the village for the duration of the Spring Moot.

The Spring Moot is a gathering of the people to celebrate the new sun and planting of crops. Kleinwort had hoped that this would draw everyone together. Kleinwort announced that an election for a Lord & Lady of the Moot and even bardic contest and mummers comedy contest would be held over the course of the event.

Given the Asgard internal problems the Council of Jarls ordered the major clans various champions to assemble at the Spring Moot. However upon my arrival I found the chosen Asgard Inn barren and no sign of any other Asgard. However I was eventually join by Roland Sigurdsson the Ravenwolf and that irritating Bard of Dragon Clan.

We greet each other in the proper Asgard tradition and began to discuss our poor tactical position. When an elderly man in poor condition arrived seeking shelter and a moment rest from the day’s sun. While we had little to share the three of us were happy to maintain the Asgard tradition of hospitality and gave him shelter from the hot sun.

However we had not long make the old man comfortable and return to our discuss upon our situation when Vestor returning wearing his true Khalid colours and announce that he had a urgent and important announcement. As he had being in contact with Ingmar on the Plane of Sleepless Death, who had become a restless soul on that plane who demanded vengeance via Vestor upon the Bard, as the Bard had murder him so to infiltrate the Asgard, on behalf of another darker power.

Ravernwolf order the rune-stones cast, which I (Kori) did and the runes were filled with great death. As soon as this was announced the bard try to deny the rune-stones but Vestor suddenly cast Mass Paralysis and then he step forward and cast death upon the Bard.

Then Vestor offered his apologises for using the mass paralysis and left. Where we would later learned that he had interrupted Malikon in the midst of a blood ritual, by walking straight through the seal circle to knock out Malikon and drink the vials of blood of the various faction ritualist that were inside the circle.

Leading to a corruption of the ritual circle, but surprising Vestor now revealed as a day-walker vampire didn’t drink Malikon dry after he had gorging himself on his blood buffet.

When the Paralysis wore off from us, we headed outside to be greeted by the arrival of Eagon Wolfsbane the archer and Jarl Loki’s first captain of the Dragon Clan. Shortly after the Lady of Battle Ari and her son arrived, followed by the arrival of Eagle clan Jarl Rodan. An emergency thing was called and as Rodan was the War-master of the late Wolfgar, it was agreed he should take command for this gather, till such time as a proper thing could be called of all the Clans and the Law-speaker to appoint someone to the late Wolfgar empty thrown.

With the scouts reporting strange beings were heading towards the tavern, we mobilize to investigate and soon we met strange beings who did identified themselves as the Masters of Lore. Each bore some resemblance to those who dies trying to deliver our favour tribute at the last time of reckoning, though each master said they were the essence of the fallen towers given form and seem to be made more of magic than mortal flesh. They identified themselves as War, Shadow, Truth, Ice, Justice, Fire and Knowledge. They did say others now roam the land and would come forward when they were ready.

We were told by the Masters that they would help us reclaim our rightful towers at the next time of reckoning but we would have declare one who we were devoted to and one we were loyal, then they would grant us a boom.

The Asgard broke into mini group to speak with each master and see what their boom would be.

While this was going on Ironfist approached me and admitted that Grovel promotion to Corporal while funny at the time now look like a error of judgement, To which I suggest he appoint someone to Captain above him. Ironfist liked the idea but said the candidate would need to be someone who was just as much fun. Given the Shadowfall friction with Ironfist I felt an Asgard candidate would create friction between the Asgard, the horde/Dai-Fah-dyne and the Shadowsfall plus it wouldn’t be funny. Then seeing Salharie downtrodden manservant I suggested he would be a good candidate for promotion to Captain above corporal Groval. Which Ironfist agreed with and while it took a little effort to talk him into accepting the role, it was worth it for Grovel face when he was told he now had a new boss and Salharie when he realised the implications of the promotion for him.

The mysterious demon hunting faction known as the Legion implemented one of their religious rituals in the circle after a discussion with the master of the ritual circle, in which they did kill him despite the demon horns growing out of his head. Which to there surprise the Emperor voice appeared before them and gave them a telling off.

When it came for the time for Lord and Lady of the fayre to be appointed, seem the Dah-fah-dyne had stitch up the voting with Ironfist as they seem to be the only one that knew to they needed proof of their candidates support.

Thus we were treated to the error that was Lord Corporal Grovel.

While drinking at the tavern we were told that three artisan who were bring Artefacts of power to the Master of Lore had gone missing, a quick search turn up two of them, one claim he just escaped from an attack. Quick a more formal search was mount for the missing artisan and Artefact, sadly neither was found.

The two Artisans asked for factions to arrange escort to safety of their boat on the river. Naturally the Asgard in the tavern and a few others escort them safely to their transport.

