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Last King of the Elves - by Kori

Halls of Asgard, The Interplanar Fayre – The Last King of the Elves

To all Asgards and allies,

The Council of Chieftains of the Asgard has authorised the following information be shared with you about the recent mission to Thranduil for the latest Interplanar Fayre.

The Halls of Asgard Tower send forth it most elite force send to join this year Fayre who all soon found themselves somehow transport to the world of Thranduil for the latest round of the Interplanar Fayre and more importantly to aid the other factions in trying to stop the Chaos Jester from taking a piece of that land to complete his world lens that threaten all.

The first order of business was to resolve the Asgard leadership void, with no clear heir and no Jarl having emerge as a unifying candidate a temporary field leader was need. As only the Lady of Battle Ari and Jarl Loki were in the field, an open thing was held with each putting forward their case, sadly neither was prepared to vote for the other and as both chose themselves, the case voting was need by the Shaman in the field Kori.

After listening to both Loki and Ari speech and hearing the opinions of the other Asgard in the open thing, I accept that as Loki was the last appointed interim commander of the Asgard by the late Wolfgar, he made sense for him to carry on in that role till the Althing meeting in the Autumn.

The storm-crows showed their lack of discipline in respond to the announcement by the oldest one throwing his tankard at least 50 feet down the valley. Such a waste of good drink!

Loki called Ari and Kori into a meeting where it was agree which Asgard rituals Ari and Kori were to run while Loki and the other Asgard listen to King Melonor opening speech.

The storm-crows keen to show their loyalty to Ari were happy to add they devotion to the rituals that Ari and Kori performed at the order of Jarl Loki.

Meanwhile King Melonor told those gather these would be the last game before he led the Elves over the seas to the undying lands.

Loki led the Asgard to the place the elves called Arta, which was by a wooden fort and look like a typical fighting ring for the Rite of the Ribbon. Here the Elf Master of Battle granted 3 ribbons to all who wish to take part in the duelling challenge. All who took part couldn’t refuse a challenge but could chose the time of acceptance, a small technicality that the Orc’s know as the Sons of something aka the Horde (as most know them) seem to fail to understand this and just attack people at random. The challenge itself was to have the most ribbons by the ninth hour of the following day. I’m please to report a clever strategy by Jarl Loki and the skill of arms of the New Bear warrior Murtagh Scotia along with a accord understanding with a couple of other factions to keep the Legion from winning meant Murtagh Scotia was able over the course of the weekend by acquiring eighty (80) ribbons and win this challenge for us.

One of the notable incidents was the Elves of the Summer Stars were infected by a magically illness that caused uncontrolled laughing madness and was passed on by skin contact. The method of dealing with it was to disable arms and legs rather than cut them down. Then the madness would stop by itself for a while before it returns. Sadly the illness spread out from the Summer Stars to other factions including the Asgard Jarl Loki.

Our long-range scouts report the sighting of a lone dwarf guardsman at the entrance of their mine tunnels but by the time our warriors arrived the Dwarf had already left. However upon making their return to our camp they ran into the avatar of war, who order them to take to the long road to the north and find the Scout man from Gondor and hear what aid we can grant to the men of Thranduil. It seems that a traitor known as the Witch-King had many generations ago had betray the Elves during another battle and led the armies of men to fled from the field of battle and left the Elves to die. As a result the elves now left the men of Gondor to die at the hands of the Orcs of the white hand led by the same Witch-King. The news of the Elves going to the undying land meant the men of Gondor had no chance to stop the Orc hordes and they were desperate for the Elves to stay and aid the fight. While many factions were gather there seemed little we could do but agree to try and aid in principle, however at this point, the last Dai-fah-Dyne the female Drow know as Darkie, let slip that we want the Elf King to go as it seem if he left for the undying land with the elves then the part of Thranduil select by the chaos jester wouldn’t work correctly in his lens.

