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The Time of Reckoning 2012 - by Owedry

Time of Reckoning 2012

Once more the time of reckoning arrived and the Wolfgar Acheron led his elite warriors to the shores of the rainbow lake, on the way the Wolfgar Eagle scouts report a Shadowsfall Archivist Captain head towards the area known as Gibbets Cross. Since he seemed to be in procession of a nice big shinny amulet, the Wolfgar send our forces to investigate.
Upon arrival we found the Shadowsfall Archivist Captain in discussion with the mercenaries and Dai-fah-Dyne (Die-fa-Dien) about trading the Amulet for favour. Given The Halls of Asgard lack of favour and the Captain un-interest in other thing for trade, they was little we could do to obtain the Amulet from the dawn of Orin Rakatha, however as the Knights of the Cold Dawn and the Shadowsfall Keeper, clearly they want to just kill the Captain and take the item by force. Given the Knight of Cold Dawn and Shadowsfall Keeper open aggression and lack of manners by the Knights of the Cold Dawn. A Battle broke out which draw the Sept of the first wolf and the Tombs of Dymwin (The Family Seren faction) to observe. The initial Battle went in our favour, however Pug of the Dai-Fah-Dyne unique failure of remembering who was actually on his side, and thus carried on his private feuds as usually. Once this matter had been resolved, it was noted that the Dymwin had taken Eagonn Wolfsbane the young Dragon Warrior to their camp.
Thus The Wolfgar Acheron went to their camp to obtain his return. Eagonn was return without issue, while they had healed him it did seem they had offered him to their Vampire Lady, but she allege said while pretty was far too young for her needs. (I shall pass instruction to Jarl Loki to keep a close eye, and make sure there is not any sign of taint, as I’m unsure if the gift of stubbornness would protect against a forgetfulness spell).

By this time the Shadowsfall Archivist Captain request safe escort to the Keep. Thus given the uncertainty of the Tombs of Dymwin towards the Captain, Wolfgar suggest we head down the sandy path towards the mead hall and then cut up to the ridge. Thus we set off, however once we were over the ridge, it became clear that the Wolfgar had confused the Rainbow Fort and the Keep. Once he was set right, we retreat to the top of the ridge. As we made our way along the ridge pass the Shadowsfall judge camp, the keepers and their allies step out from their hiding place down by the rainbow fort and try to form a line in front of the Shadowsfall judge camp to try and prevent us making through to the main road by the camp.

Thus Battle was rejoined, however with the wood and height advantage our side was able to hold the enemy, however it soon began to appear that this small union of Shadowsfall Keepers and Judges was just trying to delay us and allow further of their allies to arrive. Recognising this, with The Wolfgar blessing and with support from Dragon clan and a couple of the mercenaries, we led the Captain through the thicker wood, in package defence mood, while the main force tie up the enemy main force, while some of the more able enemy spot the tactics, the few who try to break away and interfere with the captain were quickly dispatched. With unusual haste the Captain was safely escort to the keep without further incident.

Upon returning to the Mystics Footsteps Tavern the Wolfgar sought out the Keepers Admiral-Keeper, to clarify our position with them. After a short conversation he return to say the Keepers had recognise the protection was business but we were strongly advice not to provide them any further add.

Rumours of a Shadowsfall Horologist Captain in the area went un-confirmed, as did his final fate.

The Wolfgar scouts reports an increase in the rumour of a Winter King election, unsure what this meant. And knowing the Alvar back home sometimes talk of the Spring Princess, Summer Queen, the Autumn Duke and the Winter King, The order was given to move out and speak with the Summer Stars to see what they knew.

Upon arriving at the Summer Stars Camp, we found then concluding some minor business with other factions; upon approaching the Summer Stars to ask permission to enter they camp and discuss trade and the Winter King business. To which we were told to wait out side while they concluded their business. Upon concluding their trade business the summer stars simple choice to ignore us and walk off back into their camp. Decided to show patient with your potential hosts, only for the Summer Stars to show further disdain towards the Halls of Asgard by inviting other later arriving factions into their camps to talk, but not us. Once we had witness most of the other factions either be invite in or walk in with out invitation, The Wolfgar agreed we had been insulted enough by the Summer Stars and we simply walk into their camp. To find Kaylon holding fort as usually, seeming she was surprised to be asked about the Winter King Rumour. While Kaylon held fort and try to explain what little she knew of the Winter King. However she was interrupt by the arrival of another Elf called Arias or something like that. From some distant withdrawn faction of Elves.

