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The Oasis of Souls - by Owedry

During the time of the mist, while the Asgard had sheltered within their tower, the Wolfgar Aakron use his many resources to keep track of the rumours of other towers and the Mistweaver.

Upon learning of rumours that other towers were sending representatives parties into the Dai- Fah-Dyne lands near the gate to the Oasis of Soul. When the Wolfgar learnt that Arak Vambassa and the Dai-Fah-Dyne were holding a slave auction, to pay for the hospitality of their guests. The Wolfgar led a party of his six of his finest Halls of Asgard warriors into the Dai-Fah-Dyne lands, and sent message to Rodan Chief of the Eagle Clan to meet us there. The Halls of Asgard were supported by six Mercenaries led by Lord Ginn accompany by three of his men, an Alchemist, Assassin and warrior, plus another Mercenary scout in Green Armour and a newcomer warrior in black.

The Asgard first action as always was to build a temporary stockade and erect a Shield Hall to Orn and Tulan. Then the Wolfgar called a war-council to elect a leader for the mission and decide on a course of action regarding the Dai-Fah Dyne Slave auction.

The Wolfgar first action was to expand from a war council to a full council, as our numbers were relative small and made up of Heroes and Heroines of the highest level, all should be heard equally.

When all were gather The Wolfgar announced that he had planned to appoint Rodan of Eagle Clan But word had reached him that it would be another day before he could join up with us. So the gather discussed the situation and agreed after the fine job last time that Bran of Raven Clan should command in the field this day.

When all were gather Wolfgar Aakon ask for suggestion regarding the forthcoming slave auction, It was Kara the Chiefess of the Valkyries, suggest we should attend and choice a worthy individual and purchase them and set them free. This worthy and noble idea was accept by the Council.

As this Point Lord Ginn of the Mercenaries interrupt the council to announce that a stranger had been found lurking near the stockade and was now been brought in for questioning. The Wolfgar dissolve the Council and with Bran and Lord Ginn went to question the stranger. Where to great surprise and delight Bran identify the Individual as Bjorn of Clan Raven, the guardian of the Raven Banner. Which Bjorn then presented to Bran to reaffirm his loyalty. Truly a sign from Tulan that Bran appointment had found favour with the Gods, the Raven banner is home and the Raven clan now numbers two survivors.

With the Raven Banner hanging again with Pride in the Shield Hall, Bran order the Asgard and Mercenaries to the Beit Sha’ar Tavern where the Slave Auction was to be held. On route Bran had to enlighten Lord Ginn that slaves weren’t a good idea.

At the Tavern representatives of The Shadowfall, the Summer Stars, the Shadowfall Keeper, The Circle Aflame had gather ahead of the Slave Auction. Arak Vambassa and the Dai-Fah- Dyne soon arrived with the slaves. The Shadowfall leader Isaac Blackheart reminder all that Slavery was outlawed on Orin Rakatha which the Dai-Fah-Dyne counter the Dai-Fah-Dyne Lands didn’t recognise the Shadowfall laws as he was their land to govern and it was legal here. At this point one of the slaves like a wild animal lashed out at his captives but sadly could do them no damage. The Dai-Fah-Dyne brutally put down the slaves, which the summer stars naturally complaint about. The bidding start for the slaves and soon a bidding war broke out; it soon became clear that the Elves of the summer stars also wished to buy the slaves to free them. With the Circle Aflame seem to be short of money so were trying to drive up the others bids. While the Keeper wish to secure freedom for two of there number taken by the Dai-Fah-Dyne. With tactile skill The Wolfgar was able by careful charity donations to aid the Summer Stars and Keepers in freeing all the slaves.

Before leaving Arak Vambassa announce the profits would pay for an evening meal for all those guests who wished it.

Some Asgard warriors stay to see what the other factions were up to others return to the stockade to worship Orn via the medium of Drink.

A hour after dinner the Labyrinth of Xenos arrived with the Ark, and instructions on how and when to place the various object within it, to return Necromantic Magic back to Orin Rakatha

The Factions then spent their time tracking down these items, and trying to be the Faction that placed the item within the Ark

About an hour after sunset Asgard spies reporting something heading towards the Beit Sha’ar Tavern. So the Wolfgar led some warriors over to the Tavern to await developments. We were not left waiting long when a undead monstrous bearing the symbols of the Shadowfall support by four undead creatures enter the tavern and struck down a Circle Aflame warrior near the door, then their leader demanding to know where Isaac Blackheart was. Those gather had no problem in point him towards the Shadowfall camp.