Aaron and Loki retreat to the tavern for a drink to consider our options and have some mead, here we learnt from Rex of the Wizard Concillium of the words of the Priest of the White Retreat. It seems that the Priest was of the belief that if the factions fail to remove the lens over the Mirror Orin Rakatha, the great conjunction would not destroy life, it would change it but people would still wake up the next day. However the unanswered question is wake up as what seems to be unanswered and few gather seem prepared to take that risk.

At the penultimate hour of the day, the Chaos Jester disturb laughter was heard in the area north of the local tavern. Thus a force of various factions gathers and face down a small group of wraiths and the spirit of the Chaos Jester. As we learn from the Wizard Concillium that the Chaos Jester had being killed by a champion from other factions a couple of moons earlier. However the Chaos Jester Spirit could of resurrect itself had it realise it true status so one of the key thing was to keep those with less information from accidentally putting that idea in the Chaos Jester spirit mind. The chaos jester said much but not a lot of it made sense and those without the sense to listen and realise while he said much we knew in reputation he did drop other statements of values occasionally. The most important piece of information seem to be even with the Chaos Jester incapacitate the plan was still proceeding but if the Elf King left to the Undying lands then Thranduil would no longer be fit for its purpose in the lens. While the worrying piece of news was that there was another individual who was capable of completing his works for their own ends. Whoever that Individual was remains a mystery even now.

Meanwhile Lady Ari travel away in to the bush land to listen to the individual know as Lazarus Steel. He informed the individuals gather there that the soul damage from multiple resurrection was non-sustainable and that as the Necromancy magic of the land came back into sink everyone would only get up to four lives, i.e. Three resurrections was all anyone could have, so live your lives worthwhile for they are limited in numbers. At the witching hour of the first day Delegations or Ambassadors from the world of men and dwarves were heard by the Elvin Ambassador in the Meren Madre Tavern. The Humans of Gondor try to get the other two sides to agree to help in the fight with Orcs of the white hand. However it seems the Dwarves felt they would remain safe within their mines and underground fortress. The Elves were going to the Undying Lands by order of their king and the Ambassador like many elves would help the Humans as he remember the great betrayal by the fore fathers when the Witch-king said his men would stand by the Elvin kind side but then abandon them to die.

The best compromise that the factions could facilitate was they would tomorrow take the field against the while hand Orcs since they had vow to slay the Elvin King Melonor before he could leave the land. If the Faction prove true to their word and won a great victory then maybe the elves might reconsider their position.

With that said, those who were gather retreat to their camps for drinks, games, fellowship and to consider the next day actions.

The sun raised many early but not all were able to defeat their hangovers to see breakfast. Admiral Lore for once chosen to take his breakfast in the tavern and not on a Shadowsfall ship. He chosen to remind those gather that pieces of nine lands had being stolen but each one was held in place by an anchor but a specific ritual could be used to release each anchor and allow the pieces of the stolen planes to drift away and back into their rightful location. He revealed he was one of the anchors and that he would formally retire at the end of the day to break the anchor he embodied. He also let slip that the late Wolfgar Akron was an anchor and he needed a correct funeral to break his anchor. Thus became a race to confirm which planes form part of the lens and who their anchors were. Some factions were less helpful than others and in the end it seem that we along with help from Wee Scunners did a lot of work to confirm the anchors.

At the Eleventh hour of the morning one of the Elvin King men appear to run the games of Dwarven Balls. They seemed a lack of volunteers from the Asgard to do this so Jarl Loki instructed Shaman Kori to be the Asgard representative. The game to seem consists of the Elf throwing a small lighter ‘jack’ ball and then the faction representatives throwing heaver ball and whoever got closes won. While the Asgard did reasonable well at this game, the event was won by Mimic of the Horde, who somehow did better when she closed her eyes and let mimic two do the aiming winning her the right to the Mouth of the King.

With Midday coming King Melonor had promised favour to the faction that offered him the best gift. Give the lack of resources the senior Asgard had a discussion what we should offer, in the end it was agreed that the gift must be suitable to the King of Elf. So we agree to write a specialist poem decide to him, with Ari and Kori focusing on this task, Loki led the fresh blood in various task while this was going on. The gifts/offering were presented and while some gifts were received others didn’t go down well. However the Wee Scunners won the King favour with their a specialist created sporran dance that was a site to behold indeed the laughter and cheers the dance generated in all including the Elf King was a remind of the importance of fun and kin.

