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Hayat Ghallaya: The Forgotten Sands by Warcry

Hayat Ghallaya: The Forgotten Sands

The pack arrived in the land of Hayat Ghallaya late last night and made camp. I cannot place it but there is something odd about this place. The smells and sounds, my heart tells me I have been here before but my mind tells me otherwise. I’ll send the pack out hunting tomorrow morning to get a lay of the land.

We (the factions) were greeted, this afternoon, by the Prince of Z’aire. His concern for the journeying factions seemed genuine and I regret I was not able to make a personal introduction.

To my surprise he mentioned a being from Garou legend, The Savage Chieftain, a foul creature of corruption and powerful minion of the Wyrm. I couldn’t help but growl at the mention of his name.

The Prince also mentioned a nearby tomb. The hours grow dark and we will investigate in the morning when we have Helios on our side.

I took the pack hunting across the dunes and the sand, itself, made manifest and attacked us. This is, indeed, a strange place.

Day 2

I led the pack in the morning Rites, honouring Gaia and asking for her blessing. We found a Goblin and made an example of him. The mother accepted the sacrifice. The local spirits were, obviously, unimpressed by the morning Rites as the camp was attacked by fire elementals shortly after.

Got to the tomb to find it swarming with humans, elves and all sorts of other creatures, Gaia’s bloody, the smell was awful. The tomb contains the body of a long dead Knight of the Flame.

The Asgard openly accused me of dishonourable behaviour. Their priest is an arrogant moon-calf. I should have him disposed of by the Samquatil.

The factions tried to bind the Savage chieftain. Human stupidity knows no bounds.

Sir Blaze, the Knight of the Flame was resurrected. It would seem that we are to choose the lesser of two evils if we are to survive this land.

Sir Blaze was cut down during a battle with the Savage chieftain. All of the factions were involved, having sided with one evil or another. This battle revealed our true allies and enemies. I’m starting to wonder if there are any we can trust outside our own pack.

The factions, apparently, must complete a number of rituals to summon the Savage chieftain, I don’t like it, such rash actions could get us all killed.

The Savage chieftain was summoned; human magic has its uses after all. He spared no time in laying into the assembled factions, however, even he cannot survived against the factions acting as a pack.

The Savage chieftain is gone......for now.

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