However the gather factions had no problem following the undead party to the Shadowfall camp, and ears dropping onto the conversation. Where it was discover that this monster was Blackheart, Isaac father who had reportedly been dead 50 odd years. Blackheart give Isaac a scroll that explains the secret of Necromancy and why it must remain in the control of Shadowfall faction.

Blackheart then order the Shadowfall to kill everybody within hearing range who wasn’t Shadowfall. Thus a fight ensured which saw the undead escort destroyed but no weapon or magic harm Blackheart and he simply wonder off. The Shadowfall wisely choose not to continue fighting the other factions.

It was not long after this that Neya the water Goddess intensified the rain and let the child of the storm Thunder and Lighting play upon the sky.

About half an hour later the Wizard Concillium asked for support as they had rumours that a number of their purple guard were assembling at the Wadi Rum without any notification to the main Wizard Concillium. While our Tower had instructed us to support the Wizards Concillium Guard their prisoner.

Due to a misunderstanding on the meet time several factions stood around in heavy rain for about twenty minutes before a time check led to everyone returning to the Tavern.

At the right time the Wizard Concillium led everybody back to Wadi Rum to find a faction of purple guard standing around in the rain been illuminated by a distance lighting storm

Their leader said he would only speak with Rex of the Wizards Concillium. So thus the Lizardman came forward and engage the lead Purple Guard in conversation. After confirming Rex’s identity and exchanging pleasantries. He (a Lord Matterburn?) demanded to be escorted to a place of communion as he had the message for all. Rex Suggest the Tavern as been a dry location and the most likely place to find the biggest mix of factions represented

After the short uneventful trip back to the tavern, the factions gather round to listen to this individual message.

Upon confirming his identity, he issues a warning that the alumni were returning and by their symbol on his helmet he announce he was the destroyer and that all would die. Then the strange purple guard left

Shaman Owedry note there are tow additional thing to note about this incident that may be of note. A: the Helmet with the symbol appeared to be as the one as found in the box open by all the factions at the last interplanar fayre. B: While the next day discussing this incident with a loyal purple guard who look a lot like the Lord he admit his name was Matterburn but he clearly wasn’t the same person as the night before.

This was discussed by the assemble individuals however the level of treats in Orin Rakatha meant this statement was just brushed off as we know that as our set of faction especially when united we were more than a match for any threat.

With this individual left the factions settle into drinking thou all were aware that we were growing short of time lo locate the missing Lava Rock and return it to the Ark of the Mystics.

As long suspected the Circle Aflame held the Lava rock, thou perhaps it could be said the Lava Rock held them. As their field leader, a large fellow sat by a table with the lava rock under his helmet laughing his head off.

Despite efforts by one of the wizard Concillium wizards they were unable to remove his hand off the helmet holding the lava rock to the table. Then the furry other Circle Aflame member said the Circle Aflame would place the rock at the desired time into the casket and only they could perform the required ritual.

Despite deep mistrust of the Circle Aflame they were eventually allow placing the lava rock in the box before the required time elapsed.

However In the aftermath a stranger approached the tavern and knocked on the door and asked permission to enter the tavern which the barkeeper gave, Once in he announce he announce he was seeking the Soulseller, when nobody seem to know and confirm he wasn’tafter a slave trader, he soon show his true colours by attacking with fear or decay magic. He showed some interest in the Ark but was soon perused to leave it alone. It was with some difficulty that he was driven off but those gather but the rumour soon start that he was a vampire

Rumour has reached my ears that this vampire was found in his tomb by the squires and dispatch with a silver sword the next day.

So thus the factions made merry. The Wolfgar led a group over to the Jewelled Pavilion Camp for fine drink and food and pleasurable company till the small hours of the next day.

Breakfast was the usual affair held at the Beit Sha’ar Tavern. However not long after Breakfast finished two members of the Shadowfall entered the tavern and proclaimed that they were Shadowfall Archivists and demanded to know who were dabbling with the Ark of the Mystics and why we though the factions were suitable people to try and use the Ark. The gather representative tried to gain insight about the Ark from the Mystics. However they showed the usual Shadowfall distain for others.

