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Return to Devil's Island - by Owedry

When The Keepers faction located the whereabouts of their shipwrecked vessel on Devil’s Island they leaded all the factions on a mission to locate what remains of their ship and a few valuables that they may have buried in the local area.

With Key Mercenaries like Rhodan not available, Orlo place Acheron Wolfgar in charge of a sizeable Mercenaries force to investigate Devil’s Island, observe other factions on the island and fulfil contracts for the Mercenaries on Devil’s Island. Not wishing to reveal his hand to early Acheron chose to be addressed by the older Title of Warlord not Wolfgar.

During the first day the Mercenaries decided to ambushed the Morgothions out of boredom while waiting for the Keepers crewmember Joe the Navigator. While the first Ambush was successful, the second attempt was less so due to many of the Mercenaries group not be aware of the need for another ambush combat, as it achieved nothing of our aims.

Upon returning to camp to seek medical aid for the fallen Mercenaries, Owedry was charge with distracting Kaylan Starsong and the Morgothian third while Acheron smuggle our client Starstealer out of camp. This was successful but after slaying the Morgothian third, Kaylan attacked the lady mercenary while she was at rest in the camp and then run Owedry through from behind while he was preoccupied with the Morgothian. However this did allow Triannon Starstealer to successful escape.

While on Devil’s Island the former Keeper Captain Yar Yar explained about the curse of Island, Where anyone who stayed more for a few days would become a living ghost. Captain Yar Yar also said a man-wolf creature had murdered his crew and hunted newcomers to the island. It was just before the witching hour that this feral werewolf laid seize to the mercenary stockade camp. In the end sheer weight of blows, seem to succeed in driving the creature away but not before Acheron Wolfgar sustain injury.

During the day the Morgothians were seen ambushing a key diplomat on his way to the Dai- Fah-Dyne camp. Wolfgar, Invar the Bear and Owedry the shaman to charge the Morgothian camp to try and free the diplomat. While all the trio achieve was a glorious death in battle, they corpse act as a signal to let the rest of the Mercenaries know something was wrong. When the Morgothians refuse to surrender the bodies the other Mercenaries attacked and not only recovered their fallen comrades but allow the summer stars and Dai-Fah-Dyne to free the diplomat. The Mercenaries were able to get their recover comrades bodies in time to get them to the spring of life.

Our Scouts had also learnt of the present of Kalid Warriors on the island. It soon transpired that the Kalid Tower had struck a deal with the Orlo in return for escorting one of their soldiers safely back to his camp they would return the Asgard Spear of Might. Thus Wolfgar sent a large force to meet and escort the Kalid to ensure the return of our legendary spear of Might. This Escort mission was achieve with only minor bother from a few Morgothians. Where we discovered they was a bad blood history between the Kalid and Morgothians.

We received a message from Orlo to escort a single representative of the Tombs of the Dymwan to a pre-agreed location to allow him to trade a book with Starstealer However the summer stars wishing to get there hands on Starstealer So the mercenaries and Morgothians were force to hold off the Summer Star Elves, while the trade was done, the Wolfgar them led the Dymwan member back to safety with his trade prise intact.

During the stay on Devil’s Island we were force to fight a Hordeling from Orin Rakatha, which was preying on the entertainers.

At the end when the Keepers had their crew together it was announced that an admiral was need and the side had to chose between the old Admiral Lore or the Keepers Admiral. Wolfgar decided to defend the Old Admiral Lore, to do this we had to bring light to darkness at the old Admiral Lodge. Where we discovered the Old admiral was more than human, he was a huge being of fire and darkness. We Fought with Dai-Fah-Dyne to defend the Admiral against the other factions only to discover the old admiral was mad intend to trap all on Devil Island to serve him. Upon discovering this all the factions united to stop him trap us all on the island. The keepers were able to relieve him of command and gain control of their ship and allow us to return to Orin Rakatha.


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