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The Interplanar Fayre 2012 - by Adileh

The Interplanar Fayre was really fun. He had a big floppy hat, and made a lot of noise. I think he needed a wee though, because he kept bouncing up and down.

I liked all the games too. I didn’t get to see all of them because someone had to keep and eye on the fire and that’s usually me because I am a fire fairy and I don’t like people messing about with my kettle. I liked watching the fighting. We got through the first round and got a little token for it, with a picture of bacon on, but then we got beaten by the Kalid and they took the token away again. The Kalid were very good at fighting. At the end, the Fayre said that the Cold Dawn won the fighting, because the Kalid weren’t really technically taking part, but we thought that if they couldn’t win it should have been the Jewelled Pavilion, because they came next behind the Kalid and had already beaten the Cold Dawn in the round before it. But we don’t like the Cold Dawn anyway, because they cheated and were mean to Rexx, and that’s why we hang our bloomers on the tree facing them.

I helped with the game with no weapons. I didn’t think the Asgard really liked games with no weapons, but they wanted to make sure that those of us who like making the tea and sticking people’s arms back on had something else to do, as the Fayre is a bit special. There was a funeral, which meant that the game was a bit late starting, so there was only me and Tedsura from the Keisora Dynasty and a big guy from the Circle Aflame whose name I didn’t catch. They had had some trouble making the game work properly, and Guivric had told me that I needed to make sure I went first. I got to go first, as I was sitting next to Audrey, but I still didn’t win. I’m not sure how I didn’t win. I got very confused. But I got to keep more tokens, so I was happy with that. Audrey said that the bacon was water, not bacon, but I still think it’s bacon.

There were some interesting people about during the Fayre. I spoke to a Bard, who told us a story about the Ikarthian Tower, which was very interesting and he told it really well. I like listening to stories. I think we need to keep an eye on him though, as he wore the symbol of the Broken Tower, and accidentally said he came from there. He also said that all the bad things had taken over, so I was a bit worried about that. I told the rest of the Wizards over a cup of tea, but I put out the good cake so I think they were a bit distracted. I also spoke to a strange man. Malcaius said he’d spoken to him the night before and he was talking gibberish. In the morning he was saying something about Badadoon, a bad guy who was like the anti-him. We thought he was trying to say that he was the Spirit of Orin Rakatha, and that he’s stronger during the day and weak in the darkness, and I said we should get loads and loads of candles so it doesn’t get dark around him but everyone thought this was a silly idea. I’m still not sure what happened to him, but apparently we had to fight Badadoon before it got dark. There was a trader, too, from Taranor, and we asked him where the Ikarthian Triangle was on the map, as Audrey and I had been trying to decide earlier, and he showed us, but when I looked at the big map back at the Wizard Tower later, it seemed he was wrong! He seemed a nice chap, but it did make me wonder whether it was all okay and whether he really was from Taranor, or whether he’d been confused with the ever-changing lands of Orin Rakatha like Guivric is.

I think that as a group, the Wizards did best at playing Capture the Flag. We went out to take a banner the first time, and the Mercenaries were just standing there with their backs to the Wizards. As they had the only banner there, Azrael grabbed it and ran back to camp. Esk rescued his hat, which fell off as he was running so fast. Then the Mercenaries were really cross with us, and kept trying to kill us each time we left to go to the toilet, and there was some confusion over how we were going to do the washing up. Nobody told us what to do with the banner, so after a while I went over to their camp with it, as they never hit the person who makes the tea, and explained why we had done what we had done. They understood, and appreciated us bringing it back when we didn’t know what else to do with it. We shook hands, and were all happy again. Then later, the Mercenaries needed some help jobbing the Keepers, and asked us to stand with them to look more scary. I took off my apron, and was going to try to distract them for a bit by playing with their bell, but then they decided to do it by the Mead Hall and that was too far away from the kettle for me. In exchange for helping the Mercenaries, we suggested that when we had to play Capture the Flag again later they would give us the flag, so we could get the points for the Fayre and nobody would have to be cross with anybody else. They liked this idea, so when the time came to do it again the Wizards wandered up, the Mercenaries handed over the banner, they all walked back to camp and we gave them the banner back. Apparently the boys from the Asgard were very confused, and it was very funny. The Crimson Winter were very cross with us, until we explained that we were supposed to be stealing their banner rather than defending it, and then they weren’t cross any more.

Some things that I didn’t understand happened, and the stranger who’d been gibbering in the bush told Guivric and the other reps that we needed to perform a ritual, and that we needed to split the group into translation, puzzle building and fighting. I said I would do translation, Esk had a go at the puzzles but quickly gave up, and everyone else did the fighting. Arsenias loved it, as he said he got to command some Mercenaries and got them flanking bad guys. I helped with the translating, and together with some Elves, the purple lady from the Crimson Winter and a Phoenix lady, we got it all sorted out quickly. I was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the Shaman decided I should organise the ritual when it needed to be done. One of the Elves and I weren’t sure whether she should do the ritual to bring the curse to Orin Rakatha, but everyone else seemed to be working so hard to get it done, and Guivric had told us to do what we needed to do, so we went ahead and got it sorted. There was a lot of confusion, as there seemed to be a man with curly hair who knew what to do and it seemed different from how I read the paper, but we did it his way as it was faster, and nothing seemed to happen, except that the man with the curly hair gave the Keisora Dynasty a trophy for winning the Fayre. The scrolls said we needed to gather strong armed people around us, so we thought there were going to be lots of scary things happening, but I guess nothing was scarier than the curse. I’m a bit worried about the Time of Reckoning now, when we next leave the Tower.

By Adileh, Wizards Concillium. 


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