Arias seem somewhat unsettle by the large numbers in attendance but said the elements and stars had reached alignment and the time of the Summer Queen was over and the people of Orin Rakatha must elected a Winter King to pass one law and rule over the land for a year and a day at which point they would sale over the rainbow lake and then reside in the land beyond for all eternity. However during their reign the Winter King could announce one new law which would be enforce then forth by the Shadowsfall through out the land.

Kaylon was task with organising the Election and then performing the Ritual to coronate the Winter King elect. Thus Kaylon asked the gather factions to consider their nominee. Then have them announce it to Kaylon within the next hour or so. After a brief Asgard council meeting it was agreed to deny any Asgard the chance of going to Valhalla would be wrong just for the right to pass one law. Thus The Wolfgar agreed we would not nominate a candidate and then try to use your vote to add another candidate in return for something of benefit to the Asgard.

In recognition of the situation, I was sent to inform Kaylon then would be no Asgard candidate; afterwards I learnt that the only factions who could elect the Winter King would be those that didn’t nominate a candidate.

While this was going on the Dragon Clan head down the Sandy Path to meet the Stranger called Iron fist, In Jarl Loki words this is how the incident went this Iron fist individual seem to wear the symbol of the Shadowsfall, yet stood apart from them, He claimed he was going to establish a village for those people without a tower, so they would be safe during there first year and a day on Orin Rakatha.

With the arrival of the eighth hour of the evening, the Asgard settled down for the evening meal and drink. They were reports of the Towerless at the Rainbow Fort trying to make the Mystic Footsteps Tavern, but the Wolfgar decide food and drink were more important.

We did hear rumours from our scouts that the painted Man had been sighted heading towards the Dai-Fah-Dyne camp. Despite my council that perhaps we should send someone to investigate, the Wolfgar felt they would be nothing of interest to The Asgard from either the Dai-Fah-Dyne or the Painted Man.

After the Meal word reached all that the Shadowsfall Archivists had gathered at the Keep for a last stand. The Wolfgar choice to heed the words of the Admiral Keeper and from a very safe distant we watch the Keepers, the Knights of the Cold Dawn and the Forgotten fight. Indeed with a bit better command I believe Archivists might of won the day, Indeed they did seem to have the Keepers Force on the back-foot, but for the Captain recalling the force should of press his advantage the battle result would have been different.

While this was going on the Salamander Lord held fort at the Tavern and sought a devotee but such magic things are of no interest to us.

Once the Asgard had regrouped the Wolfgar lead us to the ruined Mystic Gate, leaving behind members at the mead Hall to greet any one who wish to discuss the plans for the year ahead.

At the ruined Mystic Gate, we found the Knights of the cold Dawn act unnecessary aggressive and the Admiral Keeper. The Admiral Keeper did say that the Asgard none-attendance at the Archivist last stand was noted. He suggested if we sent a runner to the Keepers to bring the banner then we could do the mystic announcement in safety under parley.

Thus the Wolfgar send me to find the Keepers. However this turn out to be a very bad idea as the path pass the Sept of the First Wolf was block by Hepaths, and running straight into them in the dark without support wasn’t good for my health or pride. Nor was then been tossed into the Sept of the first wolf camp by the Hepath as a message, especially as it took them at least five minutes to notice the bleeding body in their camp. However the very nice lady werewolf, finally notice and bandage my wounds. The delay turn out to be they were they were treating Mittens who had turn turned ankle after she and the Lady Crow had fireballed the Hepaths out of this plane, thus had not notice they early actions.

Once I pick myself up and recover my Hammer from Pug and Farmer Giles who had found it, thankfully Pug was in playful mood I was able to get it back without issue and then make it to the Keepers Camp and finally deliver the Admiral-Keeper Message.
To which Keeper I think is called Leech say yeah we be there in ten minutes or so and then carry on drinking and smoking. After having a quick Drink with Pug and then try to encourage the Keeper to move, I realised the message had been urgent half an hour or so ago and was thus now likely moot, I left them to it and stop via the Sept Camp to return their bandages and asked them if they had identify the symbol from the poster that was left outside their camp at the last gathering, All their Leader said was it was an old tribal symbol. Thanking him I then returned to the Mead hall.

