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Herofest LARP - The Time of Reckoning 2011

The Time of Reckoning 2011

LARP Factions Attending

The Halls of Asgard
The Mercenaries
The Dai-Fah-Dyne
The Wizards Concillium
The Jewelled Pavilion
Circle Aflame
The Shadowsfall
The Squires
The Keepers
The Summer Stars
The Squires

Significant Moments

The Factions journeyed to the Vale of Tears, for various reasons of their own.

It turned out that the Vale of Tears is controlled by the Kalid, and members of the First Legion arrived, and told the assembled Factions that they considered this movement of peoples into their area to be an act of war, and that they would "raise the Legions" in response.

The Labyrinth of Xenos also brought news to the assembled Factions that they had re-aligned the elements.

The effect of this was that a new area of expertise was now possible - that of Mage, and the existing area of expertise known as Scribe, was no longer available.

The Shadowsfall Archivists were present, testing magic, to ensure it was safe.

The Shadowsfall Horologists were in the area to perform a Ritual to banish Necromancy - the aspect of Necromantic Magic that deals with the raising and controlling of undead. This brought the attention of the Dymwan, who seemed keen to stop the Horologists.

The Labyrinth of Xenos also offered aid to the Summer Stars to repair their Faction Primary, which had been damaged earlier in the year, yet some of the Factions also saw the Labyrinth talking with a Halmadonian about the very same subject.

The Halmadonian appeared in the area, and was searching for a was to create a spark for a Ritual he wished to perform.

Whilst all this was occurring, the Factions were assailed by strange groups of creatures, the Steel Elementals, creature that appeared to be made of the very earth itself, and bestial creatures.

Judge Helm Brighthand of the Shadowsfall Faction, or Shadowsfall Adjudicators as they are truly called, returned and announced that there was to be a Time of Reckoning, and the Shadowsfall Keepers Harbour Master informed the Factions that they would need to select one member to carry their Favour to the Central Isle.

The Labyrinth of Xenos then came and told the Factions that the Shadowsfall Archivists and Horologists were not in fact interested in checking the safety of magic, and ridding the world of Necromancy, instead they said it was their intention to destroy all magic on Orin Rakatha. This left the Factions in a quandary of who to believe.

Whilst the Factions were reeling from this news, the Zombie of Doom appeared, entered the Tavernus, and destroyed the Elixier of Life, that drink form the Healing Spring that had helped so many back from the brink of Death.

He then laid about the assembled, causing many Mortal Wounds. Irelion from the Summer Stars, wielding the Sword of Life, led the retaliation of the Factions upon the Zombie of Doom, but was struck down by a new horror called Touch of Death, but the Factions held firm, and finally defeated the Zombie, Furry Burr of Circle Aflame was also slain by the Zombie

Following this there was a tense stand off, and a creature called Raikiya, a Thunderbird arrived, with a missing talon. After a brief discussion with some of the Summer Stars, and a gift made to the Mercenaries, Raikiya joined with the Summer Stars, and through a large ceremony, gave himself to their damaged Faction Primary, making it whole once again - the Raikiya Totem.

Shortly after this, the Summer Stars had a memorium for Irelion, but at this, a miracle occurred, the Raikiya Totem revealed from within itself, a new power, that of Resurrection, the other part of Necromantic Magic, that of returning the correct Spirit to the correct Body.

A strange group of Hordelings were then encountered, strange in that they seemed to be more coordinated as a group than any previously met, and then, as had been warned by the Horologists, waves of undead started being attracted to the area of the Shadowsfall's Ritual.

As the time for the Ritual of the Shadowsfall arrived, Factions made their decisions and acted. More swayed by the words of the Labyrinth of Xenos, the Ritual was disrupted, and yet, from the carnage of the Ritual, there came the Skeleton of Doom.

He fought his way through the gathered, and made his way off into the night.

And then the allotted time of the Reckoning arrived, and the Factions gathered to hear the words of the Shadowsfall, but all were surprised. For the Shadowsfall brought with them a Mystic - grey garbed and cowled

The Mystic itself gave out the Reckoning

New Factions Declared

Cairn of the first Wolf
Nac Mac Feegles

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The Time of Reckoning 2011 Herofest LARP Event


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