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The Interplanar Fayre 2011 - by Owedry

Once more the time for the annual gathering know as the Interplaner Fayre arrived so the Wolfgar lead the Halls of Asgard to the Shadow Dells, an area controlled by the Shadowsfall. The Asgard first action as always was to build a temporary stockade and erect a Shield Hall to Orn.

Outside the local Tavern Shadowfall Judge Helm Brighthand and Ikarus greeted us. They named the events for this Fayre as archery, scouting, and a test to be run by the Dymwan.

The Fayre itself via its a physical representative (a man with a striking resemblance to the late Morgothian Ambassador in bright orange cloak and Hat) added two more game - Troll Ball and Skull Ball.

Lastly a knight from Halmadons Heights asked the Factions to help him gather some items that had been lost in the area, in return for great favour. The Factions competed against each other whilst avoiding attacks from Hordelings on the first evening, and Undead and the Kalid Crimson Feast Legion on the second day.

The Archery task was a simple hit a hording trap with the slave pit circle with three shots at each of the distance lines. Here under Wolfgar Akron Guidance the Valkyrie Dupree won our first victory for us.

The scouting competition was of little note, I believe Ronan of Eagle represent us but was sadly eliminated early and so the eventual winners I’m led to believe was the summer stars.

Lord Ginn hire the Halls of Asgard to guard his blood ritual. Something interfered and so it went wrong and seems to bring forth demons from the Keisora Home Plane. Which we soon banished back to where they came from.

It should be noted that for the first time we encounter Shadowmen on Orin Ratharia Who seem to be after the Ravens-Blade held by Bran. We were also told that Dark-Fey from smiley Home plane attack the summer stars for the first time on Orin Ratharia. Inflict several of them with Blight.

Also the Head Mercenary Malkiey led his Mercenaries against the Tombs of Dimwyn in three separate raids. Indeed a large explosion was heard from the direction of the Tombs of Dimwyn Camp sadly we were hunting Shadowmen at the time and further investigation not possible.

It should also be noted that Orlo sent a man beast to try and re-capture the spear of might and delivery a warning, sadly the beast message was so jumbled no-one actually understood it.

In the first round of Skull Ball The Shaman and the Baby bear took on he two wizards, while the rest of the Asgard retrieved the oil of easing for the Halmadonian Knight. The Asgard succeeded in this game of avoid the skulls thrown by the opposition, due in the end to the Lizardman Rex throw the skull up in the air before head-butting it to concede the game out of tiredness.

In the second round the Mercenaries were in full numbers but so were we and using Ronan plan we were able to defeat the Mercenaries who were sore losers because the referee and the Fayre clearly saw they two near misses didn’t hit the Asgard in the body as required by the rules.

In the final we face the Dai-fah-Dyne and had to contend with Ugly and the female dwarf interfering outside the game boundary and outside the spirit of the game. Sadly this cheating on top of our key players still being tired from the troll ball final Mean Dai-fah-Dyne won the skull ball game tournament.

Indeed during the midday hour that the Halls of Asgard help the Summer Stars hunt down a creature for the cure in its heart. The Tombs of Dimwyn then hired the Halls of Asgard to attack the Mercaneries at their future command.

The Wizard Concillium won the Dimwyn Challenge with help from some Mercenaries.

Indeed some new Mercaneries though they could mouth off to the Wolfgar and Ronan. So Ronan challenge them all to one on one honour combat. Which they accepted and were prompt taught a lesion, Indeed the loud mouth fools despite his boasts didn’t last seven seconds in actual combat.

The Halmadonian returned to collect those things that had been collected for him, but unfortunately not all the items were found or at least not everybody was prepare to return them to hit. It should be note the Halmadonian now holds the Ark of the Mystics, which he seemed to be carrying without problem.

The Factions also helped the Senior Wrangler, a Ritualist form the Wizards Concillium, to find his way to safety, after the Squires had released him form the clutches of a Hag and the Knights of Our Dark Lady. It should be note that the hostility between the Mercenaries and the Tombs of the Dimwyn meant they were to focus on fighting each other making easy for the summer stars and the halls of the Asgard to pick up the Senior Wrangler and escort safely him back to the tavern.

The Factions found out that the Shadowsfall are made up for 4 groups: -

It appeared that these 4 groups did not always have the same ideals and direction. Indeed they seems’ to be some sort of internal hostility between the Horologists and the Archivists.

It should be Note that Lord Ginn declared his new faction the Keisora Dynasty was now upon Orin Rakthria and seeking Tower Status.

Judge Brighthand returned at the end of the Fayre to announce the results, but was interrupted by the appearance of a frightening creature - the Zombie of Doom, who wielded the Staff of Doom. It announced that all would die before mortally wounded many of those there, before disappearing into the night.

The results of the Fayre were then tallied up, and the Halls of Asgard had won, and would host next years Interplanar Fayre despite the whining of the sore losers that are the Dai-fai-Dyne and the Mercenaries


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