Upon reaching the Mead Hall I found the Mysterious Valkyrie had returned once more with her faceless spoke person and was holding forth again upon the real truth and showing disdain toward the Wolfgar. Wolfgar Acheron was getting into quite a heat conversation with her spokesperson. In the end the statement was made that the Wolfgar was hiding the truth from the War Council and the Valkyrie produced a document, which her spoke-person said she would give to all who want the truth. Been as sharp as an Eagle Jarl Rodan, claiming not been Asgard born he would like to see the document, but had nothing for trade. The Lady seemed not to want anything for the document and gave it to Rodan as a gift. Wolfgar Acheron then walked out of the Mead Hall in disdain. As Soon as Acheron did this, the Valkyrie made the point then of sitting in the Wolfgar seat at the head of the council, till Acheron notice. At which point she made to leave, but Wolfgar then make it quiet clear to her back what he would do to her if she weren’t a woman. At which point she turned round and came back to make it clear if he want a fight, she was ready to oblige. After a moment stand off in which the Wolfgar repeated him self-quite clear. She and her faceless minion left.

This lead to the Wolfgar accusing some of us been disloyal to him, to which the Jarl Rodan replied, he would see what the letter said for even if it was lies it would reveal more about the Valkyrie.

The Wolfgar seem to consider this before put it all out of his head and getting on with the important task of drinking for Orn.

As the witching hour approached the Keepers approached and asked for some assistance with dealing with a small number of Shadowsfall Horologists who their scouts had report were heading towards the Sands. Thus we had out to the sands and found an ambush point while the Keepers set up.
Sadly for completely unknown reasons the Family Seren from the Tombs of the Dymwan turn out in full strength to support the Horologists in destroying the Keepers. Sadly it was a short fight and a complete meat grinder in which the Dymwan numbers made the difference.
Perhaps if the Admiral-keeper had tried to parlay with the Horologists this wouldn’t have happened. One cannot be surprise at been robed while on the floor, while dying by the Dymwan, that is the right of conquest after all. From what little we can gather the other who were suppose to be supporting the Keepers turn up late, saw the Dymwan in control of the field and didn’t make any effort to recover the situation. In the end the Dymwan and the Kesora Dynasty reach an understanding that allowed them to recover the down Asgard warriors and return them to the Mead Hall.

Which this was happening the Easterlings were speaking at the Tavern, Which the Dragon Clan were observing before head off to the Jewelled Pavilion encampment Upon Jarl Loki return he was now very glittery but while he had a good time he seem not to have learn anything of value about the Easterlings.

Then we had the Forgotten faction turn up at the Mead Hall in a total panic as the Dymwan and the Horologists were going on an alleged rampage.

At which Point Jarl Loki return and said we were going to defend the Mead Hall with three of us come what may. The Forgotten were free to seek further allies and come back but they would be no further retreat.

In the end we saw no further sign of the Dymwan or the Horologists. However we soon learnt the Dymwan had taken the Keepers banner as a trophy of war and ensure the Admiral-Captain was dead for longer than fifth teen minutes so the Keepers couldn’t resurrect him.

Give no further scout information, the night socialisation started, out of interest in the rumour of the captured Keeper banner, as well as showing Jarl Loki the infamous Goblin Kryl Bar, we went up and visit the Family Seren from the Tombs of the Dymwan. Indeed they had the Keepers Banners and were displaying it in Kryl Bar, some gentle questioning, it turn out they were ransom it back to the Keepers for something like 500 favour. Narcosis said they might sell it to another faction if the Keepers didn’t pay out. I point out we didn’t have that sort of favour which was a shame as it would of look good in the Mead Hall.
So returned to drinking at the Kryl Bar before joining the Wolfgar at the Dymwan Fire, well we were jointed by The Dragon kind Wizard Rex, who was offering to teach elemental magic to the Dymwan for free. He also made another shameful deal with the Serne Family, but as it was to the Wizards Concillium detriment and the Dymwan favour, I shall respect their privacy and not record it here.
With new day starting, I decided to withdraw for the night.