Then the Elves arranged the Tournament of the Wooden Kings of Men. This was a strange game that involved knocking over wooden block; it was a slow game that clearly required the patience and lifespan of an Elf to get the most out of it. The Asgard played the vagrants and have a nearly hour of a back and forth game, the fates favoured the Vagrants.

Soon after the Wizard Concillium approach us to ask for our help to run their ritual of knowledge to find a cure for the Madness illness, since this was knowledge of value to us as well, A deal was struck and the ritual was run. However as it was a wizard ritual they had to ask the question but sadly the wizards made a mistake with their question and asked for a cure for the Chaos Jester illness and not the Evil One illness. So the only answer we got was a tankard with the words “you asked the wrong question,” engraved upon it.

So while the tankard clue was discussed by the Wizards, Kori went and asked the Summers Star if they had further information and it turn out that they knew the cure was for infected individuals to drink alcohol till the effect individual throw up but they had tried to tell the Concillium.

The Asgard shared this with the Concillium before taking Jarl Loki somewhere to get there drunk.

Then Lore-master War sent message to say that the Orcs of the White Hand were massing ready for their assault to try and kill Melonor. The Orcs split in to a pincher movement and so the factions divide their strength into two and launched our own a precursor attack. The Fight was vicious and no quarter given or asked. During the Battle the heavens open and so blood and rain mixed with the earth as a vital battle for Thranduil future was fought.

Many great magic were added by the masters of Lore to the great skill of arms and despite our own number shortfall, we and our allies experienced we were able to still proved our metal to the Elves and successful and took the day from the Orcs of the while hand.

In the battle aftermath as the other took to victory drinks Ari and Kori ensure to sat down and write a letter to Aunty Scrag to ensure it meet the Readers fourth afternoon hour deadline for messages back to the true Orin Rakatha. In which we briefly summarised our position and our intend actions for future reference and to ensure a fair saga is written of us all if we fail to stop the lens from amplifying the grand conjunction.

With the letter arranged and pass to the reader staff we turn our attention to confirming the identity of the planes that made the lens. Which by careful use of the Ritual of knowledge and a lot of inter-faction negotiation and comparing notes by the Asgard, the Shadowsfall Keepers and, the Wee Scunners we confirm the planes and their anchors as:

This meant the Asgard had to recover the late Wolfgar body, Master War soon told us that Master Shadow knew it location but would not release that information till War settled there agreement. They was some delay in getting that sort as War and Shadow were still having a feud about an early fail joint mission.

However we receive intelligence that the Savage Chieftain was planning to lead his Easterling to destroy the local avatar of the tree of life. War lead his factions to it defence, here we met up with the factions of Lore Master Nature who had already established a perimeter. Quickly establishing that we both wish to defend the tree, we set up an ambush and awaited the enemy.

However the enemy showed some sensible tactics and attack from two directions to neglect such an ambush, however our scouts spotted them coming and a quick re-organisation and we meet them head on. While the Easterling were defeat with minimum cost, the Savage Chieftain himself was another matter.

Once that was resolves Shadow released his body to the Legion, who brought it down to the Mead Hall where we had established a funeral pyre and then we gave Wolfgar his last rights. While trying to prevent the Keisora yak farmer from stealing the Wolfgar boots.

The Funeral was conduct per our traditions the Wolfgar reputation and high standard with the other factions meant that many turn out to pay their respects.

After the funeral the Summer Star held a meeting of the factions to discuss the lens anchors and the rituals to remove them. Finally some factions reveal they knew the rituals to break various anchors but it was clear that the rituals require to deal with Hayat Ghallaya and Whoresod Forrest were not known. The Summer Stars claimed that they believed they were close to confirming the ritual and plan for dealing with Prince Pelinar. The Wee Scunners said that they discover to break the anchor Ugly embody we would need him to drink a special potion which after we kill him and perform the ritual would revived him afterwards. The problem was while Wiesenberger the Alchemist could indeed make such a potion, the cost of production was high and most factions had already bank their gest and resources early in the day to avoid the danger of losing their resource if the mirror realm was lost. Eventually the factions at the meeting were able to scrape together the required resources to pay for the potion.

