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Hayat Ghallaya: The Forgotten Sands by Dietrich Reinhardt

Hayat Ghallaya: The Forgotten Sands

We in the Forgotten had traveled to Orin Rakatha to find answers to the mysteries behind our own world in regards to the Fog and monsters that plague it since the opening of the World portal. However our search was postponed thanks to the unexpected and quiet unnecessary surprise of finding ourselves in the blistering deserts of a place referred to by the local populous as ‘Hayat Ghallaya’ supposedly the site of a devastating cataclysm.

Like true explorers our Rag Tag expeditionary force made to find why we had found ourselves in this foreign place, a place which we discovered from the very beginning was coursing with magic. Our initial attempt at exploration bore little fruit as we ran into a slight problem which manifested itself in the form of a vampire and its minions. This however did not sate our curiosity, ridding ourselves of the abomination and its foul trickery we began exploring the surrounding region. It was not long however before we began to gain ground in finding out why we had been bought to this strange land thanks to talks with the shrewd Dai-Fah-Dyne and the noble Wizards Concillium.

I myself was somewhat ignorant to the reasons why we were trapped in this strange land, the first problem to which I was made aware of was with a strange warped race that were referred to as ‘Dark Faye’ these babbling creatures attacked all they came across whilst muttering incoherently obviously mad due to the magic that had twisted and warped them. Upon first encountering them outside of the grand ritual circle they released a green toxin into the air that supposedly infected those with the blood of the face running through their veins. Our expeditionary leader helped the elves start finding a cure for the ailment while the less academic of us busied ourselves with killing these Dark Faye wherever they appeared.

Later on that day we valiantly stood in to lead a ritual to resurrect the three ritualists of the Crimson Winter who had fallen while exploring the tomb, one of our ritualists, Vanille DuBois, stood in with a local ritualist and finally a lady from the jewelled pavilion they managed to coax into aiding them. I myself not blessed with the art of ritual magic stood guard within the circle. Once the intended individuals had been resurrected they shared information about the dig site in which we could unearth scrolls to aid in finding out why we were in this God forsaken desert region.

It was then decided that going to look at this dig site would be a beneficial idea, upon arriving at the site, I and one of my fellows were persuaded to take a look within the tomb. Following a guide we ventured into the dark depths within and began looking around, with our time inside running out we managed to uncover a number of scrolls without setting off any of the ancient booby traps. With 12 seconds to spare we made our dash for the exit and escaped. Our hope was that the scrolls we uncovered could be put to good use.

The rest of the day was relatively quiet until news came that there were sand demons within some of the dunes surrounding the encampments, upon hearing this we armed ourselves and set out to do battle with this unnatural foe. Reaching the dunes we found a number of others already engaging these demons so standing side by side with the Keisora Dynasty we marched forward sending the abominations to whatever hellish plane they had ventured from. Upon leaving the field triumphant our faction split company the great majority left to fulfil a task in the cool night air of the desert while two of us went to meet with a Dymwan ambassador whom had offered information in return for protection against potential threats. We found the ambassador upon a road to the north standing guard he spoke of many things spreading light upon various rumours and information we had received during the day. With his words clearly ringing in our ears we headed for the tavern to document our discoveries. This however was easier said than done, thinking that we could spend the rest of the evening drinking and relaxing mulling over the day’s activities the tavern came under attack by followers of the Savage Chieftain who attacked all indiscriminately although few in number they were skilled warriors, a north man I know by the name of Gormunder and myself who had left the protection of the tavern to smoke were the first to clash steel with these warriors, before long others had joined our side. We managed to kill them all allowing none to escape into the surrounding desert. Limping back into the tavern we finished our drinks and spent of the rest of the evening celebrating our victory the following day seemed to promise more battle.

The morning of the second day was spent conversing among the other factions gaining further information about the scrolls within the tomb, as well as regular skirmishes against the Dark Faye that continued to make their presence known to us it was not until later on that day we found that the face disease as it had been designated had changed two unfortunate beings in shambling mounds which were killed as they protected something that was needed to reverse the effect of the disease. The particulars elude me as I was not born an alchemist but suffice to say it was what needed to be done.

Before the sun had reached Midday, a strange man with hands of different colours jabbering utter nonsense entered the settlement and made his way straight for the old tomb, entering it he seemed to be searching for something. A few minutes later he re- emerged with item in hands shouting about how it rightfully belonged to him. A number of us from different factions attempted to cut him down will little effect apart from just aggravating him, resulting in myself being hit with a ball of magical fire. On being healed we found that no matter what we did the mad man as we called him hence forth could not be stopped. He made his way at a stroll for an area we were told not to enter under pain of death before he disappeared with the mystery item, shouting about retribution.

It was not until later in the day when the real excitement began with a loud confrontation drawing a number of us from the tavern to reveal a ritual taking place involving the Crimson Winter and Knights of the Cold Dawn. Who we found to our dismay were summoning the corrupted knight Sir Blaze. This caused a number of engagements between the factions that supported the summoning and the rest of us. In response to fight this evil we summoned a different evil manifested in the form of the Nazgul to come forth. To cut a long story short after picking our side a huge battle ensued taking place within the dunes away from the settlement, many fell within the battle including myself after being bludgeoned by a large Orc.

After a number of altercations between the Forgotten and other factions we left the field victorious; the Knight Sir Blaze cut down by the Nazgul and his followers. The remainder of the evening was spent in a less relaxed state after having threats of vengeance placed against myself and my comrades we left the blasted desert for Orin Rakatha. I for one, am gladdened that such progress and many friends were made and it is my sincere hope that I see them all once again as it was an honour to meet each and every one of them. I am confident to say I wouldn’t have given this experience up for the world. Sergeant D. Reinhardt.

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