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The Interplanar Fayre 2012 - by Owedry

Having won the Fayre last year, The Halls of Asgard had the privilege and honourable task of arranging and hosting this year Interplanar Fayre in the Bremmin Plains, close to our Tower on Orin Rakatha.

After much discussion The Wolfgar decided that the games would be based upon the Asgard traditional Gathering of the Clans. It was also decided that as the Host it would be dishonourable advantage for us to take part in the games ourselves.

Thus the Wolfgar send messages to all factions to gather by the Mead Hall in the Bremmin Plains at the appointed time with their faction banner.

At the appointed time the Asgard greeted representatives of the following factions who had arrived on time and displayed their banners:


The Physical Avatar of the Fayre appear in that garish Orange outfit and his oversize hat, however it was noted this year the Fayre didn’t look like the late Morgothian ambassador, more like a skin youth, with an unnaturally high voice. However the Fayre had also brought for extra fun with him a Jarl Barado and his Men. The Jarl was a Fighter of similar size to Wolfgar with long red hair Norse warrior (Similar to the Danelawians of Okoumene) who announced that the Fayre had brought him and his men from the Iron Isle of Dalehoven. He held up a small metal statue of a dragon boat and announced this was the Ironclad trophy of the Asgard and would be given to the winning faction of this year Fayre.

With the opening announced Wolfgar announced the first round of the team fighting tournament would take place in the fighting ring behind the Knights of the Cold Dawn temporary Stockade while they walls aren’t as good as our temporary stockade walls their metal portcullis is a impressive feature, only beaten by their shield maidens appeal and their last orders bar ranges of drinks.

Wolfgar turn the event over to War-Chief & Weapon-smith Rodan Jarl of the Eagle Clan to run. The rules were clearly stated. This was to be a honourable Combat, equal numbers per side with no range weapons or magic spells to be used. The Flat of blades were to be used
Sadly a notable number of faction’s combatants were at the Last Orders bar at the times the rules were announced.
The first round of the draw saw:

To conclude the first round it was decided that the Locus of Orin Rakatha the Squires would be split into two teams, and for once we could enjoy watch them falling on each other. However organising the squires into two equal teams proved a tad difficult, thankfully Boris as the Squires guardian (while the White Wizard was missing) stepped in and we all got to enjoy an exhibition Squires fight match.

After the first round of fighting the factions were allowed to disperse do their own things for a time. Hearing reports of a Bard of note ‘Rackoness’ approaching the Darkwood Tavern. The Wolfgar dispatch myself Oweodry to the Darkwood Tavern to observed and report anything of interested back. The Story or legend of the Broken Tower is recorded elsewhere for separate analysis. It does seem to contain a potential person in Icarus Shadow, who might know something about the place of Darkening Shadow.

At the same time Ronan lead the rest of the Asgard with the Banner of silver wolf skin to the cross to meet and defeat the enemies unknown. On the way to this place the Dai-Fah-Dyne dishonourable ambushed the Asgard warriors on the approach to the cross rather than meet in honourable combat. Since the Dai-Fah-Dyne and their allies had start an attack unprovoked, Ronan try to hold the line and teach them the meaning of honour. The Asgard though well despite superior enemy numbers but recognising an unwinnable banner and rather than face the dishonour of losing the Asgard banner, Ronan order Ronald the Huscarl to take the Banner and break out and return the banner skin back to the Mead Hall, which he succeed in, despite the distaste of having to leave the other Asgard to their fate.

The other Asgard manage to get healed up by others afterwards and return to the Mead Hall later but the dishonour shown to us the Fayre host by the Dai-Fah-Dyne left a bad taste and would be indicator of things to come at this gathering, for it seems without Ugly to restrain them Farmer Giles and Pug were leading the Dai-Fah-Dyne on a more aggressive era.

Friday Evening Meal was held at the Darkwood Tavern and all had a grand feast.

Afterwards was the time for Bran former Jarl of Raven Clan Funeral. Many attend to show their great respect to this valid warrior and the using blessing were said before the Valkyrie Lady of Battle Sigrid lit the fire to send Bran finally on to Valhalla.