Saturday started with a heavy rain shower buy Neya decide to stop the rain by the time it came to raise and face the new days challenges.
While we wait for breakfast, I translate the Valkyrie Letter into the standard lexicon of Orin Rakatha, so that the Jarl’s and Wolfgar could read the letter for themselves. Which confirm my initial suspicions that it was another copy of Chrystak Letter about Dalehoven, where are these coming from? However even as Jarl Rodan, Loki and Lady of Battle Henri look over the letter none of them could see the shocking truth, that it was suppose to contain.

While we were discussing this matter outside the Mead hall, we were approach by a Keeper with a challenge from his faction. Their want an honour combat, five favour a head entry, the winner would get the entire pot. Given our shortage of favour, we said were happy to fight but we would discuss this matter further. The Keeper also said that their Banner had mysteriously returned to the Ship during the Night.

Then we received three strange messages from the Tower via our scouts, the first was to protect the Group of Hordelings now approaching the Sandy Path. The Wolfgar and Jarl Rodan took charge of that task.

While I was dispatch to located the Hanged Man and ensure he was safely escort to the Jewelled Pavilion. Then hear his warning. However as the scout had give no indication where to look for the Hanged Man, I at the Wolfgar suggestion tried the Hangmen noose at the Gibbert cross, when the Dymwan confirm they not seen anyone matching that description, I head up to the Jewelled Pavilion camp to see if they knew anything more. Sadly speaking with their little prince, it was clear he also sought the Hangman but had no further leads.
At which point the female fawn of the Warriors of the Crimson Winter approach, indicating she was also looking for the Hanged Man to ensure he got safely to the Jewelled Pavilion Camp. She had heard a rumour the Elves of the summer star had seen him someone who would match his description early. Sadly the summer Stars seem to have disappear somewhere or were still stood in bed when we went looking for them.
Then it occur to me that if the Hanged Man was returning from the dead then maybe he be coming from the Tree of Life area. Thus I did a quick run down to the Tree of Life and found that it was completely undisturbed, so I returned to the Jewelled pavilion area, where I was told by the Fawn that the latest rumour was that he been seen at the Shadowsfall Judge Camp. So we head down towards their camp to find representatives of a large number of factions was escorting a corpse blue man with a broken noose round his neck towards the Jewelled Pavilion Camp. One of the Forgotten faction, the lady with claws for hands told us best to keep our distances as his touch instantly cause mortal wounds. However upon reaching the Jewelled Pavilion camp, Little Prince then took the whispering Hanged Man to the back of their main tent, where he could not be overheard, I noted the Circle Aflame did try to go around the back to eardrop as is there nature, but were caught by the JP and send away. However before leaving the told the Dai-fah-Dyne Farmer something that he wrote down but when question later they said they had heard nothing due to the Hanging Man speaking only in a whisper. When the meeting was over, the JP said all they been told was of a treat to their home realm but couldn’t share the details with anyone. The other faction’s frustrations seem close to boiling over and if the aura of serenity hadn’t been in place I fear that something nasty might have occurred.

As the sun reached it peak the scouts report a large number of people assembling for a meeting on the North Road, Wolfgar send the Dragon Clan to investigate, In Jarl Loki words this is how the incident went The users of Death Magic gathered and had a discussion regarding the release of the dark wind and its effects upon death magic user. But due to the numbers and the limited amount of cover available, nothing of great value was learnt.

With the morning spend, the Asgard settle for lunch.

Rumour reach us of a meeting at the Sands but the Wolfgar decide to keep his force at the Mead Hall, to discuss creating a ritual to empower the Primary and ensure we can resurrect fallen comrades, whose time has not yet come to go to Valhalla. The Lady of Battle Henri lead this discussion while myself and Jarl Rodan went to the Tavern to declare to the Reader and Azard-an Staff that the Asgard intend to claim a tower at this time of reckoning.

With the latest arrival of scouting reports was a strange map, Unable to resource this investigation, Wolfgar put the Map aside and continue to enjoy the sun in the valley. He was interrupt by the arrival of the squires. They were seeking a Map.
Sadly the Wolfgar had forgotten that his scouts had brought him a map in the last hour as he was make the most of the sunshine in the valley.
With the Wolfgar having forgotten about the Map, the squires were about to leave when a labyrinth of Xenos Drone was spot near the Mead Hall been attack by four Towerless members of the fish God Cult. It seem that this particular fruitcakes had decide the Drone was full of treasure and they need to smash it open to recover it, so they could gain favour with the Smash their lunatic messiah.

