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Hayat Ghallaya: The Forgotten Sands by Greensleeves

Hayat Ghallaya: The Forgotten Sands

Here in the lands of Hayat Ghallaya, the Dai-Fah-Dyne have once again settled into their normal day-to-day activities. We are traders, as you might be aware, and we were much pleased that Darkie the Drow was with us once again and thus able to do much business, whether legitimately or not I did not wish to enquire. After all, no-one’s perfect and like most of the DFD I do not come here with an unblemished past.

Much amusement was gained from Pug’s new friend, Grovel. I did not like to question the nature of their relationship but let’s just say that it appeared to be ...... errrr ..... close. However, as with all of his species, Grovel - although faithfully attached to Pug - did seem a little wayward. He first captured young Captain Powder Monkey for a Pet, but later relinquished him in favour of the - let’s face it - far better-looking First Lady of the Cold Dawn whom he christened 'Afta-Pet’. It caused much mirth to see him arrive in camp leading the gentle lady thus, shackled and forlorn, whilst flaunting the banner of the Cold Dawn by wearing it about his shoulders in the manner of a cloak. I will gloss over the events which followed; suffice to say that Sir Christopher of the Cold Dawn was not best pleased that his lady wife and her retinue were being thus ill-used.

But enough of this nonsense! There was work to be done, and much time was spent in the environs of the Tomb with Stunty the Dwarf, our Leader, awaiting an opportunity to enter and attempt to transcribe the scrolls. Ultimately I did go in, with Mabh our Death Mage waiting outside to render what assistance she could in the event of calamity. Fortunately I was able to read out some of the scrolls to those waiting without, and emerged unscathed. I am therefore pleased that I was able to render some assistance to the Wizards’ Concillium - without even trying to negotiate a fee, please note - despite one of their number being most unreasonably rude about the DFD and our totally undeserved reputation for slyness and double-dealing.

Ere it was dark I, along with other members of our faction, made our way to the Dunes where we understood a Great Battle was to take place. But as we formed up - me with my bandages ready to aid those stricken in the fight - a member of The Forgotten stumbled up to us in great distress. She explained that The Cold Dawn had attacked her faction and they needed immediate assistance. Mabh insisted that we must go to their aid and thus the three of us left the field of conflict to seek out her wounded comrades. Eventually, our good turn completed, we returned to the Dunes to find the battle over, and little to be seen other than great swathes of the fallen upon the sand, whilst the walking wounded staggered hither and thither, seeking assistance. Quickly I began to apply bandages and when I had done all I could, we returned to camp.

That evening, without warning, Mabh our Death Mage, suddenly demanded of Nivissa whether she had her axe handy. Indeed she did, so Mabh requested that Nivissa should chop off her arm - the arm she had taken from a Greater Undead to enable her to cast Death Magic. It transpired that the faction had been asked to contribute a sacrifice of something evil for the ritual Binding of the Ghul which was to take place in the Ritual Circle that night. So, without a thought for herself, Mabh sacrificed her arm and took her place in the Ritual Circle, where the ritual commenced with a number of brave souls offering great sacrifices for the common good; not least of all the member of the Asgard who did throw himself on his sword in that very Ritual and thus put an end to his noble life.

And all the while this ritual was progressing, I was in great fear that it would be put paid to, for a great clamouring of enemies did beset us on all sides, doing their best to attain the circle and thwart our intentions. But with great joy we did find that good did prevail and the Ritual was successfully accomplished, thanks to those who fought so bravely before the Circle to keep it secure.

And so, after much rejoicing and quaffing of strong drink and telling of tall tales, we did thus repair to bed....

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