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Journey to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead - by Owedry

After the Time of Reckoning the Asgard while journeying back to the Bremmin Plains, a strange storm halt our progress and while we try to find shelter were ambushed by a sizeable force of Shadowmen, the faction became split but several of us manage to locate each other to re-group and learning of sighting of the Wolfgar Aakron near an Area of North of Orin Rakatha, known as the Starbound Cross.

While making our way north we meet two half brothers Loki Greenwolf and Ronald the Huscarl who came from the plane of Jomsviking. They seem to be warriors of Asgardian decent so we took them under our wing, till the Wolfgar could study them and decide if they should join us.

However upon entering the area, we found an old farmer struggling to repair his barn, as he was an honest old man in need of help, Shaman Oweodry instructed the party to stop and aid him in the repair of his Barn.

While lending this aid a strange simmer occurred and transferred the gather Asgard and farmers barn to another location. Quickly It was agreed that Invar the Bear Clan Chief would lead as the Wolfgar wasn’t in attendance.

Going over a near by hill we spot an Tavern called ‘The Mausolus’ and went forth here we meet the Dai-Fah-Dyne Female Drow, who said they been at a trading stop near Starbound Cross, while Pugg & Uglee had been having one of their usually fights when the same strange mist had also transfer them to this same strange place.

At the Tavern, we meet three Shadowfalls Keepers, who wore paint markings to look like the undead, one of the summer stars sprites and Smiley the Elf.

Who told us that we were now on the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, thus we had died and were unable to leave, as they had been accidentally transported here by one of Malkon (the Summer Stars Wizard who specialize in Demons), spells which had open a portal at the end of the last gathering, Smiley and the sprite had gone through to explore. The Three Keepers had only gone through because Malkon had told them he was sure there was a brothel just on the other side.

What was more concerning was to find this group of five claimed to have had to turn to cannibalism Rota, of eating each other to survive. Basically as their was no food on the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, they had taken to eating each other bar for the left leg from which the Elf could then heal them back from. What worse was they had taken to creating a banner from their own discard bones. During this time members of the other factions start to arrive and tell other similar tales.

However at that moment the rest of the Summer Stars and the Shadowsfall Keepers arrived having apparently travel to the plane on the Keepers Ship “Requiem’ to recover the five. They seemed surprise to see the others factions had somehow also been transport here.

The five then told the others assembled that over the last few months had been unable to find any way to leave, indeed they believe the Requiem would also be unable to leave.

Then four figures in grey robes approached and wore a symbol similar to the Shadowsfall but declared themselves members of the Shadowsmeet and were seeking aid and allies against a Mistweaver that threatened Orin Rakatha. However it soon became clearly they were spirits lock in the same set of actions and couldn’t actually respond to outside questions. The only change come when waves of undead creatures attack the gathered factions and then only to collect the weapons of the undead once they had been downed.

Then an Asgard scout arrive to tell us the Aracuna Bird had been seen by the Cerberus Gate near the Mariusis Trench, thus we head that way but were unable to find any sign of this Creature. As we made our way back through the Mariusis Trench towards the farmer’s barn we discovered members from several the other factions studying it.

Just then a Halmadons Heights Knight was spotted approaching, he agreed to speak with a small group of one representative from each faction. The Knight confirm this was indeed the Plane of the Sleepless Dead and that he had been transfer here by a ritual done by his Towers some weeks past, They would perform the same ritual again in a moon circle later and return him to his home. Sadly the Ritual was calibrated for one and so we couldn’t use it to escape. He then told us the Plane of the Sleepless Dead would slowly destroy us only the strongest of will would survive more than a couple of days. He suggest we seek help from the Humacti’s as the last Bastion of Life on this plane, they would be able to identify them by their purple and white robes.

The Knight was ask about the Shadowsmeet spirits we just met and he told us that were indeed Spirits the last of the Shadowsmeet who had undertaken an oath to the mystics to destroy a Mistweaver but they had renounce on the agreement and so the Mystics had destroyed then and the Shadowsmeet fell and were replaced by the Shadowsfall. 

The factions first stopped for Evening meal before seeking to visit Fort Humact, however just as the meal was been finished another wave of undead attacked the Tavern. In the End the factions were able to repeal the attack.

