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The Time of Reckoning 2011 - by Owedry

Since the Interplanar Fayre the Asgard have sheltered within their tower, While Wolfgar Aakron and his trusted warriors have laid plans for the next inter-planar Fayre to be the best yet. However Wolfgar Aakron use his many resources to keep track of the rumours of other towers and any more sighting of the Shadowmen.

When the Wolfgar learnt that Scouts report the Shadowmen may be base within the Kalid lands near the gate to the Vale of Tears and that other towers were sending representatives parties into this Area, Wolfgar order his loyal inner circle to the Vale of Tears to search out and destroy the place of Darkened Shadows.

Upon arriving the Wolfgar called a war-council to elect a leader for the mission and decide on a course of action. However the Dai-Fah-Dyne decide to interrupt and Kidnap the Valkyrie Sigrid. So Aakron appoint the Valkyrie Chiefess Kara as Jarl for this gathering. Just as we were launching a rescue mission, the Dai-Fah-Dyne return her as it seem the whole thing was one of the DFD strange jokes, but when one of Ugly Drinks had a bad reaction on Asgard physiology, they return her for treatment. Thus Bjorn and the Wolfgar try to cure this, the other Asgard under Kara was left to deal with members of the Kalid First Legion. Who upon arrived told the assembled Factions that they considered this movement of peoples into their area to be an act of war, and that they would "raise the Legions" in response. This advance party was soon dispatch by the united factions warriors.

Shortly after Bran, Invar and Kara went out trading while Owedry wait at the tavern for the arrival of The Labyrinth of Xenos, that the Wolfgar scouts had report where approaching. The Labyrinth brought news to the assembled Factions that they had re-aligned the elements, to correct a fault.

The effect of this was that a new area of expertise was now possible - that of Mage, and the existing area of expertise known as scribe, was no longer available. Increasing the level of magic on the plane. Which didn’t sit well with the Wizards Concillium.

While this was going on a runner report his master a great warrior was under attack and need assistance. The Halls of Asgard run to the rescue but fail to arrive in time but did recover the Body, Whom Wolfgar Aakron recognise as an old Asgard Ally. Upon his potion was found a bag containing a chunk of black rock, a piece of black cloth and a potion bottle. To learn more about the item agreement was made with the jewelled pavilion for their female soothsayers to read from the items in return for the Halls of Asgard favour to call on our strength of arms at some future point.

What was learnt was: -

The black rock, What is blacker than a raven with no face?

The black cloth, The deathless one are coming, blame the Asgard.

The potion, very Powerful, do not open at this time.

The Wolfgar only conclusion is the Shadowmen are coming but next time for all Asgard not just the Raven Clan.

A representative of the Shadowsfall Horologists was also meet in the Tavern who said he was here to gauge the various factions on trying to remove Necromancy from Orin Ratharia. Ronin and Owedry confirm in principle the Asgards would support such a move.

Then a member of the Shadowsfall Archivists was present, who wish to test the new magic from LOX realignment, to ensure it was record and safe. Owedry discuss the importance of records and would help them as appropriate and in return the Archivists would study their records for any past mention of the Shadowmen.

The Shadowsfall Horologists were in the area to perform a Ritual to banish Necromancy - the aspect of Necromantic Magic that deals with the rising and controlling of undead. This brought the attention of the Dymwan, who seemed keen to stop the Horologists.

The Labyrinth of Xenos also offered aid to the Summer Stars to repair their Faction Primary, which had been damaged earlier in the year, However while the Asgard help protect the ritual it can’t but help but notice that a human/elf sacrifice was involved in the Ritual. Other Factions also claim to have seen the Labyrinth talking with a Halmadonian about the very same subject.

Then the Kalid Earth warp legion turn up with a monstrous creature made up of vegetation, whom they seem to called fingers, support by what appear to be earth elementals. The united faction drove them off.

In the Morning the Halmadonian who appeared at the Interplanar Fayre arrive at the stockade seeking information about the Summer Stars Ritual involving the Thunderbird, sadly we didn’t have enough information to aid him.

The Halmadonian appeared in the area, and was searching for was to create a spark for a Ritual he wished to perform. He seemed interested in a Thunderbird feather.

Whilst all this was occurring, the Factions were assailed by strange groups of creatures, the Steel Elementals, creature that appeared to be made of the very earth itself, and bestial creatures.

Judge Helm Brighthand of the Shadowsfall Faction, or Shadowsfall Adjudicators as they are truly called, returned and announced that there was to be a Time of Reckoning, and the Shadowsfall Keepers Harbour Master informed the Factions that they would need to select one member to carry their Favour to the Central Isle.

Malikie of the Mercenaries questioned why anyone should give favour to these unseen Mystics? Which led to an argument with the Shadowfall Judge.