However this moment of rejoice and reflection was interrupt by the arrival of the Dai-Fah-Dyne carrying former realm lord Uglees body, which upon see our Funeral plinth bonfire, Pug decided rather than build his own just to throw what little of Uglees remains on top of Bran burning body, and thus save the Dai-fah-Dyne money and effort of doing their own funeral.
The Asgards had to laugh at this as by traditional this means the Dai-fah-Dyne were giving Uglee soul to Bran as a wife or servant in Valhalla. However to complete the funeral Wolfgar had arranged for Kaylan Tarrel Starsong of the summer stars to sing some old traditional songs while the Asgard and gather guest enjoy the latest ciders ‘Fairy Butt’ and ‘Goblin Ass’ that the Wolfgar had acquired from somewhere. Kaylan singing voice was as always a pleasure to hear.

Then I make my way with Ronald to the Tavern to run the Non-weapon bearing game, at the tavern we were greeted by Irelion of the Summer Stars, who was running his own unofficial game with some favour as rewards. The Game was he gave each faction a map of Orin Rakatha and a list of tower holding factions and major landmarks of the realm and the winner was the factions to correct identify correctly the most locations. I admit we didn’t do as well at this game as perhaps we should have done. I’ll clearly have to run some Asgard Geography class back in the Tower during the next wintering session.

However upon setting up the game I’m force here I must admit to my error, In accepting Tulan advise from the Runes to run the old strategy game, while I dug out the Horse clan rules, I didn’t have the Board so I barrow the valkyrie board from Sigrid without checking the board was the same as the one I was used to. Sadly it wasn’t and so with Ronald help and the generous players from the Keisora Dynasty, the Wizards Concillium and Circle Aflame we try to play the Asgard game. Even with the assistant of Ronald and his knowledge of the Jomsviking realm version, we never quite managed a fully successful game. By Midnight Ronald suggest we grant a tie victory to the three factions that had chosen to take part and I decided that was the best course and accept the Ravenswolf advise.

They were three occurrences that I should note that occurred at the tavern during the game. 
The first interruption was a scream during the middle of the night by Lord Rasnag of the Circle Aflame, upon investigating it was discovered that a white furry beast had been hammering something into a tree in the forest and when Rasnag apparently had try to question the beast, it had attack him, and it claw attack while not deep had contain a painful poison, given Rasnag seemingly strange nature, I can’t help feel that another more normal individual would have been so lucky to survive just in pain.
The second interruption was the arrival of a strange hooded figure resembling another shaman who was escorting an unknown Valkyrie with him, as they simple pass though the tavern without speaking to anyone.
The three interruption was the arrival of the Salamander Lord Arkreen seeking the Wizards Concillium to pass on some message.

Upon returning to the Mead Hall Wolfgar Acheron told us that the Hooded Figure and his Valkyrie Mistress had come to the Mead Hall and this other Shaman had deliver an message for his Mistress accusing the Wolfgar of misleading and deceiving the Asgards of Orin Rakatha. Speaking with the Lizardman Rex of the Wizards Concillium the following day I was told that he thought the Mystery Valkyrie might be a mute as she hadn’t said anything even when provoke, though she had attack those who show no respect to her, so clearly she understood the common tongue. Who ever this Valkyrie is, I feel she is someone we shall need to learn more about in the fullness of time.

I understand the Wolfgar tasked a night mission to Ronan and Loki to go capturing some banners at the witching hour but as I hear no more of this, I can only presume the mission wasn’t a success due to a lack of available numbers or the level of Drink partaken by the raiding party.

Afterwards to make up for his failure Wolfgar Acheron sent Ronan and myself to visit the other camps to gather what information we could and try to encourage people to come visit the Mead Hall to help break it in. It should be noted that Ronan did a bit of light wrenching to improve our relationship with the Shield Maiden of the Wolves of the 1st Sept, by giving her one of his famous back messages. Quite what Warcry made of this behaviour I dare not say in the cold like of day. Though judging by the purring went down well unlike the Wolfgar reaction when it was discover that Ronan had made the critical sin of leaving his sword in the 1st Sept Camp and not remembering it till, they drop it off to the Mead Hall in the morning. Which Result in the Wolfgar, after some council from the Shaman to take the edge off his righteous angry, temporary demoting Ronan from War-Chief to just Jarl and giving the honour title of WarChief for the rest of the gathering to the RavenWolf Ronald the Huscarl.