Thus the factions send representatives up to Fort Humact, last Bastion of Life on the Plane of the Sleepless Dead. Here Humacti gave information to the Factions that they would be required to journey across the Plane to the Hall of Heroes, and ask a Hero we had a link with to aid us if we were to be able to return home.

We also learnt from the Humacti that Fort Humact is located at the start of the Plane of the Sleepless Dead and the Hall of Heroes is at its furthest end. Outside the Hall of Heroes is the Realm of Battle, which is surrounded by all the other Realms.

To get to the Hall of Heroes would mean encountering a number of the Realm Lords who rule the Plane of the Sleepless Dead.

At certain times, the Realm Lords find a champion amongst themselves, who journey to the Realm of Battle, to challenge that Realm Lord for his position, as mightiest of all Realm Lords. As the Factions arrived, that selection had taken place, and the Realm Lord of Disease and Decay had been chosen to fight the Realm Lord of Battle.

To get to the Hall of Heroes we would need to defeat the Realm Lord of Disease and one of us take his mantle as Realm Lord. Only then could we hope to fight and defeat the Realm Lord of Battle.

After this message the factions retreated to the Mausolus Tavern to consider our next move. The result was the Tavern was soon packed making getting a drink difficult. Then the Realm Lord of Disease turn up somehow having found out about our plans and began to infect all with his horrid Diseases. Including most of the Asgard Warriors as we were pinned at the front table due to the other factions not withdrawn via the back door, thus with the aura of serenity not effecting the Lord of Disease or his undead minions, we were easy picking.

While we were recovering from that the Shadowsmeet four return to encourage more people to aid them in defending Orin Rakatha. Even with people telling them they had already failed, the danger they spoke of was long over. They head out into the night to fight but the Wolfgar Brother instead took the Halls of Asgard to find an healer who could slow disease and get on with some serious drinking since the witching hour had come and gone.

The next morning after breakfast the Lord of Disease sent his Herald to deliver a message to the factions that his master was drawing his forces together to ensure we were destroyed but the only way to meet the realm Lord of Disease was to be diseased. At which point the Herald set out about giving everybody the Disease, before leaving.

At a similar time members of the Tombs of the Dymwan turn up to talk about the Halls of Heroes and ask some rhetoric philosophic question on the meaning of life and definitions of Heroes. They seem to get upset when I point out Orn had already clearly define both well. Fight Evil; teach the next generation your hard-learnt lesions and die in honourable battle. While Heroes are those who define they cause and gave there all for it.

Not being sure which way he would travel to the Realm of Battle, the Factions split themselves into two groups, and one of these large groups encountered the Realm Lord, sadly the Halls of Asgard were not part of this group so I can only repeat the story told to me by others, mainly the Shadowsfall Keepers.

After much fighting, those Factions had failed to bring down the Realm Lord with might of arms, but the Realm Lord of Disease and Decay made an offer. Name one as their lead champion. The Keepers Volunteered Uglee of the Dai-Fah-Dyne as the lead Champion. Then the Realm Lord offer Uglee should take up his Mantle and forfeit his life and become the new Realm Lord, so all the others Lives would be spared. After a little thought by the Half Orc Uglee agreed, and became the new Realm Lord of Disease and Decay

The factions meet back at the tavern to learn the result and think about the next move. Soon two members of the Humacti were seen wondering around the area the factions were gathered. They seemed to be just observation and record keeping, some of the other factions seemed to believe that the Humacti, incorrectly, were to blame for us been transported to the Plane of the Sleepless Death, and thus attacking. After aiding them to the Tavern and having a brief discussion Shaman Oweodry was happy they weren’t to blame and once they offered to try and help find a cure for the disease effecting people of the various factions. They seem to be in a moral dilemma about Uglee new found status and the Keepers and Dai-fah-Dyne did have to do some explaining to get them to agree to not killing Uglee. It was then agree to provide an escort to see them to safely to talk with the Warriors of Crimson Winter and then back on the road towards Fort Humact. However both the Wizards Concillium and the Jewelled Pavilion still seem to want to attack but with help from Kaylan Tarrel Starsong of the Summer Stars they were talk into seeing sense, that the potential gain of the cure was more important than beating up two for something they might well not have done.

