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Herofest LARP - The Interplanar Fayre 2009

Herofest 5 LARP

LARP Factions Attending

The Tombs of the Dymwan
The Mercenaries
The Dai-Fah-Dyne
The Wizards Concillium
The Halmadonians
The Morgothians
The Shadowsfall
The Squires
The Keepers
The Summer Stars
The Hepath Assembly

Significant Moments

Following the release of elemental magic back to Orin Rakatha during A Moment of Magic, it has started having strange effects on the natural world. It has started to re-awaken some Old Powers that have not set foot on Orin Rakatha for many years. One such entity, who named himself Elim, one of an ancient race called the Aldonar, made several appearances at the Fayre, each time slightly different than before.
During the day, a large battle ensured, between the Morgothians, Wizards Concillium, Shadowsfall, Mercenaries, Summer Stars, Squires and the Hepath Assembly versus the Dai-Fah-Dyne, Shadowsfall Keepers and the Dymwan. Although the Morgothian led group appeared victorious on the field, when Orlo, Master at Arms of the Mercenaries had time to consider the merits of the battle, he decreed that the Dymwan led group had in fact won the day.
The Sword of Life was an object desired by many of the attending factions. It was finally revealed in the battle between Elim and his companion, and once Elim was laid to rest, the Sword was reforged anew.

New Factions Declared

The Hepath Assembly

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The Interplanar Fayre 2009 Herofest LARP Event


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