Towards the end of our visit to the Sept of the 1st Wolf The Tall Shadowsfall Judge arrive, also doing the rounds, as we walked to the Shadowsfall Keeper Camp, we took the opportunity to ask him why the Shadowsfall Judge seem to be taken no action against the Tombs of Dymwan despite them been previously banished by the Mystics from Orin Rakatha for practicing Necromancy. The only answer we got was the Dymwan were doing a service for the Shadowsfall.

With the Key tasks of the first day out of the way, the Asgard retreat to sleep off the evening Drinks and prepare for the next day.

Morning arrived with a little drizzle of Rain but soon Neya gift stopped and the sun shone again. Before Breakfast and the other Asgard seem to have risen, I wonder the gathering area near the tavern for some air and discovered posters had been put up in the small hours of the night near all the Factions camps. The posters were all in a strange runic symbols, they was some duplication and all similar enough to be of the same language. While I was making copies for future study, The Shortest of the Sept of the 1st Wolf Warrior came by and took down the one by the Summers Stars. Upon enquiring of him, he said the posters were all in an ancient language that War-Cry the Leaders of the First Sept read. War-Cry had charge the Shortest one to gather them up. So they could be translate. The General translation was Trespassers get off our land. However three posters had an additional symbol to carry additional meaning whom that they were address.
The Warriors of the Crimson Winter were called Kinfolk
The Summer Stars were called Children of Gaea
The Squires were called the Black Fury.
It was note that the poster next to the Sept of the First Wolf had a symbol that War-cry didn’t recognise and would need to go look up.

Breakfast was interrupt by the scouts informing the Wolfgar a stranger had been seen in the region of the Cross between the stockade and Shadowsfall Camp.
Jarl Loki was charged with lead a small party to investigate we soon meet representatives from the Circle Aflame, Summer Stars, the Mercenaries, Warriors of the Crimson Winter, Dai-Fah-Dyne, Wizards Concillium, Keisora Dynasty and Sept of the First Wolf. A rather tense stand off developed between the factions, with some Horse play between the Circle Aflame and the Halls of Asgard developed before the Asgard Spot the Figure in Grey observing from further up the road. Upon been challenge the figure disappeared back into the woods. This resulted and led to the various factions tying to find him without alert the other factions in close proximity. The Circle Aflame and Wizards Concillium representatives found him first, and found he was the same stranger from the Hovel the previous night, sadly the stranger still didn’t speak Orin Rakatha common and would let all but a small number approach him but though symbolism we managed to get a rough idea of his message/warning which was: -

He was Eli, was strong in the day. Fear the dark ship of iron/metal that had sail to Orin Rakatha in the night. We needed to kill them all, to restore light/day. Barado is evil, Strong at Night, he was somewhere on Orin Rakatha and has summon the Norse Raiders to raid the land, He makes the others strong. We need to repel them. One strong solder with Eyes kill Iron, All here must join forces to kill them all.

Back at the Mead Hall and upon consideration by the Wolfgar he was decided he was most likely referring to Jarl Barado and his ironclad trophy. However while we were considering this we were join in the sandy area are outside the Mead Hall by the Knights of the Cold Dawn who were hunting for their red skin demons. They didn’t have to wait to long as the monsters launch an attack but the combined might of the Halls of Asgard and Knights of the Cold Dawn Shield Wall and skills at arm made the battle a demon massacre.

With this battle over at the Wolfgar behest I was sent to Darkwood Tavern to follow up reports of a trader at the tavern. Upon arriving at the tavern I discover a river trader from the Ikarthian Triangle. It seems the Traders travel the waterways of Orin Rakatha and can procure most items for a price. Indeed with the skill artisans in the Ikarthian Triangle area, for the right prise and materials they can produce anything, including items for rituals spells. So if any factions wish to place an order, just find a trader they quite common around the land or orders can be left behind the tavern bar for future collection. Upon further question he admit depending how much was provided and paid but for a special weapon of reasonable quality that was more than a one use weapon be looking around the 100 gest mark.