What little we learn from them was the Shadowfall Archivists was: -

The Archivist then left the Tavern and the Asgard return to our stockade to discuss our finding and try to work out our next move.

We then had a visit from two Minotaurs of The Labyrinth of Xenos who had the audacity to demand our primary. Fortunately Irelion was visiting at the time and said they were referring to our Primary magic object the Spear of Might. Wolfgar had but one response “drive them out of the camp”. With a righteous anger the Halls of Asgard easily drove the two Minotaurs from the stockade.

Irelion was of the opinion that if the Minotaurs of The Labyrinth of Xenos had succeeded in taking the Spear of Might then we might of loss the benefit of our berserker blessing. This theory was soon to be prove when we were soon approach by a Summer Star Elf to request our help as the Minotaurs had stolen their primary totem and had loss their mortal wound healing blessing.

Recognising the dishonour this had inflict upon our allies, we join the hunt, and soon found one of the Minotaur. Which the Asgard of Halls fall upon with our Man Bear Invar double axes delivering the fatal blow. Sadly the other Minotaur with the Elves Totem been a coward had abandoned his brother and escaped. Forcing the Elves to retreat to their camp and consider how to replace their Primary.

However we were soon reinforce by Rodan and his son and it recordation of the sacrifices that Rodan had made to get to the Oasis, Wolfgar Aakon transferred the Jarl (With Bran blessing) to Rodan of Eagle Clan.

Before long we were joined by Representatives of the Dai-Fah-Dyne who had find a porcelain container filled with a dragon spirit, which they wish us to join them in tasting. Lord Ginn said he believed that it might have something to do with his quest, as it did look similar to ones he seen back on his home world.

In hind-sight we believe this spirit was what allowed Lord Ginn to meet with Hai-Ming the Dragon of the wind/tempest.

As the sun reached daily peak the Wolfgar scouts reported that a large force of Shadowsfall Archivist carrying the Quill of the Ark were approaching the Bedouin Camp ruins on they way to the Tavern, to place the Quill in the Ark. Have the events of the previous night it was decided that the Shadowfall weren’t fit to do this. So Wolfgar and Rodan led a full force to the Bedouin Camp. Where Representatives of the other factions joined us. The Shadowfall Archivists leader had a large military escort made clear that he wasn’t prepare to discuss the situation and given the lay of the Land Rodan decide not to fight there and so as we appear to head back in front of them till we found a more favourable location to ambushed them and overcome their superior numbers.

In a wide clearing Rodan order the Halls of Asgard to one side to led the Shadowfall Archivists pass. However the Shadowfall Leader refuse to have any one behind him and so formed a shield wall and charged the Asgard, its note the other factions didn’t help either side.

It became a heroic last stand but due to the number difference the Shadowfall Archivists carried the battle. Before heading on their way to the Tavern. Fortunately an Elvin trader passed by and was kind enough to lend magic healing aid to the HOA. Allowing us to race towards the tavern to find the other factions had ambushed the Shadowfall Archivists in the clearing outside the Tavern and arriving late from the rear allowed Bran and Bjorn of the Raven Clan to run a-mock in their rear lines. While the Wolfgar, Rodan and the others charge the Archivist bodyguard. Under assault from the Dai-fah-dyne, the squires and the Asgard the Shadowfall forces were fell. As usually the Dai-Fah-Dyne female Drow grabbed the Quill and raced towards the Tavern, to place the quill in the Ark, while the other Dai-fah-Dyne try to block and tie up in combat any who try to stop her. As the nearest Asgard Oweodry the shaman gave chase sadly while he wasn’t fast enough to catch the Drow, he did manage to stop her place the quill in the Ark till the other factions had filled the tavern and the placement of the quill could be done by agreement of all the factions via the council of representatives. While the Drow was in the end allowed to place the Quill for Dai-Fah-Dyne a clear message was sent that the Ark is in control of all the factions and not one.

With the quill placed in the Ark before the middle of the day. The factions could switch their attention to Lunch and finding and securing the representation of the Hoardings that the scroll required before the evening meal. Lunch passed without incident.

After Lunch Lord Ginn told the Wolfgar that he was expecting a visitor and would prefer if the Halls of Asgard didn’t get involved. Wolfgar give his word that if the visitor didn’t attack us them the matter would be left in the mercenaries hands.