The Keepers undertook the operation to capture Ugly and bring him to the ritual circle, the Keepers manage to achieve this difficult mission and their Ritual Scales with aid from Kori successful perform the required ritual.

Cometh the nine hour of the evening, while the ritualists complete there finally preparations a Grand Tournament (of combat) was held in the Fields of Litse. Given this was just one large melee credit should be given to Eagon of Dragon clan for being one of the last four standing, especially when the other last three were all shadowsfall Keeper, who despite the clear rules to act as individuals and not factions, target the Asgard, to ensure the Keepers won the competition.

The Keisora said they would arrange for Lord Gin end as a private matter at the right time. However before he went Lord Gin spoke with those he knew and said his Goodbyes. He chosen to end his life in the traditions of his people with his head held high proud to help his people and those allied factions one last time. The Asgard wept with the Keisora for their noble sacrifice.

The Shadowsfall Keepers arrange to ensure Admiral Lore retirement was formal by giving him a twelve gun send off, though they did seem to forget to fire over his head rather than at it, still it did ensure he was no longer a living anchor.

At the tenth hour King Melonor announced the winner of the Games but as it wasn’t the Asgard it was of little interest to us. What was important was our acts over the Games had changed his mind about leading all the Elvin people to the Undying lands. He said we had re-invoke old feelings of joy and new curiosity inside him and so while he would still retire to the Undying lands, the Elvin people would remain to experience life and maybe help the Men of Gondor in their fight.

With the games now out of the way focus switch to the anchors and the rituals to break them. On the whole things went fairly smoothly bar from Ugly being unhelpful and the Teacher corpse given off random fireballs and fear magic that was till the final two rituals.

The Summers Stars either accidentally or by design had done nothing on the ritual for releasing Prince Pelinar of Hayat Ghallaya. With the Master of the Ritual and death getting angry about the delay in getting the ritual done, Kori lead the ritual to summon the Prince in the hope he might know something that would allow us to find another solution other than kill him. However it soon became clear he knew less than us, while we trying to negotiate an none killing him solution, some assassin in dark clothes unseen sneak into the circle and killed the prince ending the discussion, While It can’t be confirm one rumour was that it was Shadow but while it fit his methods, it seems unlike a Lore master to act directly in that manner.

With all but one anchor released we turn our attention to the last anchor that of the Witchfinder General of Whoresod Forrest, an individual that no-one had any problem with killing, however we knew from our last encounter that he was powerful and very hypocritical individual and to that end we load the ritual circle with warriors to drop him and any others that appear with him as soon as they appeared. Sadly it seem nobody remember that he was a master ritualist and so we didn’t take the right preparations and he got the drop on us appearing behind us, with the result that he got the drop on the people in the circle not allowing us to drop the ritual circle walls and let others into attack him.

The Keepers used their faction banner to establish parley and get the wounded ritualist and warriors out, sadly the Witchfinder trick them into leaving the circle and then sealed himself and his party inside the circle.

Despite some clever ideas we were unable to get him out of the ritual circle or breech the walls of the ritual circle. In the end Lore Master Truth was asked to negotiation with him and make him see it was in his best interest to release the anchor that held Whoresod Forrest in the lens.

Eventually he agreed to give us a choice, he would release the anchor and let us return to the real Orin Rakatha where the grand conjunction would still cause a cataclysm it just wouldn’t be realm shaking enough to totally change the world or he could send us back to the Mirror Orin Rakatha where we could continue as before to a lesser degree but we would have to face the various trial by the elements.

The various representatives of the factions held a brief meeting and bar the dissenting voice of the summer stars it was agree to go to the real home of Orin Rakatha.

The Witchfinder General set up the ritual and then left saying all needed to pass through the ritual circle before going to sleep that night, all did so after a few drinks of celebration.


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