Back at the Mead Hall while informing Lord Wolfgar of the Traders words, we were approached by a squire requesting assistance, it seems that the squires had locate some kind of Asgardian artefact up in the ruin castle but before they could retrieve it they come under attack by Hordlings and were now under seize at the ruin castle. We were reluctant to take the squire at his word, give previous Dai-Fah-Dyne attempt ambushes. However the Wolfgar decided we would take an obscure route up to the Castle Ruin and observe the situation.
The Squires were indeed under siege by Hordlings and once Wolfgar Acheron had got another Squire to vouch they had found what appear to be an Asgardian Artefact. Wolfgar gave the orders and the Halls of Asgardian join forces with the squires and annihilated the Hordlings.

Upon studying the Artefact back at the mead hall, it appeared to be the hilt of a Bronze sword with old Asgardian Runes upon it. The end of the weapon had the lone Wolf head symbol of the Wolfgar from the days of bronze warriors. The word and symbols of Swan and Boar were upon it along with the word Saga, however the key word before that was on the blade which was missing, I shall undertake further studies of ancient Asgardian Lore to see if I can find this blades History and its secret. In the interim I’ve asked the Squires to see if they can discover the missing portion. However I fear this part of the sword may simple of been drag through from Dalehoven Iron Isle. We shall have to see what the scouts can turn up.

With the middle of the day arrived the Quarterfinals of the fighting tournament was held.
However the start of the Quarterfinals was delay by the arrival of the Kalid of the Metic Legion (Blue and black halves), who said they been delay arriving at the Fayre but ambush and adverse weather had delayed their arrival. They Leader Arius Champion Crusader asked (almost demandingly, but we would cut them down if their had insult us by demanding) to be entered into the Games. Since the uneven numbers of factions created a space and no one at the fight pit had an objection, they were allowed to enter.
It should be noted that both the Keepers and the Jewelled Pavilion had sent their apology at not been available at this time, rather than disqualify both for this minor discretion, It was agreed to draw the Shadowfall Keepers and the Jewelled Pavilion together and they match would take place before the Semi-finals later in the day.

The results of the Quarterfinals were: -


With that the factions withdraw to the Darkwood Tavern for the mid day feast that some call Lunch.

During this break Malkon (the Summer Stars Wizard who specialize in Demons), tried another one of his ritual spells, this one was a spectacular failure even by his own standards. First he managed to fill his seal circle with thick red smoke obscuring him from sight, thou his screams could be heard. The fact Crow Lady, Avatar of death then decided to start making ritual marks around the magic circle, the usually feeling of what he done this time sunken in. When the smoke finally cleared Malkon was revealed once more, now with the addition of two new horns protruding through his fore head. The blood having run down through where the horns had emerged to cake his eyes shut. It took a moment for him to blindly find the safe way out of his circle but Kaylan Tarrel Starsong and the Crow lady took him back to the summer star camp for some treatment.

With lunch out of the way, the factions gather at the Mead Hall for the Archery Competition. This was the most anticipate event with many archers and other warriors showing their skill with the Bow.
The Wolfgar set up a simple target range with two shields two feet or so off centre and an old tankard in the middle 2/3 nearer. The rules were simple three shots, hit one of the three items to progress if hit the tankard, the Archer would also get one extra shoot in the next round not cumulative.
The Wolfgar even allowed a practice round to let everyone get his or her eye in.

The results were: -
Practice round
Summer Stars, All three Archers hit
Knights of the Cold Dawn, one out of three Archers hit
Dai-Fah-Dyne, only Archer hit
The Readers Representative, Only Archer missed
The Mercenaries, Only Archer hit
The Keisora Dynasty, Only Archer hit
The Sept of the First Wolf, Only Archer hit
Warriors of the Crimson Winter, one of the pair of Archer hit
Jewelled Pavilion, one out of the three Archers Hit.

It should be noted the Jewelled Pavilion brought a picnic and their lovely shield Maidens were kind enough to share their freshly baked cakes amongst the Crowd.