The Factions pushed on across the Plane to the Realm of Battle, where the fresher forces including the Halls of Asgard, the Jewelled Pavilion, the Knights of the Cold Dawn and warriors from the Kingdom of the Valley (Kern Valley Alliance) lead by Realm Lord Uglee, challenged the Realm Lord of Battle, Puke Scumgrief

A mighty battle ensued on the Sandy Dunes, the Heroic factions at the bottom, and the undead at the top. In this Might Battle in which the Asgard fought with great determination and heart, we father were they at all the key points of the Battle. While the Kingdom of the Valley focus on the super powerful Dymwan, we were able to work through the mass of undead after some initials problems, The Halls of Asgard were able to lead the powerful members of the Dymwan like lambs to the slaughter of the Kern Valley Alliance indeed towards the end a successful regroup allows us to the Asgard to use a shield wall and Boar’s Snout charge combination right into the back of the last standing units of the undead and ensure that the Factions were victorious, and thus the Realm Lord was defeated. It should be noted that Uglee was also slain in the fight but as from his broken parts the healers were able to distil a cure for the realm Lord disease and cure the other factions his personnel sacrifice. Of greater note were the death of Raven Clan Chief Bran and the mysterious disappearance of the Raven Blade.

With Joy at a great victory but Saddened by the loss of a battle brother, We with the other Factions made their way to the Hall of Heroes.

Outside the Cerberus Gate we watch as some kind of doppelganger was reveal to have been impersonated the Admiral-Captain Sarran as it attacked the Keepers from behind. The Keepers quickly deled with the Impostor and blame all recent strange Keeper behaviour on it presence.

Then we had reports of Malkon try to perform a ritual by where the Summer Stars were camped, given his past history of sceptical failure, the Halls of Asgard, along with number of other factions clearly with similar ideas, gather to await the inevitable. Malkon lived up to expectation and unless three creatures of fire which hid behind the magic circle throwing firebolts at the factions, till the Halls of Asgard, the Circle Aflame and the Knights of the Cold Dawn Issue a challenge to personal Combat but the creatures only seem to responded the Knights of the Cold Dawn Challenge but as the Asgard and Circle Aflame had issued earlier challenges, it was agreed to put one warrior of each faction against the three creatures. Thou this wasn’t successful, due to a lack of teamwork. The creatures seem to want just three Knights of the Cold Dawn to fight, again even numbers failed, then the creatures allowed four Knights to fight three Creatures. Yet the creatures still prevailed it took five Knights versus the three creatures to prevail. With the creatures slain the Knights of the Cold Dawn recovered an item that appeared to be a goblet of red glass. Which seemed to be their primary item.

At the Hall of Heroes the united factions were greeted by a number of Heroes who came to talk to us: -

Orlo asked to speak with The Halls of Asgard, the Mercenaries and the Sept of the 1st Wolf, as the true warriors factions. In exchange for his permission and help to leave the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, these figures of renown required that the three factions held a fighting combat between ourselves and with the sun dipping, it was agree to be a three way, thou War-Cry of the Sept of the 1st Wolf seem to fear an alliance against him, but it was point out we didn’t have time for a round robin fight, so since the other two factions face the same problem it was agreed to proceed. The Halls put forth Eagle Chief Ronin to representative us.

Sadly on this occasion Ronin was unsuccessful, the good shield work of the young mercenary mean that while he saw of the 1st Sept warrior, after a prolong fight, the Mercenaries prevailed. However per ancient Halls of Asgard tradition I asked the three leaders if they were happy that the combat was honourable. War-Cry was happy and so was Malhakhi but he was his usually cocky self, “of course I’m happy my man won” to quote.

Orlo did then ask the three factions if they like to join with him and hunt a nearby Kalid Legion? Which all three factions gladly agree to sadly the Kalid got wind of the coming attack and took to flight. However having learnt of Orlo Death at the Hands of the Kalid Crimson Legion, the Asgard have swore a Blood Oath to Kill the head of this Kalid Legion in revenue.

The Factions were all granted permission and then return to Orin Rakatha.


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