By the second hour after the Mid-day Sun, the wind picked up and then an Oriental Dragon, who we would learn from Lord Ginn, was Hai-Ming the dragon of the wind/tempest, with two human escorts appeared before the stockade.

The Leader Escort spoke for Hai-Ming and seem that he was one of the four elemental dragons that had travel to Orin Rakatha and if Lord Ginn was to gain the Immortality he desired then he must keep the unclean out of the Oasis of Souls, as Lord Ginn agreed then Hai-Ming was prepared to let Lord Ginn and his men drink of his blood as the 1st step to immortality, but the price was their total servitude to him and his brothers. Once Agreed LordGinn and his men bite and then drunk of Hai-Ming blood. As Sigrun the Valkyrie said it was a shame that it was an ally of an ally as Hai-Ming head would of look good in the Shield Hall.

With this done Wolfgar went to consult with his scouts. While we wait the Shadowfall decide to drag a single Circle Aflame soldier through our stockade as a shortcut to their own camp. Rodan remind he Shadowsfall to show respect and ask permission rather than just walk through it. To which Isaac Blackheart reply that the Shadowfall didn’t need permission and could go where they please. To which Rodan order Oweodry to drop Issac. Which Oweodry did much to the amusement of the assemble Asgard. The Shadowfall were allowed to retrieve him and go about their business.

While we wait for the Wolfgar to return one of the new mercenaries return reporting that the Orcs of the Dai-fah-Dyne had ambushed him. So with some spare time we went out and found the Dai-fah-Dyne and ask for an explanation, to which Plug said they were just playing. So the Halls of Asgard and Dai-Fah-Dyne played war, with occasional joining by Shadowfall members. This provided excellent battle fighting and healing practice.

When the Wolfgar returned his sources had learned that an Orange Hordeling was going to hold a fighting competition at the Tree of Life Grove with the last person standing to gain the Goblin Statue. Two members of each faction, Bran and Rodan for the HOA, entered the circle and thus a mass battle commenced. Sadly their didn’t win but we suspect this is to do with illegal magic use by Rex of the Wizard Consortium who seem to withstand a couple of direct blows from the dark Raven blade4. The last two standing were the Admiral-Captain and Commodore of the Shadowfall Keepers. The Orange Hordeling demand they fight each other so only one is left standing. So the Commodore threw himself on the Admiral-Captain blade. Which the Keepers, duly place in the Ark of the Mystic.

However on the way back from the Tavern Ugly of the Dai-Fah-Dyne approached Rodan and ask for assistance guarding the gate so that Unclean can be kept out of their Oasis of Souls. As this place was where the Dai-fah-Dyne buried their honour dead. Rodan agree that the Halls of Asgard would help but the Mercenaries would help for a future unspecified favour. To which Ugly agreed.

At the requested hour the Halls of Asgard, the Dai-Fah-Dyne, The Wizard Consortium, the Circle Aflame and the Mercenaries gather outside the gate to the Oasis of Souls.

First to arrive in opposition was the Shadowsfall, Isaac Blackheart try to keep the defenders distracting either to talk his way pass us or buy time for more reinforcements to arrive, so naturally Oweodry cut him down again, the second he turn his back while rumbling on.

It was at this point the Summer Stars, the Jewelled Pavilion, The Shadowfall Keepers turn out in force to try and gain entry into the Oasis of Souls. Rex showing some sense began to cast warp wood on the archer weapons and Kalahari Shield, it was at this point the Hordeling attack them from the rear. So the Defenders sat back and enjoy watch our attack have to mount a defence of their rear. Sadly when it looked like the waves of Hordeling might break through Rex broke the warp wood spell so the archers might fall the Hordeling. It was a mistake, that we all paid the price for later.

Some of the Hordeling found a way pass the attacking force but soon fell on the defenders blades. Once the Hordeling waves were defeat the attackers once more marched on the Defenders and the Battle was joined. It was a glorious battle but sadly the Elf Healers and Bow made the real difference despite occasional additional attacks by more Hordelings.

With the Battle over in the attacks favour the remaining Dai-Fah-Dyne were forced to open the Gate to the Oasis of Souls

The Defenders were drag out of the way and healed up as long as they gave their word not to get involved. Which the war council agreed to. So we stood and watch what happened next.