First round proper
Summer Stars, Two out of Three Archers hit
Knights of the Cold Dawn, all three Archers hit (two the tankard)
Dai-Fah-Dyne, only Archer hit (the tankard)
The Readers, Representative missed all targets
The Mercenaries, Only Archer hit (the tankard)
The Keisora Dynasty, Only Archer hit
The Sept of the First Wolf, Only Archer hit (the tankard)
Warriors of the Crimson Winter, Both Archer hit
Jewelled Pavilion, All three of the Archers Hit.
Kalid Metic Legion, Only Archer Hit
Wee Scunners decided to have some mischief fun and said they had an invisible bow but such was their archery skill with this bow they could do a trick shot and get the arrow in the Tankard. Knowing the Wee Scunners of Old just to see what trick they were going to pull. Their Archer lined up with an arrow then the Keisora warrior in black (call an Ninja for some reason) took the arrow and run down the range and put the Arrow in the Tankard hanging off Ronan Belt. As Wolfgar point out that was the wrong Tankard but it did get a round of applause. Strangle the next shot went in the right tankard. At which point the Wee Scunners having had their fun withdrawn from the Archery Competition.

Second Round
All target move back ten steps.
Summer Stars, one out of Two remaining Archers hit
Knights of the Cold Dawn, two out of three remaining Archers hit
Dai-Fah-Dyne, only Archer hit (on their last extra shot)
The Mercenaries, Only Archer hit (the tankard)
The Keisora Dynasty, Only Archer hit
The Sept of the First Wolf, Only Archer hit (the tankard)
Warriors of the Crimson Winter, Both Archer missed
Jewelled Pavilion, two out of three remaining Archers hit
Kalid Metic Legion, Only Archer missed.

It should be noted at this stage Loki and Roland starts a fight with the Dai-Fah-Dyne in the crowd, as they were no excuse for that, even if the Dai-Fah-Dyne had been bad guest this event. The Wolfgar and the Shaman just told them off and left them to their fate. It should be noted that Var'Garin (were-cheetah) of the Summer stars was on stand and his response was to put an arrow into Pug’s Crown Jewels from at least thirty feet away, I would of given him a bye for that shoot, but the Wolfgar said no the shot had to be the same for all Archers.

Third Round
All target move back ten steps.
Summer Stars last Archer hit
Knights of the Cold Dawn, one out of two remaining Archers hit
Dai-Fah-Dyne, only Archer missed
The Mercenaries, Only Archer missed
The Keisora Dynasty, Only Archer hit
The Sept of the First Wolf, Only Archer missed
Jewelled Pavilion, one out of Two remaining Archers hit

It should note towards the end of this round the Jewelled Pavilion baking turn out to be a bit off and all those who had one of their cakes suffered from severe stomach pains.

Fourth Round
Tankard Removed and Shields move back five steps and brought towards the centre line by a foot.
Summers Stars, last Archer missed
Knights of the Cold Dawn, last Archer missed
Keisora Dynasty, Archer Hit
Jewelled Pavilion, last Archer hit on the second attempt

Fifth Round
The second shield was removed and the sole remaining target was put in the centre of the range.
Keisora Dynasty, Archer Hit on his third and final shot
Jewelled Pavilion, last Archer missed all three of her shots.

The Keisora Dynasty faction was declared the winners of the Archery Competition.

Apparently while the Archery Competition was going on over at the ruined ship Admiral Lorre and Judge Helm Brighthand declared united their two Shadowsfall Factions (Judges & Keepers) to declared war on the other two Shadowfall Factions (Archivists & Horologists). Also it seems the Judge declared that Malhakhi leaders of the Mercenaries was in fact a Mistweaver.

With the Archery competition over the Asgardian warriors retreated to the Mead Hall for drink and story. They were reports of a Dark Path that need clearing up by the ruined Ship but seeing as Neya had decided to pour down the rain, it was decided that any one man or monster out in that would catch their death of cold and so we left the Monsters for the elements to deal with. We were visit by the three travelling bards and had much merriment in their company and exchange of amusing stories.

We also got a good laugh out of Jarl Ronan mistaking one of the Kalid Mectic legion Warriors for Malhakhi.  Who was out in the rain looking for his whelp (Child or pet we think)?

After two turning of the hourglass it was time for the final part of the fighting tournament.
In the match left over from the corner finals, to the crowd delight the Jewelled Pavilion defeat the Shadowfall Keepers.
In the Semi finals the results were:
Knights of the Cold Dawn defeat the Wee Scunners
The Kalid Metic Legion defeat the Jewelled Pavilion
In the Final the Knights of the Cold Dawn defeated the Kalid Metic legion to win the tournament.