To say the Squires made short work of them would be to give those cultists to much credit. Sadly they had done the drone enough damage that he squires were force to destroy it in self-defence. However the drone final words were concerning as it stated that “The black sun is rising…” a search of the drone by the squires turn up two white runic dice bearing Asgard clan symbols and an unidentified potion in a bottle.

As I happen to be passing by, I remind the Wolfgar of the Map he called the Squires back to him. To give them the Map, once the squires held the map they soon discover a dark piece of cloth in a nearby Tree, which seem to bear the marks of the Shadowmen, Thus the Wolfgar asked the Squires to investigate the locations marked on the map and report back as he didn’t have the resources available to mount a investigation of his own. He promised the Squires a suitable reward for any information they brought back.

Wolfgar hearing that the Kalid General was in the area, sent Jarl Loki to speak with him to find out what he had to say about life as the leader of the Kalid. In Jarl Loki words this is how the incident went, the Kalid General talk about the loneiness of his position and the importance of devotion to the Kalid cause.

While this was going on the Wolfsgar found the Shadowsfall in the Tavern to pay them our favour. The payment was recorded and we received a written receipt.

During this time the squires followed the Map to the abandoned camp where they were greeted by a small group of undead (consisting of Ghouls, Skeletons and Zombies). Once they had dispatched this group and said hello to all the Skeletons for Lord Rashnag. A search of the Camp turned up another piece of the strange Black Cloth.

Following the Map, the squires went further along the Path and found two Shadowmen lurking in a conceal openings, as usual upon been outclass and challenged they fled, however not before use black runic dice to summon forth a small group of Gridlocks (a sort of corrupt and evil elemental Earth creature). The squires quickly destroyed them but the Shadowmens had fled yet again. A search of the Gridlocks only turned up three of the black runic dice.

While the Squires try to decide what to next the Asgard trader Greilad, or my brother, as I’d normally call him to his face, happen to be passing and showing a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Warn the squires that due to the dark magic on them, those without Orn blood in there vein shouldn’t touch the black runic dice or else they might start to turn into gridlock themselves, and they would be best to take the items back to the Wolfgar and the shaman for a proper investigation. 

By the time the squires I had return to the Mead Hall and was considering where the Map had been placed. As we try to decide if we want to go to the Garden of Elements to spy on the Ghoul of Doom.

So the squires’ arrival was a welcome distraction. The squires handed over the two pieces of the Black Clothes and the black and white runic dices. After studying the black Cloth I’ve reached the conclusion this is the strange material that the Shadowmen use as a flag or Marker to indicate their pretences in an area, according to our ancient legends.
The Black Stone that the Taranor (River) Trader had given the squires along with the other half of the Bronze Sword. Appear to be a rock of solid blackness, again which our legends say they magic and technology is based upon. It should be note this rock also was similar to the magic potion rock that the Mystics of the Black Sun use for dream vision control on the Jomsviking Realm.

Of the runic dice, I can offer no theory why LOX had the white runic dice or what there true purpose is. The fact that they have the Asgard symbols for Eagle, Serpent, Raven, Swan, Horse and Bear, suggest further questioning of LOX representative is required.
The Black dice appear to be refine from the other type of Black Rock the six sides have the runes for Break/Harm, Protect/Guard, Warn, Question, Fight, Defeat/Death.
This suggest they are indeed control items for their summon minions, this seems to be a new Shadowmen ability, as they’re no legends I’m aware of when the Shadowmen using any other being for their own ends. This is a development of some concern.
However I believe that if I perform the right ritual I can break the die dark magic and then used them to attempt a shaman vision to track the Place of Darkening Shadows, this will take some time thou.
In recognition of the Squires efforts we agreed to reward them with a bottle filled with water from the rainbow lakes so that they may use it in their planned ritual later.

With this issue resolved Jarl Rodan lead the majority of Asgard to the Garden of Elements to see what the Ghoul of Doom was up-to. While the Lady of Battle Henri headed up to the tavern to practice some of the ritual incantation.

