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2014 Events

Event dates and information are now available for 2014

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We have now posted pictures form the LARP event The Outlaw William Jones

Have a look at them here »

New Events

We have now posted the dates and some information concerning our events in 2013

Have a look at next years events here »

Amended Navigation

We have aletered our navigation relating to upcoming events and our past events

Picture from our first event

Have a look at the gallery from our first Steampunk LARP event, Letting Off Steam here»

Grand Contest

We have posted the full rules to the Grant Contest, so have a look at them here »

Council Members

We have now updated our list of High Council Members, which can be found here »

Future Events

22nd to 25th June 2017 Under a Blood Red Moon
Candleston Castle Campsite »


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Herofest Steampunk live action roleplay rules
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Herofest LARP Frequently Asked Questions
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