Report Eli was seen near the ruined ship but with reports of Norse Invaders massing on the Circle of Blood, the Wolfgar order all available Asgardians to aid in the defence of the circle of blood. Which was achieved in a glorious fight.

Then came the time for the last game of the Fayre, the Troll Hunt. Wolfgar Acheron had instructed his Chief Troll Hunter Brynjolf to leave the last Bull Troll of the season, so that one representative from each faction could tried they hand at Troll Hunting. Despite Brynjolf complaints to the Wolfgar that Troll Hunting is not a game, but a serious profession.

At the required time representatives from the Keisora Dynasty, Circle Aflame, Mercenaries, Wee Scunners, Sept of the First Wolves, Summer Stars, Dai-Fah-Dyne, Wizards Concillium, Knights of the Cold Dawn, Tombs of the Dymwan gather at the Mead Hall. Brynjolf sent his apprentice Sven to collect and appraise the potential hunters from each faction.

Sven delusion of grandeur about been the apprentice Troll hunter, took it upon himself to informed the faction representatives of his own views on Troll hunting before lead them to Brynjolf for the former Briefing at the Gate to Troll Valley.

Here Brynjolf explained to the individuals the basic of Troll Hunting,
Use a sharp weapon, as their Skin is very thick.
They have a slow regenerative ability so are very hardy and aren’t killed unless there are fully decapitate.
While Arrows won’t down them, they will slow them down.
However magic spells are useless as they just bounce off their Thick Hide.
The winner will be the first one to come back through the gate with the Troll head.

With those simple bit of informative pass on, the gate was opened and Sven lead the faction representative into Troll Valley. Due to Safety reasons no one bar the actual hunters were allowed into the valley, so what actually happened is unknown but towards the end and those who are less honourable came and stood by the gate to ambush whoever approached with the head. Which was the Knight of the Cold Dawn Shield Maiden. Who was very quickly attack drop the head that lead to a bit of rumble and scrum, which has not seen since the dune rugby for the ice element to put in the Ark of the Mystics. Then the Wizard Concillium drill sergeant come round the side of the gate via a small hole, which I must remind Brynjolf to fill before the next troll season. The Wolfgar ruled that the wording to win was clear they had to pass through the gate. Thus the Wolfgar confiscated the Bull Troll Head sent the drill sergeant back into the valley and then tossed the head over the gate and thus set off another rumble. In the end the Sept of the First Wolf carried the head out in his teeth on all four.

Thus Brynjolf announce him the winner and the Wolfgar confirm this game was awarded to the Sept of the First Wolf.

Apparently at the similar time the Mal'hak'hai were meeting by Yggdrasil Tree, unfortunately none of our scouts were able to get close enough to find out what the meeting was about.

After the Troll hunt we were approach by the Warriors of the Crimson Winter who sought our assistance with aiding them in defence of their banner, at the Circle of Blood. Wolfgar and Ronan came to some sort of agreement and thus out full forces were committed to aid with the defence of the Banners at the circle of blood.

After that representatives of the Mercenaries approached us to seek our permission to use the sandy Dunes next to the Mead Hall to have a combat with the Shadowsfall Keepers to resolve some matters of Honour. For a small price agreement was reach to allow them to use the sandy dunes.

When we arrived with the Warriors of the Crimson Winter at the Blood circle It was note that the mercenaries had also arrived with their banner but rather than Defending it they just handed it over to the Wizard Concillium, when they arrived. With no further attacks happened within the fifteen minutes tie limited, the banner was walked back to their camp.

Sadly this defence meant we were unable to send anyone down to the Dune and discover more about the Denizens there.