Once the Gate portcullis was raised, the Dai-Fah-Dyne try one last trick and made the attackers line up in single file to pass through the gate, as soon as they were in single file, a Dai-Fah-Dyne run down the line with his sword slicing and cut down the front half of the line, before the others could react. However he was soon surrounded and cut down. Then another pair of Hordeling came racing towards the gate and almost as one the Halls of Asgard screamed charge and run down these Hordelings. The last Hordeling took one look at our righteous angry and try to back away but sadly the squires were behind him and with the roar of approval of the onlookers the Squires chased the last Hordeling off. The Mercenary scout snuck through at the back of the line to report back what happened next.

With events over we return to our camp discussing the tactile weakness that had allowed the attacker get through the gate. We received a warning that Aranthar Fenwyn was in the area look for revenge and trying to enter the Oasis to get un-Life creature. The Wolfgar ordered forest patrols to try and discover his whereabouts.

The Scout returned and report nothing but some clues had been found regarding the location of the Fire and Ice items had been uncovered. So our next move was to monitor the other factions and follow where they went.

Sadly then the invisible mists of the Killing Hour fall and Hordeling could be heard terrorising the other factions.

The Asgard sat round our fire and discussed whether Ice or Fire should be the last Item to be installed in the Ark of Mystics. After a while it was decide that Ice was a more natural and stable item and clear favourable by the Gods or the Northlands wouldn’t be cover with it.

With that decision made another patrol was sent out into the woods were we came across the Summer Stars facing down a sorcerer and his four monstrous creatures. A quick conversation revealed the Sorcerer to be Aranthar Fenwyn and his Un-Life creatures.

What is Un-Life and how it differs from Un-dead is not understood bar by the late Aranthar Fenwyn, we may need to do research to established more about this.

Once his identity was established Monk was sent as a runner back to camp and bring the rest of the Halls of Asgard Force to the forthcoming battle. Thankfully they arrive in time. Due to the prolonged bragging by Aranthar and the Elves never-ending questions. So when Aranthar unleashed his un-life creatures the Halls of Asgard and summer stars were able to fight and destroy the monstrous while Bran slew Aranthar and recover the necklace he wore that was a Elvin family Heirloom of Kaylan, which we returned to it rightful owner. However it seemed in the skirmish that the Shadowfall had snuck in and stole a ring.

We soon learnt that a rumour force of Ghost Morgothians had been seen at the Circle Aflame Camp sticking it to furry one in punishment for pass wrongs.

The rest of the daylight passed and dinner was the usually affair. However a message required that Rodan his son and Dupree, to set off for the immediately for our Tower.

After Dinner Owedory had an opportunity to sit and talk with one of the Jewelled Pavilion senior Members about the Ark and recent events. It seemed that the Shadowfall hadn’t time to translate the Scroll that Blackheart had given then so had paid the Jewelled Pavilion to translate it for them. So if we were interested in knowing what it said then their leader mightsee his way for a small fee to show us the un-encrypted version. Other than this we didn’t learn much we didn’t already know.

Owedory plus the Valkyrie Kara Alvitr and Sigrun left the tavern for the Sahet rather than the Sief as required by the Wolfgar.

Therefore the Wolfgar was down three when he led the Asgard to Sief to fight the fire elementals for the fire token.

The battle was a brutal affair on the sand dunes of the Sief. The only thing of note was that the bear once more battle with anger and did great damage to our enemies.

Meanwhile at the Sahet Owedory plus the Valkyrie Kara Alvitr and Sigrun had an in-depth discussion on the various Theology encounter during our previous travels and wondering where the enemy was.

Upon returning to the Camp Wolfgar made clear his annoyance with the Shaman for getting the Sief and Sahet mixed up.

When Wolfgar heard the Ice token was at the Sahet, the Asgard led the search and sadly found animate Ice creatures guarding it and while our Orn Blood berserker protect us from their paralysis we had no defence against their fumble magic. Thankfully the summer stars Elf soon arrive and pick us up with healing magic. Given the fear and paralysis magic the other faction were happy for the Asgard to lead the fight in the narrow bush corridor till we force them back to the wide space of the Sahet. Here their leader fall and the other blocks of Ice melt away. This lead to a massive scrum fight over the possession of the Ice token. It seem we had invent a new type of battle spot later named Sahet Bush Rugby. In the end the Elf were able to escape with the Ice token.

