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Hayat Ghallaya: The Forgotten Sands by Kail

Hayat Ghallaya: The Forgotten Sands

Kail arrived safely through the portal back from the Keisoran home world, but he didn’t find the familiar landscape of Orin Rakatha he had expected. Instead he found a strange new land. Luckily it didn’t take him long to make his way to the new Keisora camp and find out what was going on. He was informed that the armies of Orin Rakatha had traveled to a new land; to the land of Hayat Ghallaya.

It was here that the various factions enacted their attempts at rituals; to try to renew their previous powers which had waned with the recent changes to the land and to the magic all around them. Kail’s Keisoran employers successfully completed their ritual and he shared in the power they received. Other factions were not so lucky, however, as various beasts and monsters seemed intent to stop them.

As they roamed the new lands they found an ancient tomb. They decided, however, not to enter this tomb, as the Keisora disagree with disturbing tombs that may hold great secrets; secrets kept buried for a reason; especially when they heard that it was house to a long dead great knight of the cold dawn. The Keisora do not disturb the dead. And Kail will not risk his life without a sufficient price.

Kail continued to roam the lands, coming across an assassin, suspicious monsters called Yokai, and new members to the factions who had only recently joined the force of Orin Rakatha upon Hayat Ghallaya. Various factions were suspiciously drawing ritual circles in the sand rather than using the actual ritual circle of Hayat Ghallaya. Kail’s Keisoran masters seemed to know what this was for, but they felt no need to tell him. Not that he minded. The less he knew, the less trouble he could get into. By theory, anyway.

Kail was itching for some action, and finally it arrived when Sand Devils were spotted. The Keisora Dynasty rushed to the battle; only to find it over. Kail was greatly disappointed, but as they readied to return home more Sand Devils appeared, and the Keisora took up arms to fight them. A mighty shield wall was erected, with warriors from other factions even joining in, ready under the command of the mighty Lord Gin Keisora. The Sand Devils were made short work of, as they couldn’t get past the defence, while Kail swiftly cut them down. Kail rushed immediately to find loot in hopes that this battle would prove profitable, but as he neared the Devils they simply disintegrated into sand and were gone before his very eyes.

After nightfall on that same day, the Keisora met the Herald of the Savage Chieftain, drumming away and shouting that the Savage Chieftain would arrive. Then the Keepers showed up and killed him. Their work done, the Keisora left, as a Keeper arrived with a flaming branch, and assumedly set fire to the corpse.

The next day the Keisora heard from their scouts that Fire Elementals were arriving near the Asgard’s Mead Hall. They arrived to greet these mighty creatures; obvious servants of Huo Lan; the Kami of fire. Other factions did not seem so friendly, however, as they were intent to attack the fire elementals. With the help of the Crimson Winter, the Wizards Concillium, and even the help of the Cold Dawn, all enemies were defeated. The Fire elementals turned on them, however. After they had killed the factions who had helped them they even turned on the Brave and Honourable Keisora. They were obviously demons just disguising themselves as servants of the Fire Kami, so the Keisora struck them down and emerged victorious.

The Knight of the Cold Dawn, Sir Blaze, was summoned. From the dead? Perhaps. The Keisora disapprove of the revival of the dead, but this man was clad with a flaming shield and sword. Was this man blessed by the Kami? Kail wondered. Perhaps so. The Keisora let him pass, as they could not be sure. This man was to come and fight the Savage Chieftain, it would seem, which couldn’t be a bad thing.

Soon the inevitable battle between Sir Blaze and the Savage Chieftain occurred. Some of the armies of Orin Rakatha had decided to side with the Savage Chieftain. Why? Kail could only guess. As the fight started the Shadowsfall enacted a mighty magic, and Sir Blaze’s gathered army was made short work of, and Sir Blaze himself defeated. His crown was even stolen from his corpse as further humiliation.

The main battle lost, the Keisora saw no reason to continue fighting. Another way would be found to defeat the Savage Chieftain. A final ritual was enacted to destroy the Savage Chieftain. Kail and the Keisora defended the ritual sight as the Savage Chieftain’s minions sought to interrupt the magic. They failed, however, and the Keisora defeated the dark forces; the Savage Chieftain finally slain.

It was finally time to return to Orin Rakatha, a far more familiar, but likely no more safe, land.

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