In the Garden of Elements we found the Kesora Dynasty, the Sept of the First Wolf, the Wizard Concillium plus two members of the Circle Aflame and King Smiley of the Summer Star also awaiting the Ghoul of Doom. We were not kept waiting long however when the Ghoul of Doom arrive with a large army of undead, any chance of defeating him with the limited numbers we were fielding. Odds of 3:1 against undead including the Ghoul of Doom meant Jarl Rodan became to switch to observe mood per the Wolfgar orders and start to identify our escape route. It was note that the Ghoul of Doom try to use persuades to make the Kesora Dynasty to give him the trophy of the Asgard. Sadly by the time we realise what was going on the Ghoul of Doom had acquire the Trophy and then use it to release the Dark Winds upon Orin Rakatha. We were then witness the Ghoul of Doom shouted to his Masters about how they plan was coming together. 

At which point Jarl Rodan agreed with the Wizard Concillium field leader to make a tactical retreat, it was felt by those on the field and agreed it was better to survive today and find a way to win tomorrow.

While Jarl Rodan lead an orderly withdrawn from the Garden of Elements via the southeast corner. The Wolfgar was force to hold the line in Northwest Passage back to the ruined gate. Well as always he lead the holding line allowing others to escape, taking mortal wounds in the process but the favour of Orn allow him to make it back to the Mead Hall and face another Battle.

On our route back we came upon the Jewelled Pavilion stand in a circle performing a ritual of some kind, however Salaharie manservant was standing guard, and so Jarl Rodan greet him and gave him an update on the dark wind release. Sadly all he would tell us was the rest of the Jewelled Pavilion were performing a ritual to try and add they Home realm of Hayat Ghallaya against an unspecified threat.

Once the Asgard had regrouped at the Mead Hall, Jarl Loki was charge with leading the Asgard minus the Wolfgar and the Shaman to the Tombs of Dymwan camp to find out more about the other faction and the released Dark Winds. In Jarl Loki words this is how the incident went, it seems once the representatives of each faction were gather round the Dymwan bar. They explained the Dark winds now been released would turn all Hordelings into undead monsters and greaterly strength death magic, but it would bring forth more undead that they wouldn’t be able to control or immune to their attacks. The Dark Winds need to be stopped but it would take the efforts of all the factions working together. A idea that the Dymwan seem to find hard to believe could actually happen to the extent they choose to mock the idea of all factions working together. It should be noted that the Tombs of the Dymwan and the Catacombs of Asharai seem to be rival necromancers and each is blaming the others for the release of the Dark wind.

Meanwhile the Wolfgar and I went to the Mystic Steps Tavern to hear the various candidates for the Winter King announce why they should be elected. Thankfully the tavern sells beverages or this could have been a tedious task. The highlights were an impressive speech by Scales of the Shadowsfall Keeper, not that anyone believe a word of it. An instant forgettable speech by a one of the forgotten, thus living up to his faction name. The knights of the| cold dawn been they usually arrogant self claim only their pretence had stop Orin Rakatha been overrun by the Hepaths. Malhakhi was his usually self, clearly knowing he was the only one to have done any real political manoeuvring before the speeches to ensure the six factions with an candidate would all vote for him. The Circle Aflame Emperor Beda simply say vote for him or he set the squires on everybody. The Jewelled Pavilion candidate didn’t turn up. Pug of the Dai-Fah-Dyne kept it short, as you would expect, i.e. me for King. The rest of Candidates were completely forgettable.

So without much ado, the six votes all vote for Malhakhi. Democracy it is one of the Elves and Hellnates sillier ideas. Malhakhi make a victory speech but in true politician way said little and meant if less.

