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The Interplanar Fayre 2010 - by Owedry

As the Elves of the Summer Stars faction hosted this event deep in the forest home of Greenheart. Orlo charge Wolfgar Acheron to lead a force of Mercenaries, to attend and observe the other factions in attendance.

The Elves arrange several events with the winners of the most events been given the right to host next year Interplanar Fayre.

Upon establishing camp the Mercenaries discovered a box and note that explain it was imperative that the box was opened. The note outline the cooperation of five other factions was required to open the box. The Tombs of the Dymwan, The Hepath Assembly, The Morgothions, The Wizards Consortium and The Shadowfall Keepers. Envois were send to all five factions and it was provisional agree to meet after sun down and attempt to open the box.

After the official welcome by the elves, the mercenaries were approached by two hording who were on the look for loot after the last killing time mists. They were impressed by the Asgard shield hall but given the Mercenaries strength in numbers they said they would return with more when the next mist fall.

Been unusually talkative for Hordeling we were able to learn the killing mists were returning to Orin Rakatha as part of the land magically cleanse process. These mists would impair all healing and reduce the potential of the spring of life. Those who died during the hour of the mist fall and not save with the 15 minutes would be unprotected would thus become hordeling.

It was soon discovered that The Tombs of Dymwan had kidnapped Maia, from the Summer Stars, and used her body to bring back the trapped soul of their leader Isra Seren.

Triannon Starstealer also attended they Fayre, and he had summoned and Aspect of The Circle of Life and Death called Rot, whom he wished to kill using the Spear of Life Stealing, to gain immortality. The Dai-Fah-Dyne were trying to do some business with the Factions, trying to sell a slave called Amigen Moonchild, the brother of the missing Tuchi Moonchild, host of previous Interplanar Fayre's.

The Squires Faction, with the guidance of a strange figure who called himself the Ring Master, had uncovered some magic golden pinecones, which turned out to be instructions on how to return Life Magic to Orin Rakatha. They Squires traded these scrolls with the Summer Stars, who performed their own Ritual, and summoned another Aspect of the Circle of Life and Death, named Hunter. The Summer Stars had to strike the Hunter with the Sword of Life, and this would return Life Magic to Orin Rakatha.

During the first night, the woods were alive with danger. This lead to both the Morgothians and the Tombs of Dymwan, “visiting for company” and not for protection. The Asgard know better. However during the stay a mysterious figure approached the stockade seeking to speak with the tombs of Dymwan.

Shortly after the other factions left, the stockade was attack by a werewolf, this time armed with a spear. The Asgard held the werewolf at bay till the Wolfgar manage to open negotiation with the beast and discover the identity of the poor sole. He offered help to those injured by the werewolf on Devil’s Island.

Wolfgar Acheron announced that he had uncovered a recipe and ritual to restore the Orn berserker blood rage. So the Mercenaries party split up into trading groups and were quickly able to secure the require ingredients. The Wolfgar was able to complete the ritual and all the mercenaries felt the touch of Orn’s rage.

The Mr/Miss interplaner Fayre 2010 Event was held behind the stockade the event was won by the Female Dwarf of the Dai-Fah-Dyne and her amazing eyes, despite an unforgettable performance by Belkar Woodglade of the mercenaries.

Shortly afterwards the Mercenaries were hired to guard The Summer Stars while they attempting to perform their own ritual to return Life Magic at the Grove of the Tree of Life. Which was achieved but then Hunter explained that the Mists had returned to Orin Rakatha, and during the "Killing Hour", death was for closer and quicker than it had ever been before. He also explained the Hordelings were drawn to areas of the Mists to "cleans" Orin Rakatha. Then Hunter attacked the factions in attendance to drive them from the Tree of the Life Grove.

As per the requirement the mercenaries organise the combat Competition for the factions, which was a contest of equal swords, which were won by the warrior from the Tombs of Dymwan.

During the afternoon the stockade was laid seize by two mass Hordelings groups. The famous Asgard shield wall was used to hold them at the stockade doors and let the flankers cut them down.

During the afternoon the Shadowfall ambush the shaman trading party and stole a cure mortal wound potion. Been cowards the Shadowfall then hid in the Inn till the evening meal. So we waited and capture one of them. We then offer to give them their member back if they return the potion. Since the Shadowfall refuse to exchange we went and locked the capture Shadowfall members in their own stocks in the public area, as a message to all.

The Morgothians eventually gained Amigen Moonchild, and the Ambassador tried to assimilate him, as he had done with Tuchi Moonchild, hoping to gain the power over the Interplanar Fayre, and his own personal Aura of Serenity, thus making him un-killable. Unfortunately for him, this was what the Ring Master, who was the Interplanar Fayre, had wanted all along; too reunite the Moonchild’s, and this drove the Ambassador mad. He frothed at the mouth, ranted, and then attacked his own Morgothians. The Ring Master stepped in and finished off the Ambassador. The Ring Master also made a decree, for their part in trying to usurp the Interplanar Fayre; the Morgothians would be banned from this point onwards.

Deviously, Rashnag rose, and declared that they were not Morgothians, in fact they were the Circle Aflame, and thus were not covered by the ban.

Orlo, Master at Arms of the Mercenaries announced that he was stepping down, and that Acheron Wolfgar, Bran and Rodan would lead the new Faction of the Halls of Asgard, and that the Halls would look after all newcomers to Orin Rakatha for a year and a day. The newcomers would still be named Mercenaries.

At the appointed hour of the Conjunction, the Factions gathered to try and slay the particular Aspect they wished, but after a hard fought battle, The Asgard and our allies helped the Elves achieve there aim to slay Hunter with the Sword of Life, and Life Magic has returned to Orin Rakatha.


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