Scouts report sighting a stranger man heading to the Ashy path near the Mead hall, a small group of Asgard were sent to scout and report back. Here we met other scout, due to no open hostilities the scouts took cover at good vantage points in the trees to await the stranger. Soon we saw The traveller who looked to be dressed in white and blue, it soon became clear he was travelling on the Astral plane and we could see him but he couldn’t see or react to us. Thankfully he was talking to himself and said in his judgement that the plane is wrong and not like any other he had travel to.

With nothing else of value to learn the Asgard went back to the Mead hall to drink, while there we were joined by the Shadowsfall who warn us that a sinister figure had being seen lurking nearby. We assume it was likely another shadowman and with the cover of darkness and high ground trying to search it out was asking for a pointless death.

The next morning saw a member of the Fortune Keep faction arrive to speak with representatives of each of the factions, to discuss recent history. It seemed that he believed they were errors in history as record and the way people acted was not correct. So he gave warning of errors and discrepancies between recorded history & what people remembered.

He said that from his investigation the problem seem to start after the Great Calamity when the Mistweavers and Mystics went to direct war. Sadly as the Asgard had only being drawn to Orin Rakatha after that event we had nothing we could aid him with, Still the member of Fortune Keep said it was likely our history was true then.

Ironfist held a dispute meeting at noon but the only thing of note was the Yak farmer being told to keep away from the female Seniti (the fawn lady aka Mrs goat legs) and not to try and arrange any crossbow wedding between her with his Man Yak.

After lunch a Herald of the Dark Lady arrived and announced that the Knights of the Dark Lady had besiege the village, we had to die of starvation or kill them. So we quickly join up with other factions and went slew those Knights. The battle was note for the Horde inability to hold a line and the power war grant his fellowers that turn the tide. It was also noted an undying individual in white kept trying to heal the knights.

Shortly upon returning to camps The Summer Stars were attack by a group of Dark Fey, as some of the Asgard were nearby they were only to happy to help defeat those Dark fey and get the summer stars their staff back.

Not long after we were told by the ritual circle master that the Dragon Lord Salamander had unleashed a firestorm in the ritual circle to block the ability of anybody else to open a planar portal and leave the realm.

Then soon after he launched an attack to capture the Keepers ship, and use that to escape this realm. Thankfully the Keepers and there allies manage to beat off and kill the Dragon Lord thanks to Master Justice Paralysis him before he could summon another wave of yet more elemental creatures.

Then the factions went to drink at the tavern and watch the mummers play and listen to the songs. With Jarl Rodan of Eagle clan complaining that his Eagles would of easily won it, if some one had told him of the competition in advance. Several Asgard point out to him it had being on the Village notice board for several week.

The Wizard Concillium and Jewelled Pavilion with a Summer Stars guest star rightful won. Thou the Shadowsfall Keeper song was direct blackmail of Grovel for his hat back, that song was highly amusing.

The Shadowsfall Judge Helm Bright appeared in the Tavern and said he believe we weren’t actually on Orin Rakatha but the only way to prove what plane we were on was to cast a ritual on a item that could travel between the planes.

He was interrupt by Ironfist who turn nasty and tried to drive him out of the tavern and said anybody foolish enough to following Helm Bright ritual would just destroy this realm.

The factions made clear they wanted to hear more from Helm bright and Ironfist left in a huff.

The Asgard pointed out to those gathered that the Keeper ship Reliquary would be the best example of such an inter-plane travel item. The Keepers agreed to allow it use in the ritual and so the Keepers ritualist Scales and Kori of the Asgard spoke with the Wizards Concillium an agreement was reached. The wizards would organise the factions various battle mages to run a ritual at the ritual circle the summoning of elementalies. The Cold dawn agree to draw the elementals towards the keeper ships, while the Asgard and the Keepers with aid of the other factions high incantors to run the element sacrifice for “what plane are we on question?”.

However we were interrupt by received information that a Necromancer had being seen with an army of undead. The factions with a problem with undead sent a force to hunt down and destroy them. While the undead army was destroyed the Necromancer stay hidden in the bush and when his army was broken he fled before the factions could engage him.

With that done the pair of rituals were initialised. Despite some problems with the warriors killing some elements on route, we were able to get one of each element on to the reliquary deck and sacrifice. All of the ritualise knew that we would receive the answer at the ritual circle. So we went there, when we reached the ritual circle, it came to life and three figures appeared whom we soon realise were the Wander, the Avatar of the Inter-Plane Fayre and the Chaos Jester.

Here they spoke as one and said that in all three forms they had trick the factions into help them to steal part of seven realms and placed then above this old lens that had flip over and become a fracture mirror copy of Orin Rakatha, which was were we stood now.

When the Grand Conjunction reached this plane it would via the new lens above this mirror Orin Rakatha, flip this realm back into it original lens and then the two lens combined would allow the Chaos Jester to re-write the original Orin Rakatha to his design.

However the new lens still need one final piece and that would come from Elf realm Thranduil.

With that the Ritual circle went quiet. The representatives of the factions agreed to withdrawn to their own camp areas and meet again in a few moons times and see if we could form a plan to reach Thranduil and stop the Chaos Jester.


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