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The Outlaw William Jones - Event Review

The Outlaw William Jones event at Herofest LARP

By Doktor Hildegarde von Kartoffel - Zollern Korporation

The Wind Walkers Tale

Today the Scottish Doktor who is associating with the New Dakotans assembled all of those with medical training in the British Research Laboratory, to make sure that we are all being aware of the current medical conditions plaguing the colony. He informed us that there has been an infestation of spider virus, which is making large spiders very attracted to anyone who is infected. The infection does not seem to be spreading any more, but it is important that we find a cure as soon as possible to make sure that we are not luring big spiders into our camps. And possibly because it might be dangerous to the patients in the long-term, but that is not a big concern. He also informed us that there have been reported cases of miners going crazy and attempting to kill everyone with their mining tools. When the blood is analysed, very small scarabs can be seen thickening the blood which then causes the insanity when it reaches the brain. I would like to get my hands on some of these scarabs so that I can research them more thoroughly. Unfortunately, if we are killing the victim, the scarabs are dying also. This means that we need to keep crazy miner alive while we are dissecting him. This makes dissecting much harder, although not impossible.

We were then approached by Grackelback named Voggdrum who is saying that he has lost four brothers who went to look for some scrolls in the woods, and is wanting us to go look for them. We send him to find other settlers with the big weapons, as something that can vanish four Grackelbacken could easily take a group of Doktors.

We are then being interrupted also by American Ethan man, who is wanting people to go into the new mine and find out what is there. We decide it is a good idea to go with them to the mine so that if anyone is going crazy we can tie them up straight away and look for the scarabs in the blood. Herr Doktor and I went with our tools and bandages, and were kept very busy. American went into the mine wearing gas mask to scout out, and was attacked by someone with a spade. Herman went to sort out the spademan, and is also being hit on the head by spade. Then English are going down, and they say is shovel. Herman and American are certain it was spade, so we wonder whether there could be two men - one with spade, and one with shovel. Is most confusing.

After some time we are sending four down into the mine, and although they are able to stop the man with the shovel (we are not sure about the man with the spade) they are getting themselves injured. Herr Doktor does not listen when I say they must bring the body to us, so he went into the mine, stood on explosive rock and was brought out again quickly with his foot. I say that if he wishes to keep his foot they must bring that to me also, and I sewed him back together. The burns were too severe and he must visit Temple of Rejuvenation, but I was able to keep him walking little longer. Together we are fixing all of the broken people, and Urs managed to bring out small sample of clay.

Herr Doktor and I spend much time looking at sample of clay, also with Abelinda and Lady Isabella looking at the aura, and we find that it looks like clay and acts like clay, but is entirely free from aura. Herr Doktor say that this new, pure clay is new substance, and invite Urs to name it as it is his discovery. Urs named the substance Zollernadium. The Americans insist that it should be Zollernite, but Urs he has spoken.

We are then feeling like we have done lots of research as it is getting too dark to do any more, so we are all going into Bierhaus to find other members of the Korporation. Urs showed us some scrolls, but they are not in common language and need much translating. I tried but found them too hard, and later gave them to Heinzi. We then sit around, talking about the good old days in Koln, and making some very funny jokes about the bottom, when there was loud shout from the Englishman who makes the tea. He was telling Lady Isabella that she should not be spending so much time with Willi, and that he didn’t even have real moustache. Then Englishman is destaching Willi, in the middle of the Bierhaus, in front of everyone! Willi stormed out, Ida went to make sure he is being okay, and we all said how good it was that we would no longer be having to find ways to make his moustache looks well-maintained while we are still waiting for shipment of Brylcreem to arrive. We had all tried, but it was getting very limp. We carried on studying the scrolls, until Willi came back in and challenged Englishman to duel of honour.

Later in the evening, Lady Winifred was in the research lab, when she was attacked. Someone had found pile of ash that was last victim of windwalker, and there was much talk of Ziggy. It all got very confusing, so I just sewed everyone back together and left them to get on with it.


Today I have been doing much researching. Herr Doktor is showing my all of his interesting devices, and is teaching me how to investigate things without cutting them up. Was interesting, but not as interesting as a proper dissection. He needed blood from Henry Ford, so I got him with my syringe and took a very large sample. We didn’t really need that much, but I wanted to make sure that we had plenty. Then Herr Doktor showed me that he had been sent the same pamphlet about the ankle that I had, although stuck in the middle of his were some very inappropriate pictures of lady’s ankles, designed to make the gentlemen Doktors excited. I looked in mine, and saw pictures of Henry Ford, possibly because he was thinking this would make the lady Doktors excited. I thought this was very distasteful, so decided that I would test my green pain relief syringe on Herr Ford. It was not very good, and did not make him scream very loud.

After much researching, Herr Doktor and I are finding out that we can make a blueprint for a blocker for the spider virus, but we will need much more researching for finding a cure. Herr Doktor talked to the Americans, they produced a blueprint, and all of the spider viruses were blocked. It is not perfect cure, but means that we can look into urgent problem with angry miners knowing that the spider victims will not be getting any worse.

We then took break for lunch, and when we are coming back to the lab we find that there are many angry miners and we were lucky enough to keep one alive. We are tying her to a chair, taking blood and examining it for scarabs. The scarabs are there, but then the miner is waking up and coughing. We caught some sputum, but then the miner looks like she is going to explode so we run away. When she is exploded, she was absorbed into the ground and the vial of blood is then exploding. Then the sputum is growing very fast, and we put it in the fire but it is not exploding. We do not know what this means, but it gives us something new to look at when we can catch another miner.

While we are doing this, it turns out that everyone else has found that the way to stop the windwalker from turning you into pile of ash is to make clay effigy of yourself, put it in the fire, and smear the ash on your face. People have been in the mine getting much clay to make sure everyone can make effigy, and I made one that looked like a Kartoffel. The Korporation are telling me it is not okay, but my clay is falling apart otherwise so I just draw face on and hope for the best. We are then baking gently, to make sure they don’t explode.

In the afternoon the English decided to hold the Chap Olympics, to make sure enough of our soul is added to effigies. The hundred yard saunter was won by Captain White and Lady Wini who stopped halfway to have a glass of Cava. The gin sling was won by Henry Ford who did not even look at the bucket, even though Willi shouted very loud and was threatening the bucket in most excellent and efficient ways. While we were sauntering and slinging, mediums were channelling the auras into our effigies to make sure they were strong enough. Then we put them in the fire, marked our faces with the ash and waited. We did have one problem when we got a bit of aura transference and Captain White kept thinking he was Lady Issy, especially when he insisted Camembert dress him right outside the Bierhaus where lots of ladies where standing nearby, but it resolved itself soon enough. It was interesting though, and I should like to try this again another time for further study.

Eventually the windwalker is coming, and we all stood still. He looked at our faces, saw the ash, and moved on. The Cardinal had refused to make the ash on his face, and so the windwalker is making him into a pile of ash. We had to get a bucket and a brush, and have put his ashes safely in our camp to make sure he can get back to Earth and to the Korporation headquarters. Nobody else was taken by the windwalker, and so we had big party with much Schnapps and pie that had been violated by a squirrel inside Willi’s tent.

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