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The Outlaw William Jones - Event Review

The Outlaw William Jones event at Herofest LARP

By Guillermo Impronta - Tripartite Scholars

Dear Professor Antonio Carlos Rittenger,

It is I your Friend Guillermo Impronta, from the immense old University of Bologna and the Privy Council nominee of the Tripartite Scholars.

As per your recent request here is a write up of the recent events involving the nations representatives.

As I’m sure you aware the High Council requested the nations send a force to deal with the outlaw William Jones and his gang and to enable thus the Great game was move to a frontier tavern near his area of operation.

It should be noted that due to the high risk level most of the other nations had despatch larger forces to achieve their objectives.

After hearing and spotting several nations try to target me for resource theft thus realising the risk to Tripartite Scholars resources, I took the precaution to bank the majority of it to minimums any potential loses.

The great game was more backstabbing and promise breaking than the previous year.

The major events was on Friday night rumour reached the nations that a group of people had take hostage and were holding them in a nearby down air-ship. So a force was dispatch to investigate upon approaching a stand off developed. While talking other factions lead by the Russian open fire upon the individuals. This led to a firefight in which the adverse individuals were under somewhat frontier justice execute apparently as associates of the Outlaw Williams Jones and the Hyde Gang.

A meeting of the private members society was held for the first time in some time, but strangely whatever happened elsewhere it lead to Dr Smyth turning on his society and joining with other likewise individuals to try and eradicate all ‘secret’ societies and claim the society were new thing set up by the high Council and work to expose and destroy the society and start his paranoia against the High Council.

In the morning a Mr William Hyde and his associate show up with a rogue mining automation and began ranting against the high Council system it seemed that Mr Hyde (clearly Jones behind a heavy armour suit), was a madman who saw himself as a champion for the forgotten of Mars. He demanded to now where the map was, that was token last night from his friends bodies. Nobody seems to know or admit to know about the mapping. In a moment of delirium he decided that as the Russians were the only ones would to tell him anything he set the mining automation on them. Once he did this the gather nations soldiers and law enforcers opened fire on the automation to try and cause it to seize up like the other one. However this one seem to be better built and less vulnerable to our gauss weapons. Once this happen Mr Hyde and his associates openly attack everybody. After proving his armour protected him, he call off his gang and threaten to return later to finish everybody off.

Not lot after you approach me in person with the information about the other gang location, as per your suggestions I did try to enlist the assistance of the Russians but their trade commissar wasn’t more interested in the Martian chronicle board meeting and their other leaders were unavailable or unwilling to assist. I did manage to enlisted Mr Camembert help and a few other British scholars. However Mr Camembert was deeply distracted by the site of his charge Lady Winifred Fitzhardinge Barscampton sitting on the New Dakotans porch with Captain White. Which led to an amusing scene between Mr Camembert and Captain White. Then we travel down to the old cattle shed and found the Irish (French) Foreign legion have a smoking break. They pretend not to be up to anything. After a short wait we retreat back into the woods for some cover to surprise the Jones gang when they arrived. Myself and the other were amused to watch the Irish try to sign up to join the Jones gang and indeed, even offered the map back to the outlaws, only for the outlaws to gun them down and hack them up. Seeing the Numbers problem Lady Winifred Fitzhardinge Barscampton was sent to fetch the American for extra numbers. While this did help the Americans did take the majorities of the spoils, I manage to collect a few items they took so they could be returned to their rightful owners in the fullness of time.

However upon returning to the local drinking establishment, before I could even enquiry for any grappa, the brotherhood of the wraith returned. They seem less aggressive than previous encounters and seemed to be trying to delivery a warning about the over use of the Temple of rejuvenation, would lead everybody to become members of the brotherhood of the wraith. However before we could learn more, some members of the Her Majesty Great Expedition (HMGE). opened fire on the wraith and sent them into a rage, that lead to them attacking everybody. While lying injury members of the French/Irish Legion, claiming to offer medical assistance seem more interested in trying to pull my resource pouch off me rather than tender my leg wound. Despite the presence of the honourable elderly Prussian officer trying to stop them and try to pass the item they were after to the H.M.G.E. Mr Black, who was in his camp to stop there attempt theft, but strangely the pouch end up on the ground, so the right of discovery apparently cover this despite the prior events. But hey easy come, easy goes. I shall in future just ensure to let potentially robbers cut my hand off and then we can take legal action against them.

Shortly afterwards some low Martians or ‘goblins’ as they’re known among the uncultured attacked the gather nations. During this action I sustain a serious injury to my chest, which meant despite the best efforts of the attending British Doctor (The one with a thing about people ears).

After taking lunch with some fine Italian wine (which was perhaps a little stronger than I remember) and fine company. I took an afternoon siesta to recover my strength and was rudely awoken by more low Martians who had stormed the American Camp where I’d managed to arrange accommodation. I did lend aid to the Americans with others but took more injuries for the cause.

At mid-afternoon with support from members of other factions in writing, I paid my last two florins to Tex of the Martian express to deliver a letter to the high council to complain the attempted mugging shouldn’t be cover by the right of discovery, however the Sky Captain official reply make it clear it is.

In thanks the American gave free entry to their Ladies naked ankles viewing event organised by one Mr Ford. A cheap thrill but these days one has to take the few pleasures left, especially while the professor’s room remain out of bounds.

Then we had the evening meal, after which Mrs Jones arrived seeking sanctity with the nations, an ether magnifier that would allow an ether ray weapon to damage the automation or get passed Mr Jones Armour. As Only the HMGE have an active ether ray, they were entrusted with the Magnifier, After the Sky Captain help them tested it capability with there ray device, which was a success but did lead to the unfortunate bar staff having the Magnifier burnt into his hand, till one of the HMGE doctors hacked it free.

Then we had the evening meal, repealed the attack by Mr Jones and his associates, I would like to tell you more but have no funds for ammo and besiege by gun happy rebels, I wasn’t standing at the end of the fight and so can only pass on the rumour that once the HMGE ray-down Mr Jones, after Mrs Jones had a hysterical fit at him to change his ways. Then according to rumour the HMGE and the French-Irish followers proceeded to rob the down followers for the large amount of Unobtainium from his corpse to the distress of his reformed widow.

Having eventually being healed by a Good Samaritan doctor, I was shocked to discover that the resource pouch was empty.

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