Thus we return to the Mead Hall and got on with the serious drinking. We were interrupted on a couple of occasions by the mercenaries wondering round like a bunch of lost children trying to find the Tree of Life. In the end the Wolfgar asked me to lead them to the tree and witness Malhakhi Shook. Since as a member of Tower faction and un-allowed to speak at the Shook, I made sure the Mercenaries lieutenant was brief to speak on my behalf to make clear had no intention of speaking but to ensure there was no Blood Shed. By the time we arrived at the Shook, I found Blood had already been shed, with the Kesora Dynasty already on the floor. It appeared that the Avatar of the Mist was walking upon Orin Rakatha again. He seemed not to understand the dark wind had been release by the Ghoul of Doom and that all Hordelings would be change into undead monsters. At which point the Keepers start on the Hordelings, which didn’t end well for the Keepers, especially as they try top leave by the wrong exit to start with. With the Keepers driven off and the Hordelings formed a circle around Malhakhi and keep the rest of the Tower faction representatives far enough away it was impossible to hear the shook. Realise they was nothing more to be gained from staying at the tree of Life, I return to the Mead Hall for the evening meal.

At the eight hour the Shadowsfall keepers held the funeral for the late Admiral-Keeper, and as seems to be the way for the others factions, a good wake was ruined by the Admiral-Keeper be healed by the ship doctor with the minor but note-able side effect that his heart is now out of his chest and on a shelf somewhere.

After wards at the Mystic tavern the Tombs of the Dymwan announced that the bar contest special awards had been judged the and the winners were,

Deadly Drop: Shadowsfall for their stealth bourbon.
Commodious Comfort: Free Company of the Phoenix because, just wow!
Sensational Service: Dah-fah-Dyne Farmer and wife despite the massive drag factor of Pug.
Krackin' Kockale: Jewelled Pavilions amazing hot choc.
Rigors Rotgut: Pugs (Dah-fah-Dyne) garlic gin stuff.

Overall winner who took home the trophy (which is posted somewhere): Crimsons Winters Lair - also the smallest bar on Orin Rakatha!
The Halls of Asgard congratulate the winners but note we were unfairly marked down by the Tombs of the Dymwan just because someone had started an ugly rumour that the Halls of the Asgards had drunk the Tombs of the Dymwan under the table and then taken the Keepers banners back to their ship.

Around the ninth hour we gather with members of the other factions, outside the Tavern to hear the Mystics words. While it hard to tell with Mystics, I believe this Mystic was a different one from last year, as he seem taller and had a pitch hood rather than the large curve one. He also seems happy to address the masses rather than just speak with various factions Towers Key-Master.

The message from this mystic was the favour notes would disappear at midnight, as favour would be measured in actual deeds and not notes that could be stolen. Also Each faction would be require to pay the mystic in just over two hours in the old favour notes in what they thought they were worth. With that statement made the mystic disappear into the night.

While the Mystic was leaving a Labyrinth of Xenos Drone arrived, Jarl Rodan was able to negotiate a reasonable rate for a purchase of the sanctification compound. However we decided not to question this drone on the damage one the squires fought as they was to many people in attendance plus this drone seem to be purely for trading activities.

The Wolfgar send Jarl Loki to speak further with the Kalid General on the topic of devotion.

While this was going on the Wolfgar and I meet with the Tranor Trader I believe called Shaneles to discuss the purchase of the ritual Paraphernalia. Acheron recognised that the importance of getting the right item to help control and channel the ritual energy.
Since Shaneles seem to have a good idea of matching the right Paraphernalia to the right ritual. After a short exchange, we acquire a chalice ‘ from the good bag’ alleged from the Halls of Heroes, if one is to believe the engraving.

With these two items secured, the Wolfgar and his council return to the Mead Hall, while I wait at the Tavern to speak with the Salamander Lord Arkeen and go over the Lady of Battle Henri Elemental binding ritual. They was a short delay speaking to Arkeen as the Summer Stars Tok had a bit of an argument with Arkeen about the importance of writing down the ritual over just remembering it. Once Arkeen had a look at the ritual word he was happy that it should satisfy the Hepaths.

Upon returning to the Mead Hall, I discovery that the Mysterious Valkyrie had returned, this time as well as her spokesperson, she had another minion at her heels, who seem to worship the ground she walked and none could match his devotion to his Mistress.

For once the Wolfgar and the Lady of the Battle Henri, manage to gain some new knowledge, it seem her problem is with the position of the Wolfgar and not with Acheron as a warrior.
Interestingly she admitted a liking and friendship with the Wizards Concillium.
Also based upon our growing believe of a connection to the broken bronze sword, Wolfgar Acheron presented the two half of the Swords and ask if she knew anything about it, The Valkyrie and her two Minions fled into the night.

