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The Broken Tower - by Owedry

As told by the Bard Rackoness from the People of the Tower of the Sun.
As Recorded by Owedry of the Halls of the Asgard.

Once the Ikarthian people of the Tower with the Sun at the principle live in the south of Orin Rakatha in the Ikarthian Triangle this is the legend of its ending.

The People of the Tower with the Sun at the principle was a beautiful place with many fair people, indeed it was said many fair Maiden and the fairest. It was a place of many fine things and the fairest items.

The Ikarthian people of the Tower with the Sun at the principle had many artists and artisans of all type who could make all things. Indeed the items created within the tower were all very fine and the finest.

The sun always sat at the principal of this Tower.

The Ikarthian people found a unique way of living and their tower was a wonder to behold. Within it Walls the Ikarthian people create, words, art, spells and artifacts that were fine and the finest of their type.

Inside the Tower with the Sun at the principle of the Tower live the beautiful and finest of animals, fruit and flowers. Indeed the finest of all things any man (or woman) could ever wish for.

How was this obtained? By devotion to Ikarus the Tower leader of the Ikarthian people. Ikarus had everything and shared it with his people.

In a time, now long passed, when the Tower with the Sun at the principle of the Tower still stood. The Favour of Orin Rakatha the Favour of the Mystics was not measure in Notes like Today but rather measured by deeds, actions undertaken and counted.

Favour was pledge by crossing the rainbow lake and pledge directly by one to the mystics.

All would pledge their status to one who their were swore to serve, who then Pledge it to who their serve be it lieutenants, Captains, Wizards, Wise men or Jarl’s.
All the way up the chain of command or servitude. The final few would then pledge their favour to one. One then made Journey over the rainbow lake.

Ikarus people went different way with every Ikarthian person pledge directly to Ikarus They all pledge directly to Ikarus as no finer creature was every to walk the land thus the Tower and Ikarus were the finest sanctity, safe in the all Ikarus knowledge.

Ikarus strove to be the principle of light and held all his people renown to himself. The Ikarthian people saw him as a kind, wondrous and beloved man.
However Ikarus saw in himself a light darkness but try as he might he could not rid him self of the last trace of envy and treachery and this Ikarus couldn’t abide, not when he held all his people renown in his hands.

So he went to his wisest Sages, Artisans, Alchemists and other such like and ask them
“Work for me, all work together to remove this thorn of darkness from me, so that we can reach the principle!”
Thus his wisest and greatest people worked tireless for a year to create a ritual to drive out from Ikarus the Darkness that plague him.

So on a night late in autumn they gave their resources and began “The Ritual of Ashes”. For the whole night they sung, cast and tossed their gold into piles.

Successful they were, for at the End of the Ritual a Dark Shadow step away from Ikarus, the Shadow looking like Ikarus and please to be free, drew a inky black sword and drove it through Ikarus heart.

At that moment the Whole Tower fell and all in people died, because of this.

That is the story of the Fallen Tower of Orin Rakatha.


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