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Hayat Ghallaya: The Forgotten Sands by Broid Tolliver-Olafsson II

Hayat Ghallaya: The Forgotten Sands

Father Ulli, please forgive brevity of message. Much more to follow. The Cold Dawn and I travelled to Hayat Ghallaya. All other factions went too. All told as a whole we would do both good and ill for the world, and would steal something powerful. Also, people told us that Cold Dawn should know something; we did not.

There was a tomb of a fallen hero. Many decided to look into it, including myself. Cold Dawn visited by a ghost, who turned out to be a Knight of the Flame. It would seem original Cold Dawn members came from Hayat Ghallaya, and were sent away before they reached maturity to make sure at least some survived. Cold Dawn surprised by this. Ghost told us fallen hero was Sir Blaze, an important person in their history.

We had to find a way to summon him back from the dead in order to save the land. Next morning Sir Christopher gave myself and Borris mission of deciphering a code that would allow us to read some scrolls from the tomb. We managed to work most of it out, and once at the tomb met some others from different factions who had much the same mission.

Together we pieced together the translated scrolls, and were able to summon Sir Blaze in the end. It took a lot of work, will tell more in later letter.

Cold Dawn had found a fort much like the one on Orin Rakatha. It was besieged a few times, and though the enemy did break through the shield wall eventually, we still managed to hold it.

Becoming bit better at archery; there was a tower from which to shoot from, which I did whilst the shield wall held the enemy at bay. Looking at acquiring a staff, that I can get more involved in combat.

The enemy deceived us, and attacked once already in the fort, supposedly to talk. Seeing my friends being attacked, I acted instantly by stabbing two potential enemies in the back before they could get involved. One was the Lady Ellisaria, and she later made it known she was not happy, as she thought us allies, or at least would not attack each other due to our background in the mercenaries together. I lost much honour in that rash decision. I will do something to atone for my actions. There can be no excuse for my cowardice. But somehow I will regain some honour.

A new thing was a ritual, in a circle. Somehow Fergus got talked into being involved, mainly due to him gaining some reputation for oratory. We gained the ability to resist disarm, and the ability to disarm opponents from this. Later on I was involved in another ritual, when we had to resurrect two of our number after they set off a trap in the tomb. The Shadowsfall had also lost somebody, so we worked together to bring our friends back. The Shadowsfall led the ritual, and, thank Martak, it worked. As you know already, I had previously brought two people back from death myself.

Fergus I had to resurrect when we were on the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, and more recently a rather rash mercenary who had stolen a wizard's hat. On both those occasions, I had done the ritual alone, aided only by the faction primary, the Crystal Skull. Both times had been very difficult on me, and had sapped my strength mentally, physically and spiritually.

The Faction Primaries of all factions had lost much power over the years, and many rituals had failed. I am glad we can do rituals in a circle now, it has proven to be much less painful as you can fit several people in to help, rather than all the energy coming from just one person.

When I myself went into the tomb, I discovered a buried scroll; some factions had been burying them to thwart our plans. The Jewelled Pavilion took some kind of device from the tomb, I think perhaps the powerful object we were told would be stolen.

We were also warned that when we returned to Orin Rakatha we would have to face the Dark Wind, which is bringing lots of undead. If not stopped, all will be lost.

Sir Blaze led us to battle the NazGhul(sp?), but our enemies had a trick up their sleeve. Sir Blaze ordered the Warriors of the Flame/Cold Dawn to hold, while the right flank advanced. As they did, they were hit by a Mass Paralysis spell, leaving them unable to defend themselves, with Sir Blaze alone unaffected. He told us to attack, but were we sorely outnumbered by this point, and we were all injured, and Sir Blaze was lost. Later we defeated the enemy in the middle of the night, and Sir Blaze was put to his final rest.


Broid Tolliver-Olafsson II

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