Then the three talking warrior Bears (Sven Svenson (Brown), Bjorn Svenson (Black) and Rorris (White)) turn up they were questing for their missing armour, stolen while their slept. As their armour contained their souls, they were prepared to reward any faction that found it and return it to them. The reward would be to teach the faction how to make this type of armour, thou they doubt any humans had the force of will, to move around once their soul was move to the armour.

The Labyrinth of Xenos fail to turn up at the agreed meeting point but message came from other Factions that the Shadowsfall Archivists and Horologists were not in fact interested in checking the safety of magic, and ridding the world of Necromancy, instead they said it was their intention to destroy all magic on Orin Rakatha. This left the Factions in a quandary of who to believe.

Whilst the Factions were reeling from this news, the Zombie of Doom appeared, entered the Tavernus, and destroyed the Elixir of Life, that drink form the Healing Spring that had helped so many back from the brink of Death.

He then laid about the assembled, causing many Mortal Wounds. The Keepers did tell people not to attack the Zombie for if killed it would only return stronger but Irelion from the Summer Stars, wielding the Sword of Life, led the retaliation of the Factions upon the Zombie of Doom, but was struck down by a new horror called Touch of Death, but the Factions held firm, and finally defeated the Zombie, Furry Burr of Circle Aflame was also slain by the Zombie after siding with it. Hence why there was disagreement if Furry Burr actions were free will or controlled by the Zombie of Doom.

It is note that the Shadowfall did try to steal the Sword of Life after the battle.

The Halls of Asgard try to discuss the Labyrinth of Xenos message with the Horologists but the Jewelled Pavilion Mistress Astrid would not allow us near him.

Following this there was a tense stand off, and a creature called Raikiya, a Thunderbird arrived, with a missing talon. After a brief discussion with some of the Summer Stars, and a gift made to the Mercenaries, Raikiya joined with the Summer Stars, and through a large ceremony involving human/elf sacrifice, gave itself to their damaged Faction Primary, making it whole once again - the Raikiya Totem.

Shortly after this, the Summer Stars had a memoriam for Irelion, but at this, a miracle occurred, the Raikiya Totem revealed from within itself, a new power, that of Resurrection, the other part of Necromantic Magic, that of returning the correct Spirit to the correct Body or at least that what the summer stars are saying. They is still a possibility that the body has been posse by a mistweaver and the Halls of Asgard shall watch Irelion and the summer Stars more closely in future.

However it seemed all priminaries could cure mortal on ¼ of a faction after these rituals, which goes someway to cover for the lost of the elixir of life.

A strange group of Hordelings were then encountered, strange in that they seemed to be more coordinated as a group than any previously met.

After the Evening Meal The Halls of Asgard held a funeral for the Fallen Warrior indeed Neya tears for him soak the assemble Asgard and then, as had been warned by the Horologists, waves of undead started being attracted to the area of the Shadowsfall's Ritual. Thou the Dymwan seem to be behind them.

As the time for the Ritual of the Shadowsfall arrived, Factions made their decisions and acted. More swayed by the words of the Labyrinth of Xenos, the Ritual was disrupted, and yet, from the carnage of the Ritual, there came the Skeleton of Doom.

He fought his way through the gathered, and made his way off into the night.

And then the allotted time of the Reckoning arrived, and the Factions gathered to hear the words of the Shadowsfall, but all were surprised. For the Shadowsfall brought with them a Mystic - grey garbed and cowled. The Mystic itself gave out the Reckoning

The Dai-Fah-Dyne would keep their Tower; Auntie Prune would be their key master.

The Halls of Asgard would keep their Tower, Owedry is now our Key-master

The Jewelled Pavilion would keep their Tower; the Baron Robert would be their key master.

The Summer Stars would keep their Tower, Kaylan would be their key master

The Shadowsfall Keepers would keep their Tower; the Commodore would be their key master.

The Shadowsfall Adjudicators would keep their Tower; Ikarus would be their Key master.

Circle Aflame would keep their Tower; the large one would be their key master.

The Wizards Concillium would keep their Tower; Acting Arch chancellor in the Field Rex would be their key master.

The Tombs of the Dymwan had lost their Tower and were banished to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead

The Mercenaries for refusing to pledge any Favour were banished to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, Indeed Malkie was quite disrespectful to the Mystic.

They had one guest, which was to be allowed to stay on Orin Ratharia one more night and be banished at Dawn.

The Halmadonians had lost their Tower

The Hepath Assembly had lost their Tower

Both the Keisora Dynasty and The Celestial Bureaucracy weren’t upon Orin Rakatha nor held towers so not judged at this time.

In the aftermath many mercenaries quick sought to join the tower factions indeed Wolfgar and Bran found new members for the Halls of the Asgard.

Indeed the Sept of the first Wolf and the Nac Mac Feegles declared themselves as new factions.

Thus end this Halls of Asgard tale. The place of the Darkening Shadows undiscovered but our Tower secure for another year.


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