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The Time of Reckoning 2010 - by Owedry

With the Shadowfall announcing a time of reckoning at the Fayre, the Wolfgar send an advance force from the Halls Asgard under the Command of Bent of Raven clan to the side of Rainbow Lake to pay our favour to the Mystics to retain our Tower on Orin Rakatha. Neya the water Goddess was clearly in a bad mood about something, as she seemed to dump an entire Sea over the head of the Asgard Soldiers on the way to the great lake. Indeed such was the rain both Wolfgar Akkaron and Rodan of Eagle Clan chariot Horses were lost to the water, leading to their late arrival.

The Kalid had headed into the area surrounding the Rainbow Lake, searching for an Item of Renown called the Talisman of Rol-Farantir, which is reputed to allow you to hold a Tower, regardless of favour.

A number of the Kalid Legions were found in the area, and it appeared that they were fighting amongst themselves to obtain keys to the Ark of the Mystics, which had been brought to the Tavern by the Labyrinth of Xenos as a gift to the factions from the mystics.

The Crimson Feast, who during the event stayed near the Rainbow Lake, had decimated the Valdemar Legion. They ask for our protection while they perform a ceremony to "unleashed the beast" that was hidden beneath a number of the Factions forces. Uneasy at the Crimson Feast were pursued by a number of Factions, but escaped due to the protection of some factions and the complete darkness which made it impossible to tell friend from Foe. A Reader merchant was also in possession of a key, but he had also been ambushed, and sold his key to the highest bidder, which was the Dai-Fah-Dyne.

During Saturday Morning the Dai-Fah-Dyne came for a social call and much apple drink was shared. However the Dai-Fah-Dyne female drow decided to try and force the Valkyrie Chiefess to give up the stockade hammock, by over rocking the hammock. Which resulted in the Valkyrie Chiefess issuing a single combat challenge to the drow. However Dai-Fah-Dyne having no sense of fair play tried to gang up on the Valkyrie Chiefess. Which resulted in the rest of the Halls of Asgard and Dai-Fah-Dyne taking up weapons. So started the Hammock War, which was a short but glorious fight. Only the two drow who run off and left the other Dai-Fah-Dyne member as a pile of corpse at our gate survive the battle. Be kind and find them worthy opposition we allow them to recover their comrades and heal there injuries. Once more Saturday night found the Halls of Asgard Stockade under seize by creatures that might have been another type of werewolf, this time the four creatures showed more coordination but again our weapons seem unable to do any permanent damage. The creatures knocked out and slowly revert to the form of four of the new mercenaries. Wolfgar in his greater wisdom decide to take them back in and see what they could tell us about this strange curse. Which was sadly little, they claim to remember nothing about there attack. As Saturday night drew on, a strange fire creature appeared, which the jewelled pavilion would later let slip was called Blood Hawk and was a disturbed Tomb Guard. He was made mortal by the jewelled pavilion say his name out loud, which released him from his bond and then easy slain by the assemble factions. From him was taken a Lava Rock by the Circle Aflame.

The Valdemar, worried by their lack of numbers, agree to gave up their key to the strongest faction – So a combat competition was organise, which was won by the Keepers. Combined forces of a number of factions ambushed the Kalid 3rd and 7th Legions, and their keys were taken. The Halls of Asgard meet then in the open field and many first bloods were taste and great battle achievements made.

During The afternoon our scouts reported that the Jewelled Pavilion were planning to do a magic summoning, all our intelligence indicated it was something evil they planned to summon. So Rodan was sent to deliver a warning. Which was ignored. Once it was observe the Jewelled Pavilion was conducting their summoning event. The Wolfgar led the Halls of Asgards warriors to stop the event. However upon arriving at the summoning area we found a large number of representatives of the other factions protecting the Jewelled Pavilion. However the Asgard used our superior intellect, cunning and guile the Wolfgar and the shaman keep the other factors diplomats talking, while they thought there were distracting us Brent of clan Raven led raids to try and disrupt the ceremony. It was the Valkyrie Chiefess who succeeded in injuring Salharie the Jewelled Pavilion leader thus leading him to fail at his summoning attempt. Sadly the fail spell allowed a Mistweaver creature and its minions to come through instead of the original monster. The Factions were able to unite and destroy the minions but the Mistweaver just laugh off all attacks before disappearing into the night.

The Labyrinth of Xenos came back to the Tavern, and following a war council discussion between the Factions; it was decided to open the Ark. However during the conversation the Labyrinth of Xenos remove the ark from the Tavern and place in the clearing outside. There were four locks upon it, but five keys had been found. One bore the symbol of Shards of Ice, one bore the symbol of Fingers of Flame, one bore the symbols of a Goblinoid Creature, one bore the symbols of a Feather (a Quill), and the last bore the symbol of Lava When the Ark was opened, something strange happened to the Labyrinth of Xenos, and they became fierce fighting creatures, which sought to destroy all, but were eventually destroyed by the combined might of the Factions. During the change the ark was removed by a quick thinking squire of the Asgard and one of the seniors Circle Aflame, so the contents were not lost or damaged.

Inside the Ark were four recesses, one of which it was believed would fit the Rock of Lava found by Circle Aflame, the Talisman of Rol-Farantir, and half a map. A study of the recesses was made and they seem to match the symbols of the elements on the Jewelled Pavilion ancient element control device.

So the Wizard Consortium try cast the relevant element spell into each recesses, to no effect. A Shadowsfall Judge came to the Tavern, and he was given the Talisman by the Shadowsfall Faction. He announced, that no Faction would loose their Tower at this Time of Reckoning. The jewelled Pavilion would gain a tower and the Mercenaries would shelter with the Shadowfall during the coming time of mist.


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