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Firearms (Gauss Weapons)

These were initially created by the Grackle-back Goblins or Low Martians, however these were very quickly adopted, and adapted, by the incoming colonists from Earth and are now referred to Gauss weapons. They are uninfluenced by Mars’ gravitational field, synchronizing with a user’s personal magnetic field, and fire a projectile bullet.

Key affects and implications

Devices, Blueprints and Inventions


Devices fall into three types: Aether, Aura and Mechanical (with technically a fourth category for devices that combine two or more of the main types to make a Complex device).

Devices are classed as Basic, Advanced or Complex depending on their sophistication (and effectiveness) and it takes varying levels of skill to design, create and use them.

Once a device has been created by a faction (see below for details) every player in that faction can use that invention i.e. they can have one each if they wish and can use them as long as they have the correct skill and pay any cost for charging the devices.

It is the responsibility of the players to provide an appropriate physical representation for their device. We are looking for good quality wondrous devices to inspire and entertain.

Note: completed Inventions cannot be ‘stolen’, moved, copied or otherwise interfered with by another faction.

Blueprints and making Devices

Blueprints and Devices of Steampunk at Herofest LARPTo create a device you need:

Blueprints are one-off designs that can be used to make a device (they are consumed in the creation of a device). The Blueprint will show the features of device, what it does, how to use it etc. It will also list the ores required to create the device. Note that some Blueprints are faction specific i.e. only the faction shown can create this device.

Blueprints can also be found or bought in-game and factions will start with one or more of the commonly known Blueprints, usually in the hand of one of their High Council members.

To create a device, gather the ores listed on the Blueprint then see a Referee who will check your skills and any other requirements, take the ores and the Blueprint and credit your faction with the device. Note that the creation of a device takes time and effectively must happen between events. Your faction will start the next event with the item.

Designing Inventions

Characters can invent new and wondrous devices with various skills allowing this:

To create a new invention first your character must have the appropriate skill then you must decide what it is that your invention does and discuss this with a referee. The Referee will agree what the invention can be capable of and its type (i.e. Aether, Aura, Mechanical, Medical or Complex) and will then draw up a Blueprint showing the appropriate ores required to create the item.

The creation of a new Blueprint costs four Guineas.

Commonly Known Blueprints

Steampunk at Herofest LARP AethershipThe following items are commonly known (but you still need a copy of an actual Blueprint to make the device).

1. Aether Ship (Complex Device)

This vessel is capable of transporting people safely between any two planets that are linked by an Aether flow.
Note: A Faction completing an Aether Ship and having the appropriate skilled people wins the Letting off Steam campaign!

Blueprint: 190 Silver, 110 Gold, 130 Blue, 90 Crystal, 45 Unobtainium, 30 Archaeology, 20 Martian Tech
Charging: Not Required
Activation Phrase: not applicable
Note: Skill requirement to operate: Minimum crew of three – an Aethernaut (Tier 3 Aether) and a Medium (Tier 3 Aura) and a Scientist (Tier 3 Engineering).

2. Interplanetary Communication Device (Complex Device)

This device is expected to deliver news from Earth and across Mars to the Faction. It will send messages though replies will depend on what is out there!
Note: in addition Factions having such a device may receive early warning of some encounters and events.

Blueprint: 16 Silver, 8 Gold, 16 Blue, 16 Crystal, 4 Unobtainium, 2 Archaeology, 2 Martian Tech
Charging: 2 Silver , 2 Gold, 2 Blue, 2 Crystal (to Send, Receiving has no cost)
Activation Phrase: “Hello, Hello is there anyone out there?”
Note: Skill requirement to operate:an Aethernaut (Tier 3 Aether) or a Medium (Tier 3 Aura) or a Scientist (Tier 3 Engineering)

3. Aether Ray Gun (Basic Aether Device)

This weapon shoots a Ray of Aetheric energy that strikes target opponent in the chest, doing a wound to that location.

Blueprint: 3 Silver, 3 Gold, 3 Blue, 3 Unobtainium, 1 Archaeology, 1 Martian Tech
Charging: 1 Gold, 1 Crystal.
Activation Phrase: “With the wonders of science I strike you – take that: Aether Ray!”

4. Magnetic Accelerator (Basic Aether Device)

This device causes metal weapons (such as sabers, swords and spears) to temporarily become more strongly attracted to the magnetic field of Mars – the effect is simply that they become too difficult to wield effectively without super-human strength. Normal humans and Martians will be unable to use the weapon until the effect has worn off (takes 15 minutes).

Blueprint: 3 Gold, 6 Blue, 5 Crystal, 1 Archaeology, 1 Martian Tech
Charging: 1 Silver, 1 Blue.
Activation Phrase: "Let this Accelerator do its fine work: Magnetize that weapon!”

5. Discombobulator (Basic Aura Device)

This device disrupts the aura of the target opponent causing them to become slightly disorientated and to drop any weapon they are holding.

Blueprint: 6 Silver, 6 Gold, 3 Crystal, 1 Archaeology, 1 Martian Tech
Charging: 1 Silver, 1 Gold.
Activation Phrase: “By the power of my Aura, drop that weapon: Discombobulation!”

6. Anti-Ray Spirit Charm (Basic Aura Device)

This device when prominently displayed enables the spirit linked to the device to protect the wearer from the first Aether Ray that strikes them.

Blueprint: 8 Silver, 1 Gold, 2 Blue, 1 Crystal, 2 Unobtainium, 1 Archaeology, 1 Martian Tech
Charging: 1 Silver, 1 Blue.
Activation Phrase: (when an Aether Ray is contacted) “Spirits defend me from this foul device: we resist that Ray!”

7. Retinal Blaster (Basic Mechanical Device)

This device blasts a brief flash of high intensity light into the eyes of one target opponent, which blinds them for three seconds.

Blueprint: 3 Silver, 5 Blue, 4 Crystal, 1 Unobtainium, 1 Archaeology, 1 Martian Tech
Charging: 1 Blue, 1 Crystal.
Activation Phrase: "Heh you! See this blinding light: Retinal Blast!”

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