After a brief discussion about this latest development and with all Asgardians now back at the Mead Hall. We set about laying out the ritual Paraphernalia and forming a circle with the sanctification compound. Then we did a dry run of the Ritual. With the fine minor adjustments, the Wolfgar decreed we were ready to do the real thing, when the hepaths arrived.

During the wait we got a good view of the Tombs of Dymwan Family Serne practice their ritual and set the Dymwan Hill a flame. We also heard screams from other faction who rituals might not of gone as planned.

Finally the Hepath of Valour and the Hepath of Devotion arrived and with one final check that all items were correct and all Asgardians were correctly located. Lady of Battle Henri Started the ritual, the two Hepaths circle the ritual occasional joining the chant or doing their own chants, however, by the end of the binding of the elements they were please and left. We thus finished the Ritual and with some Mead in hand watched the Dymwan set their hill on fire again.

With the coming of the time for the results to be announced. The Halls gather the favour trying to remember who had it all last. With Time running out we went to the Mystic footsteps Tavern.
What appeared to be the same Mystic as before appear and ask those factions assembled who sought a tower to send one member forth and declare their self worth in favour notes.

So at thirty-nine we might have been the lowest actually amount, but given what other factions give, we can set we are humble and balance and not vein. Thou why the Wolfgar called out after paying that all the other factions were thieving _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, I feel this is something that I fear will be lost to time.

The results were: -

The following factions kept a tower
Shadowsfall Keepers
Halls of Asgard
Wizards Concillium
Taranor (River Traders)
Labyrinth of Xenos
Circle Aflame
Jewelled Pavilion (They did not gain a second tower despite Salaharie invoke some rare right to request)
Celestial Beauracracy (Said as retain despite last year Mystic said they lost it last year)
Summer Stars

The following factions gain a Tower
The Knight of the Cold Dawn
Sept of the First Wolf
Keisora Dynasty
Wee Scunners
The Crimson Winter (when the Mystic was remind to judge them)
Prince Karesh and the part of the Tombs of the Dymwan that follow him gained the broken Ikarthian Tower and have now have renamed themselves the ‘Catacombs of Asharai’
The Forgotton
The Easterlings

The Following Factions lost their Tower
Shadowsfall Archivist
Shadowsfall Horologists

The Following factions remain with No Tower
The Tombs of Dymwan (The Family Seren) did not gain a tower and is rumour to have gone back to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead by independent means.
The Mercenaries under Malhakhi refuse to bow & paid favour to the Mystics. This result in Ironfist declaring Malhakhi had fail the towerless for the last time and attack him with a almost berserker rage. Despite Malhakhi been the winter King as Kaylon of the summer stars reminded people as Ironfist drove him off, they seem a shortage of people risking Ironfist wrath. Having drive off Malhakhi, Ironfist then return and confirm the establishment of the Village for the Towerless, as if he was the equal of the Mystic, however he then prompt fell off the raise grass bank, thus proving
a) He mortal and
b) He likes a drink.

The other towers were not reckoned at this time for whatever reason.
During the drinking in the aftermath the following rumours were heard and are include for completeness but there accuracy is at this time unknown.

The Squires had attempted for some reason to stop the Kalid from pledging their favour
The Knights of the Cold Dawn had a visit from a ghul from Z'air claiming that if you didn't return home his boss would come find you on Orin Rakatha! Seems they were given only a year to return home and get munched or he will munch us all.
King Smiley of the Summer Stars went through another portal (didn’t he learn from last time) but the really weird bit was apparently Starstealer and his late wife also went with him. Did wonder I they meant Moonchild but with Elves it so hard to be sure.

The final thing of note was I found a few minutes to speak with Rex of the Wizards Concillium to speak with him about the Valkyrie message of friendship to the Wizards. Rex said through his happy drunk state that she had also visited the Concillium camp that night and promised them a boom (a reward I gather) for helping her. Rex seem confused what he had done but when I reminded him that on the Plane of the Sleepless dead he had invoke the White Lady in a rush ritual, and we were left to wonder if this was somehow the catalyst for her arrival on Orin Rakatha.

Thus I close this entry on the Time of Reckoning, with the Asgard once more returning to their tower in the Bremmin Planes, again with more questions than answers.


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