After returning to the Mead Hall we found the mercenaries waiting, we were soon joined by the Shadowsfall Keepers. As a good host Wolfgar Acheron spoke with the Admiral-Captain to clarify our neutrality in this battle of honour. At which point the Wizard Concillium arrive down the path but we were hardly through the formal introductions and clarification of the situation when the Mercenaries open fire with arrows at the Keepers. Naturally at this point Wolfgar order the Asgardians to the Mead Hall to observe the fight. It was noted that the Wizard Concillium were also surprise by the mercenaries attack and out of position behind the Keepers. The resulting battle result was very predictable with the Keepers steamrolling up the mercenaries and then finishing off the Wizards.
The Admiral-Captain made the point that the letter and spirit of the Law had been executed here. The Wolfgar finished his conversation with the Admiral Captain from before the attack.
As we were curious why the Wizards join with the Mercenaries against the Keepers we pick up the Lizardman Rex and brought him unarmed before the Admiral-Keeper to explain his factions actions. It seem after arranging to use the Sand Dunes, the Mercenaries had ask the Wizards Concillium help them sort their dispute, clearly without explain fully the nature or extend of their perceived grudge against the Shadowsfall Keepers. The agreement was the Mercenaries would give up their banner to the Wizards at the circle of blood in exchange for their support against the Keepers. The Wizards Concillium had expect it to be a proper honourable combat fight and were intended to display their temporary alliance with the Mercenaries when the appropriate moment came, but with the Mercenaries starting early than they had expected it had left them in the wrong place, hence the appearance of jumping in from behind.
Rex and Admiral-Captain had further words away from the Asgard Mead Hall and seem to reach an understanding and the Wizards Concillium.

With this matter resolved the Evening Meal was held and once all factions had eaten their fill.
The Avatar of the Fayre appeared again to confirm and then announce the results with Wolfgar Acheron. Though for some strange reason the Fayre seem to object to the Wolfgar drinking during the announcements.

The final result was that the Keisora Dynasty was confirmed as the winners of this year Fayre. When Lord Ginn step forward to collect his Ironclad prise both the Fayre and Wolfgar realise that Jarl Barado still held it. At which point the Fayre start having a go at the Wolfgar, who just rightly point out it was the Fayre job to ensure the prize was awarded.

At that moment Eli approached and joined them on the raise ground outside the Darkwood tavern. It transpired that he had managed to learn Orin Rakatha Common in less than two days, which is quite an achievement.

He announce that Jarl Barado would not willing release the Ironclad and the factions would have to defeat him four times to gain possession of the Ironclad. However this would not be enough, we would need to realign the gate and while Eli was in possession of the spell elements he didn’t know how to use them, so the factions smartest would need to sent the smartest amoungst our number to work out the ritual. While the factions Warriors would need to be organised into four waves. Organising the Warriors action was entrusted to Sir Chris of the knights of the Cold Dawn, as they had won the fighting competitions. Sadly Jarl Barabo had the sense to wait till Night Fall before confronting the factions. The Asgards found themselves in the third wave with the Circle Aflame, the Keisora Dynasty and the Tombs of the Dymwan. The Wolfgar effortless took command of our wave, and hatch a simple plan. The Castle ruins would be held to our right to stop them flanking and prevent them turning us. The Keisora wee placed on the right wing to created a magic bulk-weight and hopefully force them to the left so we could turn them and then bring the tombs of Dymwan as our reserves in behind them. We were warn by the early waves they had a lot of shields and so the Keisora were intend to warp their shields out of the way. However upon arriving on the battlefield, we discover their shields had not recover from the last attack and the Keisora were able to throw an high number of fire bolts into them. Those Warriors of the first wave thought hard to make the key break through, Indeed Jarl Barado had started the battle by pointing out how few numbers were in our wave, having not spotted the Tombs of Dymwan in reserve.
When the Battle hung in the balance, Wolfgar called forward the reinforcements, and the Dymwan overrun the last of Barado Norse warriors.

With the third battle won, we collect our forces and return to the Darkwood Tavern, to update Sir Christopher of the result of the third battle. Then we hit the bar while those spell casters who had study the ritual confirm they now understood what was required.
Due to the shortage of time, the various factions put people in square and circles and chant the require phases, in the required order. Nothing obvious seemed to happen but Lord Ginn confirmed the Ironclad was now released. Lord Ginn then led his men back to the Keisora Dynasty camp. Only in the aftermath did someone explain to release the Ironclad we had to transfer the curse onto Orin Rakatha. A bit of questioning we found the curse seem to bring out the worse side, the dishonourable cheating darker part of the sentinel being psyche.
Lord Ginn seem satisfy that the Trophy curse could be balance by another artefact of equal or greater power for good.

With that the various factions member sought out good drink and company to end another gathering.


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