Thus with both the Fire and Ice Token now by the Ark of the Mystics, the council of the factions sat around the head table.

However the Keepers were missing, so a runner was sent to their ship to ask them to attend the tavern. But it appears a late message had sent the Keepers to the Sahet an hour after the SB Rugby had ended.

It soon became clear that among the assemble factions they were split 50/50 over which token to put in the Ark but also clear no-one had any idea what the effect of either item would be. It wasn’t help by the Shadowfall try to place them selves above the rest of the factions. With the deadline fast approaching and no sign of an agreement been reached. Ugly of Dai- Fah-Dyne decide with aid from other individuals in favour of Ice just to put the ICE token in the Ark. So Oweodry ensure that it was the Ice token he want to place and Shadowfall and the majority not paying attention to open the Ark and help Ugly place the Ice token inside, then close the Ark. The Council were so engrossed that it took them several minutes to realise their discussion was redundant and then only when it was announced that the ice token had gone in.

Then a representative of the Labyrinth of Xenos stepped through the crowd and open the Ark again to reveal a map and a key chain to the Ark. The Shadowfall try to steal the map but with so many witnesses they were force to put it back. After Confirming the key was well and truly chain to the Ark the LOX Representative announce the Map show where the source was locate (at Halmadons Doom castle ruins) and that it need to be recovered and brought back to the Ark to be unlocked. It did warn us that the Casket Guardians has the power to control any who heard their voice and no defence against this magic.

So all the Factions sent a united task force up to Halmadons Doom to recover the Casket. Sadly the Guardians had announced their attention to destroy the Casket by cast it into the never-ending abyss of darkness in the castle ruins.

Thus the factions took up their weapons but the guardians use the magic to get the Elves and the Dai-Fah-Dyne to fight the other factions so they could enter the ruins to cast the casket down.

Sadly the early battle was in their favour and despite the best efforts of those still free the Guardians were able to enter the castle ruins, here they made a tactical error and left the elves standing around without orders and soon they were cut down and thus made free to heal all the injured. The elite forces of each faction were eventually able to overcome the guardians in the nick of time before the casket was cast down.

While the casket was taken back to the Tavern the various healers treated the fallen and ensure the guardians were truly dead.

Upon returning to the Tavern the LOX Representative announce to the Circle Aflame member about to open the casket that due to the nature of Magic the casket should be open outside. As the Ark had released the Key. So Outside in a specialist prepare circle of flames the casket was placed. Due to the LOX Representative warning that the casket might explode most people stay outside the circle with only the bravest standing by the Casket as the Circle Aflame finally open it.

At first it appear that the casket was empty but then two figures emerge from the Shadows One all black creature with ragged bat like wings lead followed by a ice winged creature that act as it escort. The Black one slaughtered those inside the circle and then announced it was the spirit of Necromantic magic and all will die.

Thus to no effect the warriors of the factions attacked but it seem nothing that was done could fell the necromantic magic creature. However during a lull in the fighting Oweodry heard the Ice escort healing the other creature, and despite Bran orders not to release the Magic he let his boil blood over the early attempt mortal attacked by the Ice creature, and thus let everyone know that the ice creature had to be destroy first before we could fall the spirit of Necromancy Magic.

With renew confidence the Faction fell upon first ice escort and once he was fallen upon the spirit of Necromancy magic.

However moments after destroying the bat-like creature it reassemble and rose again and state to those gather that it was free and began to issue a warning that Mistweavers were not physical beings, but spirits and they sometimes they inhabit other physical bodies, especially those of the recent dead. It dealt with interruptions but cast a flesh decaying mortal wound6 spell. It also announced that the spirit of Necromantic magic has returned to Orin Rakatha and soon we would all call it master.

In the aftermath Bran led some senior Asgard to the Summer Stars camp to discuss this development over with the Elves. As far as the Elves could tell this mean that true necromancy magic work once more and that a dead soul if it choose could return if so choose to, it couldn’t be force to by anybody, as no Asgard Warrior would choice to leave Orn side at the Valhalla battle, this was of minimum interest to us. The treat of a Mistweaver taking a Asgard corpse was so Bran evoke the ancient rule that all Asgardian dead should be cremated before the next sunrise and ask that if the Elves came across any dead to either return it to ourselves for proper ritual or for them to burn the body if not possible; to prevent this foul event from occurring.


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